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This weeks tutorial is very basic.  No rotary cutting involved, just assembling a simple nine patch block.  I'd like to know who all is attending this quilt along, so I'll know how beginner you are.  So please take a moment to introduce yourself in this discussion and tell us how long you've been quilting, or general sewing.  Tell us if you've ever used a rotary cutter/mat/ruler.   Don't be shy!

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Welcome Gabrielle!
Hi, I would love to do the 9 patch tutorial with you ladies and more tutorials in the future. I am still a beginner. I am currently working on an Eleanor Burns Lovers Knot quilt and I am machine quilting it. I just learned how to paper piece which I am making a scrappy quilt. Also I learned how to make the hexagons by hand with the quilt patis and I recovered a pincushion. I am now making blocks with the tube quilting. I will be making a table runner, placemats, potholders for my kitchen.

I want to learn to make all types of blocks. I am so happy to find this thread!

Karen "Craftybear" from Indiana, USA
Welcome Karen. Wow! It sounds like you're really branching out and experimenting with all types of quilting. That's such a great idea! Be sure to post a picture of the Lovers Knot quilt on your page and blog us that it's there when you finish. We LOVE to see pictures!
My name is Cheryl and I am a "newbee" quilter. I took a class back in October and made a mystery quilt which turned out gorgious! I have "tinkered" with sewing and have my own machine but never made anything like this. I still havent "quilted" it yet....just became a grandmother for the first time and that is on the back burner! I am taking another class in May which is another mystery quilt. When time permits, I plan on spending more time reading the tutorials. I certainly have a lot to learn!! By the way, yes I have used the rotary cutter, mat and ruler.
Welcome Cheryl! And congrats on being a new grandma!
My name is Jennie and I've been machine quilting for about 5 months. Still very new to it.
terming plans
Welcome Betty! My one and only piece of advice is to dump that fear of making a mistake. I've been sewing for 40 years and quilting for 15 years and I still make mistakes on every project! That's what seam rippers are for! Seam rippers are your friend. It's just fabric after all! Dive right in and start something small, even just a block.

Can't wait to see what you can show off to us soon! :)
ok.. i'm starting late. I just found your tutorial and decided to try it. Thankyou for putting such clear instructions on the internet. I have never done quilting but hopefully with these instructions i'll be able to begin....
I just finished the 9 square block and i'm so excited. Thankyou!
Hi Jodie - welcome! It's never too late to join! I'd love to see a picture of your new block.

Hopefully this photo works...
I started on the week 2 lesson which made making the blocks so much easier.
This tutorial is so good. Thankyou so much for taking the time to do it and be interested in our work.
Great job! I love your colors - I've been wanting to make a brown and cream quilt for a long time - I have a huge stash of those colors!
I am new to quilting, I have gone to a beginners quilting course but I am most interested right now in getting to know the quilting language, about fabrics, cutting, etc. I have several quilts that my mother-in-law has given our family over the years and they are all the nine patch quilt and I would like to learn to make my own and carry on this valuable family tradition. Looking forward to getting started!


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