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Kaleidoscope quilts are ALL about the fabric!  And sometimes, the uglier, the better.  I still remember the sample quilt from the lqs where I first learned this fun technique.  I was admiring the beautiful blocks on the quilt and trying to figure out how they did that.  The store owner walked and said, "Have you seen what fabric was used for this quilt?".  I hadn't, so she flipped it up so I could see the backing - big 'ole duck heads!  I would never have guessed!  It was not a fabric I would ever have chosen for a beautiful quilt, but it made gorgeous kaleidoscope blocks!

So this week, you need to choose a fabric and jump right in.  I share lots of photos of fabrics that do and don't work, then how to layer the fabrics to make your blocks.

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How much fabric do we need? Just one kind right?
I have some pieces of large print - but I'm not sure if it's enough. Do we need a lot of yardage?
The answer is a little complicated because it's not quite about yardage. You have to know how many wedges you're going to have, and how long the repeat of your design is. I go into this a little near the bottom of the tutorial if you're making our Free Pattern. You need to have a full repeat for every wedge. So if you want to make a 4 patch kaleidoscope block, you'll need the entire repeat of your fabric (looking along one selvage, four times. And you'll use the full width of the fabric. If you are making our Free Pattern, you'll need the repeat 8 full times.

I highly recommend you use this same fabric for backing or borders, (my favorite is making it the backing), so you'll need more, depending on what size quilt you're going to make.

So, Traci, yes, just one fabric. Carol, you can use what you have if you have full uncut repeats, and enough for how ever many wedges you want.


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