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The Pinwheel Block is comprised of Half Square Triangles (HSTs). This
week, we’ll start with the simplest form, using just four completed
HSTs. There are so many techniques for creating a HST, but this week
we’ll start with the two most common. Weeks 2 and 3 will be
demonstrations using some specialty tools and rulers out there to help
speed the process for you. Pick your favorite or try them all!

Check out our new EQ Pattern Freebies Page.  Here you'll find all the blocks and patterns we used throughout each weeks tutorial.  If you have EQ6, all you have to do is download the file and start to play!

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My first tutorial is up! Click here to see it. Those of you that follow my blog posts know that when it comes to piecing I'm a fan of "it's good enough". I'm better at art quilting and applique. My quilting resolution for 2010 is to improve my piecing skills. I'm using this Quilt Along forum as my practice space. Join me if: 1. If you're a beginner quilter and looking for some good basic techniques 2. You're experienced but just want to brush up your skills too.

So your first homework assignment is simply to try making two half square triangle using one of the methods in my tutorial. Report in here and tell us how it went. What were your trouble spots? Which technique was your favorite?
Karen, I'm going to love this..... Always want to improve my techniques. Now how do I save these tutorials to a file so that I can refer back to them without printing? Thanks, Norma
Hi Norma, I'm sorry, we didn't make this one downloadable, but the link will work indefinitely, so you can just bookmark it and refer to the page as often as you like.

Actually I did find a way to save tutorial to a folder. It did take the whole page but I have in a folder.
I downloaded the file, clicked on printer friendly file, and right clicked on it. I had an option to save to an Adobe PDF file which I did. That way I don't have to open the HTML file every time and can reprint it IF necessary.
I never knew the best way to press open a pinwheel. Thanks!
By far the HST. This has been my favoritw for a long time. Will gather some fabric up tomorrow that is in the closet screaming to get out and sew them up. Thanks Lori
I see on your tutorial that you have a 1/4" foot on your machine that is a bar so to speak. Does that distort your fabric when you are sewing and it is pushing down the center line, I am talking about Technique #2? I have a foot I think is like yours, but mine seems to ride low between the feed dog on the right and the bobbin plate.
Hi Cottonwood, yes I used my 1/4" foot and it didn't distort it at all, however I tried this technique years ago with a different machine and remember not liking it because of the foot. If it pressing your fabric too hard, then try marking all three lines and using an open or clear foot, stitch right on the lines.
Hi, I am fairly new to quilting, I made one rag quilt a few years ago, I want to know what program is being used when downloading the pw1 pattern. I am excited to get started.
Judith, the pw1 pattern is in EQ6 format - for Electric Quilt Design software. However it's only a bonus file for EQ users and is not required to follow the tutorial. Just click on the tutorial link at the top of this discussion to follow along.
Wow that's great I am definately like the the second method on the first one. I can't wait to try it!


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