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The Pinwheel Block is comprised of Half Square Triangles (HSTs). This
week, we’ll start with the simplest form, using just four completed
HSTs. There are so many techniques for creating a HST, but this week
we’ll start with the two most common. Weeks 2 and 3 will be
demonstrations using some specialty tools and rulers out there to help
speed the process for you. Pick your favorite or try them all!

Check out our new EQ Pattern Freebies Page.  Here you'll find all the blocks and patterns we used throughout each weeks tutorial.  If you have EQ6, all you have to do is download the file and start to play!

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You cut your squares at 5 3/8" not 5 7/8". Why the different measurement? I was taught the 7/8".
Diana, these blocks will finish at 4.5" ( 4 1/2 + 7/8 = 5 3/8). If you want the squares to finish at 5" then you would cut them at 5 7/8-inches. The rule is you add 7/8" to the size of the finished block.
It's funny because I've never had anyone explain this to me this way. I've always wondered why the 3/8" measurement. Now I know why. Now I understand it. By the way I saw the demo on the wonder ruler and I think I'll be ordering one. It looks like quite a good tool to have for making pinwheels.
I downloaded one of the equilter files, of one of the pinwheel designs, now when I try to open the zip drive, it says choose a program, lol, which one??? (hate to ask resident techy everything, lol)
Nancy, do you have EQ6? The files will only work on that specific software.

Your tutorials don't work.


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