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I know you all have rulers galore in your sewing stuff.  How often do you use them?  It's time to dust them off and give them another try.  I know I have many...mostly purchased at quilt shows when I've seen them demonstrated.  They always seem so cool when you see them in person, but then you get home and scratch your head in confusion....how did they do that?

So to continue with the Half Square Triangle discussion, I'm going to demonstrate two different specialty rulers - the Fons and Porter Half and Quarter Square Ruler and the Wonder Cut Ruler.  I've even shot some videos so you can see them in live action!  Click here for the tutorial and videos.

Take a look and tell me what you think...do you own either of these?  Do you love them?  Hate them?  Never use them?

Next week I'll show you two more tools. 

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Great tutorial...it's always easier with a refresher course! Thanks...
Wow, you write nice instructions! Thanks!
Karen: Great video tutorials. I like both but think I'm going to get the wonder cut ruler so that I can easily change up the sometimes boring pinwheeel blocks. I've seen this method years ago but never knew that there was a ruler to make it even easier. thanks
Thanks I cann't wait to try this, I really like the three color pinwheel.
My vote is for the wonder cut ruler as it seems like you can do more with it - per your example.
I'm lovin' the three-color pinwheel method!
As you can tell, I'm in love with the Wonder Cut Ruler!! Why don't I own this? Because I've always shied away from piecing, especially anything with triangles. Now I won't hesitate, and you can rest assured I will be adding the Wonder Cut to my next order! :)
I hope you have a large enough supply for all the orders you are going to get......Count me in.
Good tutorials, Karen.

I do own the Fons and Porter ruler, and I also have an Easy Angle ruler which is similar (and predates Fons & Porter). I have used the Easy Angle on numerous occasions when I was working off strips of fabric because you do not have to translate the 1/8" increments into the cutting. For example, I can make 2.5" finished squares and 2.5" finished HST all from a strip of fabric cut at 3".

I do have a question or concern after looking at the Wonder Cut tutorials. If you are cutting wof strips and sewing along both long edges, then the seam line will be your straight of grain. When you cut the squares using the ruler, it looks to me like you are placing bias edges on the four outside edges of your HST. If you are, then you will have bias on the edges of your blocks when you sew them together and can possibly distort your blocks.
Good point Cat Lady. The Wonder Cut instructions suggest exactly that. If you're concerned about the bias being on the outside, they suggest suggest cutting your strips along the selvage instead.
Cat Lady emailed me privately to politely point out my mistake. She's gooooood!

She pointed out that my comment here still makes the smaller triangle edges bias and at risk for stretching out of shape.

Here's my response:
Cat Lady, You're right! I'm wrong. I typed my response from memory, not from Wonder Cut's actual instructions. I'm sorry! I'll add a correction in the group.

Here is what they say on their website (but not in their instructions included with the tool):

IMPORTANT: Before you start, you need to know this: If you cut your strips on the straight grain of the fabric, your finished half-square triangle edges will be on the bias. If you start with your strips cut on the bias, your finished half-square triangle edges will not be on the bias.
I love learning new ways to do things. Sometimes my mind gets itself into a little box and the demo on the Wonder Cut Ruler was an “aha ha” moment for me…snapped me right out of that constricting box I didn’t know I was in! Thanks Karen! I’ll never look at HST’s the same way again…this is a good thing. :-)


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