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I know you all have rulers galore in your sewing stuff.  How often do you use them?  It's time to dust them off and give them another try.  I know I have many...mostly purchased at quilt shows when I've seen them demonstrated.  They always seem so cool when you see them in person, but then you get home and scratch your head in confusion....how did they do that?

So to continue with the Half Square Triangle discussion, I'm going to demonstrate two different specialty rulers - the Fons and Porter Half and Quarter Square Ruler and the Wonder Cut Ruler.  I've even shot some videos so you can see them in live action!  Click here for the tutorial and videos.

Take a look and tell me what you think...do you own either of these?  Do you love them?  Hate them?  Never use them?

Next week I'll show you two more tools. 

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Thanks for the tutorials. I have never seen or tried the wonder cut ruler. It may just be the next thing on my "To get list"
I have used thangles, the 7/8" square method and i have triangulations. I even bought a 7/8" ruler.
I just finished a snowman and pinwheel quilt for my grandson for xmas. He is just 2 years old and he loves it.
Karen, thanks for the great information regarding the "wonder ruler"... I just have one question to ask.
I have a pattern (from connecting threads)for a lot of 3 color pinwheels. How would you convert the instructions provided in the pattern to doing them with the wonder ruler instead. The fabric would be cut into strips depending on the size of the blocks....would you have a conversion chart as to how to cut your fabric based on block size and how many are required.
I can't remember the name of the pattern, but the fabric line is from "hearth and home". Pattern is approx 76x90. Thanks so much.
Double check my math, but the Harvest Pinwheel pattern says that block is 6" finished. And it is comprised of 4 smaller 3 color half square triangle blocks. So we divide 6 in half for 3", add back seam allowance to 3 1/2". So you place the Wonder Cut ruler for cutting strips on the 3 1/2" line. That doesn't mean you cut 3 1/2" wide strips though! You have to let the ruler do that part of the calculating.

That's what I love about this ruler. I think it's pretty easy to convert blocks, as long as you know what size the block should be.
Thank you for the information....I'm going to purchase the "wonder ruler" as I believe there will be less distortion /stretching in the blocks. I love the "look" of HST's, but didn't like making them so much. You said the ruler will tell me how wide to cut the fabric...will it tell you for any size of block that you are making? Last question, promise.......thanks very much.
Ask as many questions as you like - as long as I'm able to answer :)

I've always hated precise piecing and avoided HST's like the plague. Now I'm finding myself looking at a whole new variety of patterns because I'm not afraid of them -all because of this magical little ruler! Yes, it will tell you how wide to cut the fabric on any size HST, up to 6 1/2".
This is the snowman quilt with pinwheels i made for my 2 year old grandson for xmas this past year. It's nap time.I used Thangles to make the HST units.

He looks like a mighty happy camper!
Thanks....your instructions are so easy to follow. I really like the Wonder Cut Ruler method!! Looks like I'll have to buy one of those rulers.
Great information ... when you just start with quilting, it is nice to know what tools to buy to make your life easier in quilting. This info really makes your decisions better when buying.
I've mislaid my directions that came with the Fons and Porter Half and Quarter Square Ruler. I looked on their website and can't seem to find any directions there either. Any ideas?


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