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Here's the link to Lesson 3.

We're continuing the demonstration of specialty tools that help speed up the process to make half square triangles.  This week I'm demonstrating Brenda Henning's Triangulations Software and June Tailor's Perfect Half-Square and Quarter-Square Triangles Ruler (that's a mouthful!).  I've also included a video demo for each.  Personally I'm a visual learner and live action is easier for me to understand, so I've included both.

This concludes the demonstration part of the lessons.  Week Four will be all about inspiration!  What will you do with all those pinwheel blocks?  I'll give you loads of ideas for designing your own.

I'd love to hear which methods you've tried and which you like.  My favorite, by far, was the Wonder Ruler in Lesson 2.  It's my new favorite technique and I'm no longer hesitant to take on quilts with half square triangles!

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To add some more personal observations, I don't think I'd purchase the June Tailor ruler to make HSTs, but it would be very handy to have around for squaring up blocks. It has a very nice centering feature and a very fine groove for the rotary blade to cut through without any play. However, I found the section for marking your fabric to have too much play - my marker could move from side to side by at least an 1/8", which is probably why I needed the squaring up section!

I really liked the Triangulations software - it was very very easy to use and I could really crank out those HSTs, however I don't like ripping off paper, so it's not my favorite method. What are your thoughts?
Hi Karen,
I find that my favorite method to make HST’s is with printouts similar to the Triangulations. (I have a different software program). I like to paper piece so I understand your lack of enthusiasm for ripping off paper! It is not exactly my favorite aspect of the method either however, I find the ease in construction and the beautiful results worth the extra step of “paper ripping”!
Here are a couple of tips that I find helpful: First, although you don’t need a special paper to print your HST sheets, Carol Doak has a foundation paper that fits in a printer and is lighter weight and non-coated so it won’t slip on your fabric. I find it easier to remove. Second, before ripping the paper off I’ll finger press the paper just like the fabric and this will crease that perforated line and make it rip more readily. I hope you find these tips useful.
You can also use 8-1/2 x 11" newsprint. It's about the same weight as the purchased paper.
Hi Laura, thanks for the tips! You're right, the Carol Doak paper works well too...oh my, look, we carry it :)
I've been using the EZ angle for years so you can cut the two fabrics right sides together, cut the HSTs and then just chain piece. I also have the Companion Angle that has the straight lines along the long side of the triangle that you can use similarly to the ruler you used in the first lesson. I'm going to try to use them for these lessons. If that doesn't work, I'll get the one you're using. I love HSTs, so will try to keep up with the group.
Karen, I've been tempted to purchase the Triangulations software for a while, but am curious. Is it Windows only, or will it run on the Mac?
Hi Cornwoman, it will run on Mac as well, because it's not really a software that you have to "load". You just open her pdf files which can be opened on both Windows and Mac.
Ah thanks! I have Adobe software.
Here's yet another method to try - no specialty tools required! Mari demonstrates this method in her Sip Of Summer Quilt Along - check it out!
Drawing a grid on the back of my fabric is one of the things I learned in a quilting class I took a long time ago. It really is a slick method for making a lot of HST units that are all the same. And you do have the bonus that you do not have to tear off the paper when you are finished.
I'm going to try that next!
Great method. It's a great way to start small and work toward larger, easier to handle pieces.


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