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Here's the link to Lesson 3.

We're continuing the demonstration of specialty tools that help speed up the process to make half square triangles.  This week I'm demonstrating Brenda Henning's Triangulations Software and June Tailor's Perfect Half-Square and Quarter-Square Triangles Ruler (that's a mouthful!).  I've also included a video demo for each.  Personally I'm a visual learner and live action is easier for me to understand, so I've included both.

This concludes the demonstration part of the lessons.  Week Four will be all about inspiration!  What will you do with all those pinwheel blocks?  I'll give you loads of ideas for designing your own.

I'd love to hear which methods you've tried and which you like.  My favorite, by far, was the Wonder Ruler in Lesson 2.  It's my new favorite technique and I'm no longer hesitant to take on quilts with half square triangles!

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Karen, the link to Mari's demo isn't working.....
Here's the link to Mari's Quilt Along where she demonstrates a method for HST's that require no special tools and no paper ripping: http://quiltingcommunity.ning.com/group/sipofsummerschool/forum/top...

The link to Mari's Quilt Along is still not working, at least for me!!! I get the following
Our apologies – this page was not found
Is there still a problem?

Sorry about that!


Hmm, I just tested it and it doesn't work for me either. odd. Here it is again, but if the link doesn't work, go there the slow way:
Go to the Group called Sip of Summer School
Click on the discussion that is called Summer of Spools lesson 1-11, scroll down aways to the HST's lesson.
Hi Karen, for once I'm the one who can use the links. Usually my wonderful (not) computer won't accept them.

Anyway, I wanted to say that all the tutorials you guys (CT) have published on the discussion groups have been wonderful. Thank you very much for your attention to detail.
Thanks QuiltDragon!!!
Hi Karen,
I really enjoyed the videos. I too, am a visual learner and just reading instructions does not work well for me. Thank you so much for including the video. I have so many ideas running around in my head I am getting dizzy! I have to finish organizing my sewing area (which I share with Gracie, the cat) so that I can get some of these projects in the works.


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