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Here's the link to week 4.

Okay, so that's not really a lesson.  Well, maybe it is. There are so many quilters out there, and we each have our own preferences on how we work.  Some of us like a pattern that provides step by step instructions and measurements.  Some of us do our own thing and fly by the seat of our pants.  I'm guessing most of us are somewhere in between.....like a pattern for guidance, but tend to make modifications and sometimes dabble in our own thing.

So this week is for the adventurer in you!  There are no patterns because most of the layouts I've provided just use a pinwheel block that you've already learned how to make.  The variances are in the size block, how you set them, and the border style. 

I designed all of these layouts in EQ6, with permission from the great folks at EQ.  If you have this program, you can download each of these files, complete with our fabrics, then modify them to your hearts content.  If you prefer prepacked kits with patterns, you can browse our pinwheel kits that are on special discount for all of February.  Or, if you like, just start making pinwheel blocks out of fabrics you like and lay them out on your design wall to see what happens.  Be sure to share the results with us!!

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Karen: I love the Fluttering Pinwheels Miniature except I have outlawed minis I;ll just have to change it up to regular size pinwheels. Thanks
I love that CT is offering different colourways in many of their kits now.It gives a much better idea how things will look in a new shade!
holy Crow!! those are small pinwheels for the 23" mini quilt.. would love to see some of those!! now I think I have some corners lopped off from previous blocks hidden somewhere in here that I can make pinwheels with..
What a great job Karen, excellent tutorials!! I have been following but have been the of "Y" seams hope to get to these pinwheels soon. thanks so much for your time on showing us great methods.
Glad you liked the sessions! I'm looking for feedback on how to improve for next time.
I'm disappointed that I can't download the above patterns without having the equilt software. Certainly like some of the designs but will just have to guess as to measurements and "wing it". Otherwise, I have enjoyed the tutorials, patterns, ideas and excellant help in the previous lessons. Thanks for that help.
Karen..I have EQ5...can I still download the EQ 6 patterns?
Pat, I'm not sure. We are using EQ download instructions for 6. But it won't hurt to try it using the same instructions.

Please let me know if it works.
I have both EQ5 and 6 on my computer. I just unzipped the file to EQ5 but when i try to find it in the program it is not recognizing it. So i would guess the patterns are only available in EQ6.
Yes, Joanne, I'm sorry. They'll only work on EQ6.


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