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Good morning everyone.  This month we are going to experiment with collage.  To get inspired, take a look on Pinterest for the following artists...

Susan Carlson

Danny Amazonas

Laura Hein

For our first attempt at this technique, choose a simple subject.  For instance, a flower, bird,

or a pet. 

I'll be back soon.  Please upload a picture of your "subject" once you've chosen it.

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actually got permission to use this photo

Sharon, he's beautiful! 

See post below.  The circle will be a practice piece to ensure we have "mastered" our value placement.  After that we can then start on our favorite subject.....

Let's try a simple circle for our first attempt.  We will learn to SEE the value shifts.  Here are some examples for inspiration from Danny Amazonas.To Make a pattern, trace different size circles on a large paper.  You can tape copy paper together until you get the size you would like your finished project to be. Circles can be partial or overlapped, just create a SIMPLE design that you like.  Try to limit the number of circles.  Remember that an odd number will create a better composition.  This assignment is just to practice value placement before we move on to our favorite subject.   Please post your drawings when done.  We will begin on Monday, May 6th.

i like both of these and will choose later.

Here is a pic of my circles.  The next step is to determine where the light source is coming from. For example,

the top right or the top left.  Stay tuned!

In this picture, you can see that I have chosen to have my light source coming from the top right.  I drew some dotted lines to show where the values will shift.  Now for the fun part.....The Fabric!I plan on using just a dab of glue stick in the center of each piece to hold the fabric down.  It will be easy to pull off and change a piece out should the color not be correct. 

making progress.....never seems to be enough hours in a day.

will be working on my circles later on today- my first attempt was too complicated

i drew 13 circles but chose 4 to do.

they are glued but not trimmed yet. we don,t need to add them to a background do we.?


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