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I think I mentioned I am getting projects worked on for a show in Nov. It is TP in art , cards and book marks. I would really like to get some business cards done with my email address for my art work.
This is where I hope you can help out, I am looking for a catchy name that would attract people to my work something that would come up easily on the internet as well as in my email address.

Then say end of April I would choose the name and the winner I would send a little prize to.

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Don't forget you need a nice photo of one of your pieces on the card too.   I'm going to give this some thought.......  be back later!

Hmmm - Ally's Spot? LOL

My thoughts  were going to   Art in a small package but did not like it too wordy but then went to the dictionary  and found that another word for small package is packet, so possibly  ART PACKET or the French--  ART PAQUETE

Along the same lines as Sharon, Pocket Art?

I immediately thought, "Ally Oop's Art" but then Ally Oop's sounds like you made a mistake! lol

I will be doing bigger pieces in art thread painting so need a title that would cover large and small. One thing I had thought was thread play. But waiting for your thoughts you are such a brilliant group of gals and so witty I thought why don't we make it a fun thing.
So when you have decided on a name can you put it in capitals then I won't miss anyone. Have fun!!
I came up with 'Ally's Stitched Wonderland' which could be abbreviated to 'Ally'stitchwndrlnd'.

After reading through all of the discussion so far I got an idea.... THREAD SONGS.  

By the way,  can we enter more than one name?  In case something else inspiring hits me.

I love  this one BJ

Didn't see the capital letters, can't do bold from my phone so will post mine again. ALLY'S STITCHED WONDERLAND . See above for shortened version. And same question as BJ, can we do more than one?
Yes please enter as many times as you want I will be placing the names that are in capitals On to paper and into a jar then I will pick one.
Here's another, ALLY'S ART IN STITCHES.


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