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Well, I am new to the group and new to making bags so here is my first ever bag - a hobo bag I gave to my youngest son's 'significant other'.  He had me so worried because when I told him what I was giving her, he said I should have asked and that she is too fussy about 'accessories'.  She likes designer only bags, wallets, etc.  I decided not to give it to her - he had me that upset - which later he said he was so sorry for and that he didn't mean to do that - that he had just been distracted at work - he felt really bad. ANYWAY, I got her a gift certificate but when they came over, my husband gave her the wrapped gift not telling me he had decided to go with the original plan - Do you get the picture?  It was a real comedy of errors!  End result - She absolutely adores the bag and hasn't used anything else since she got it about a month ago.  She is thrilled!  AND I am sooooo relieved!  I hate giving home-made gifts and having people not want or appreciate them!  It is so awkward! 


My son, Corbin says she keeps showing it off - especially the lining and the label!  He said "Apparently, it is a big deal to have a bag designed especially for her.... You did really great Mom, my bad, I didn't know.....".. So here is the bag that caused all the commotion....







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Great job, Rosemary, and I'm glad it all turned out so well. Next time, go with your heart :>)
That's really cute! I'd be proud to carry that bag!
Your bag is great and I'm glad it all worked out. Kudo's to your DH for going ahead and giving it to her.
I agree - go with your heart. I can think of more than once when I gave an "OK" item for a gift and recipient was just thrilled over it!

One more thing that might come up when giving a hand made gift - and this can be tough to resist -After the oohs & aahs, accolades and thanks, you don't have to point out you "whoopsies" to anyone.
That is beautiful! I would love to own that bag, so I have no doubt she is enjoying it too!

WELL DONE BAG! I love carrying quilt bags, more than bought ones, they are unique and portrait our talent.

I'm glad she loves it and putting it to good use.  It's very pretty.


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