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I'll start by showing a quick little wallet I made using a pattern from Lazy Girl designs. I had a fat quarter of the neon orange/purple fabric but didn't know what to do with it, so I used it to try out the pattern.
ohhh i love that. u even did a buttonhole. i have never attempted one of those tho my super dooper pfaff (phluffy) knows how to do them.
Oh, that's funny you should mention the buttonhole because one of the reasons I did this little project was to get to know my new sewing machine at the time. And guess what? It's a Pfaff! I love the automatic walking foot.
I was JUST thinking I need to replace my leather wallet. Loh and behold - I see you're Lazy Girl wallet and I know I have that pattern. Time to dig it out and use it finally.
I had the pattern for a long while myself, until I was looking for something simple and fast to make so I could try out my new sewing machine. It works up fast, and I could see making a bunch of them assembly line fashion. You could have one for every outfit! ;-)
I have that pattern too, I should try and make some one of these days, it turned out so cute... I love the fabric you used!
I made some of these at Christmas (minus the button hole LOL ), I love Lazy Girl patterns there so easy to follow .Have you tried any of their purses ?
This is a cute wallet. I will have to check out Lazy Girl designs. Do you have a favorite online site?
I agree with you about checking out Lazy Girl patterns. I wonder if Joann Fabrics has it?
Our local JoAnn store carries some of Lazy Girl patterns - you can go online and check their stores, or you can order directly from the Lazy Girl design website.
I just bought this pattern! Can't wait to try it, yours looks adorable!
Ooh that little wallet is cute - wouldn't it be neat to give as a gift with a gift card inside! So much nicer than the little cardboard folders you can buy with the cards. I like it!


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