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I know my Bernina is now an Old Lady, but she is in good health and is very faithful.  But, today, she decided not to play ball, I was already to take her on a spin of embroidery and she tells me to put down the feed dogs, to which I replied - they are down, she has gone deaf, because she keeps telling me to put the feed dogs down - so the spin has not taken place - I do hope someone can help with this problem - Many thanks Marianne - UK

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Sorry I have just seen this,, I cannot help you but if you still do not have an answer you could repeat the question on the main page.More people would see it there.

good morning ,

no problem i now have it sorted and she is sppinning well, thanks 4 the response


Marianne are you a free motion emb or thread painter if you are come on over to the Thread Painting site. As you were saying you drop your feed dogs.
Glad your machine is behaving now.
Marianne are you new on this site, if so welcome. Maybe introduce yourself, I set up this site for expat or people living in the UK. I am living in Canada now but was born in BATH?

good morning Ally,

Thank you for your reply, i have just typed a long reply, but it has disappeared, si i am here again.  I am not into thread painting, but it does sound interesting.  where on the site do i go to introduce myself.  it was a lovely idea to have a windo for uk and expats to communicate, although i love reading the posts fron usa.  l enjoy my patchwork, dont seem to do much hand embroidery at the moment.  i have some hand quilted blocks finished, but now dont know the best manner to join them.  look forward to hearing from you , i am in north yorkshire.

Marianne if you come over on the main talk area of Transplanted Brit there are other gals from I think from Northampton, is that near you?
To get to the Thread painting group you can pop in even if you don't join to see if you would like to be a part of it. BB (Barbara Blackwell) heads this group up and she has set up a discussion forum at the top of the page explaining it or if you go over to her page you can see her work it is beautiful it will give you an idea what it is all about. Now don't be put off her work is beautiful, but us others are all learning, and as the saying goes practice ,practice - makes perfect.

good morning ally,

thankyou for the info about the northampton girl, i think i know who she is, but it is a long way from me.  i live near york, about 50 mins away.  i dont think i will b able to do much sewing for the next two months, we r getting ready for our holiday, off to australia and far east, but i will access this site on my travels, hope to collect some interesting material on route....thats a must....so please dont think i have disappeared, i will be back.  unfortunately, i am in a mess with packing etc due to us finding an electrical fault, we had the electric company here all day friday, carpets up floor boards up, furniture all moved around and still nothing found, they r backmtomorrow, i am so frustrated having all this in the midst of preparing...oh well, must go,  am off to th shops to purchase some gifts to take with me, bye for now marianne

Come on over to the main page and then the others can join in with our conversation.
We are hoping to go to HK. And Australia in the Fall.
Hope you find out your electrical problem.


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