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Does anyone know if the Chocolate Oliver Biscuits are still being made? If they are, where does one find them?

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Annie: I've heard of Oliver Biscuit they used to make them in BATH but of course that was many years ago. But wonder if you are talking about the same. They were very popular but I don't remember them being made of chocolate but of course they may make them that way now. I'll have to ask my sister in law when she shops in Taunton, there is a speciality shop there that carrys all different English products. I usually bring back special choc. for our next door neighbour and they may carry them there too.
I think that the biscuits Annie is talking about are made by Huntley & Palmers who went out of business and then started up again. I found them on a couple of speciality shop websites but they come in a tube type tin and the postage is as much as the biscuits themselves. Next time I go to London or Birmingham, I will have a look in Selfridges who may stock them but in the meantime will keep my eyes open in the supermarkets - you never know what we might find.
I love Eccles Cakes sometime if I'm lucky I can find them here in Canada. Usually up north at the trailer the store in Meaford has them - will have to look as we are going up for a weeks hols. Annie Have you ever tried Eccles Cakes. You say Huntley and Palmers make Chocolate Oliver Biscuits I will have to check with our English Store in town when I go for my sherbert lemon candies!! They even have them in the big jar like they had when I was a little girl, and she puts them into paper bags. I remember buying a 1/4 lb of sherbert lemon a long time ago.!!!LOL
I'll be off the air for a while - speak when I get back.
Oh my gosh, lemon sherbet candies! I haven't seen those since I left Woodstock!
I'm going to ask the people at our local British Goods store if they can start stocking them.

I haven't tried the Eccles Cakes, but I'll see if they have those as well. Thanks for the tip.
Eccles cakes are to die for. Oh, that's made me hungry. Also curd tarts have you tried those?
I also love eccles cakes but they are oh so fattening and I don't need any help in that direction!

Also love sherbert lemons and used to eat them a lot when I was a kid - remember that if you used to eat too many they made your tongue sore! Happy memories.
Quick note to let you know that I kept on thinking about the eccles cakes and when I went into town this morning to pay in the quilt group money at the bank, I went past the bakers shop and saw, yes, you guessed it, eccles cakes and needless to say I went in and bought one. I sat on the square outside the church and savoured every last bite. It was delicious!
Oh, Pat you made my mouth water. I didn't see any eccles cakes in Meaford on holiday so will have to check at the Brit store! Have you ever tried them for a quick dessert. I heat them in the microwave for a few seconds and make YES BIRDS CUSTARD and pour it hot over the eccles cake. Yummy!!
Yes, Pat I remember the sherbet lemons if you eat too many make your tongue sore! It's what you remember about your childhood - I always think I must be getting older!!! Well even my DD always asks me to find sherbet fountains to bring home when I visit the UK. you know the ones with the licorish stick - I guess thats what she remembers of UK. she left when she was 3.
Annie- did you find your Choc. Oliver Biscuits yet?
Sandra - is curd tarts - custard tarts or is it something different?
No curd tarts are different. I can't even tell you what is in them. They are baked in the same way as a custard tart, but I guess it's with curds of the milk maybe? They are good though.
Pat, this time next week I will be in York. I can't wait.
We'll be strolling through the historic streets and eating fish and chips~out of newspaper (if we're lucky)
Going to watch proper theatre (not the movies!). My next plan is to take my kids to see a pantomime; we have an excellent program for that at York theatre Royal. I always went as a kid and loved to shout "he's behind you....." "yes, he is.." And laughing at the dame.......Oh boy, now I feel old! I will be on the look out for Oliver buscuits, are they distributed nationally?
For anyone who is interested in english sweeties; Bulk Barn sometimes stock some of them like sherbert fountains and curly wurlys, cadbury's buttons. etc.,
now i've gotta go find some chocolate..............


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