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Just to get things rolling. I've started a discussion.
The part I love best is actually two places where I spent lots of holidays when I was younger. Cornwall and a place called Invergordon Nr. Inversness Scotland. I'm really hoping when my DH./ retires we can spend a bit of time over there at theses places.
Where is your favorite place and why? Happy Quilting.

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Hi Ally
Glad you managed to sort this group, I'll let Jan know about it when she gets back after the weekend.
I love Cornwall especially, its just so beautiful in a rugged sort of way and I also love the lochs in Scotland, especially Loch Awe which is the most wonderful place on a sunny day, its almost surreal.
How long before DH retires?
Pat glad to see you on board and hope a few more will join in. I'm going to post on the blog and encourage people to check us out.
Loch Awe is that the west or east coast of Scotland. DH. have talked about join an organization that people who would like to house swap so people would use our home while we used theirs. We check it out and for fun we put in Inverness or the Black Isle and we got a hit not that we are ready to do that just yet. DH will retire next year Dec.2010. He will have worked 5o years in the industry of Agricultrual Engineer. He enjoys it but is finding it a bit heavy now he is getting a little older and the equipment is massive over here. You say you are retired how long has that been.
I actually got my Brit pension last Nov. but DH doesn't get his until Dec.2010. from UK.
One of my favorite places is Looe in Cornwall, we used to take the kids there all the time. I'll have to get my map out and check Loch Awe. I have never done the Isles in Skye but would love to do it.
Do you belong to a Quilt guild or quilt on your own?
I was born in yorkshire, a little town outside of Leeds called Batley. I think that half the town were relatives!!! I came here when I was nine so my memories are somewhat diminished but I do remember scarborough, Blackpool, Butlins??? and we always visited my Moms family in Worthing and Dads in sussex. I still have no family here and hope to go back when we retire. I've looked at my old house on google earth, not much has changed!!!
Lynda - When you said Butlins I had to laugh because that is where my husband and I met!!! You say you are the only ones here a bit like us. But you know the family has a way of growing. Did you ever visit Cornwall? When you say you want to go back when we retire for good or a holiday?
I'll have to google our old house in Bath. That sounds like fun!!LOL
Oh gosh, Ally,
You've started this out with a hard one for me because I loved everywhere I went.
We lived in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, but traveled over so much of the UK and it's hard to single out any one place. Of course we loved that because that was Home and the Cotswolds are so pretty.
The moors hold an interest for me because it seems like one is the only person left in the world while hiking them; the Lake District - just gorgeous; as you say, Cornwall for it's ruggedness; and Wales, for the fact that's where our adopted "family" lives now. Another area I liked was around Aviemore, Scotland, for it's history - my husband is a Shaw and I'm a MacIntosh and that's where our clans come from. I really liked the Hebrides, too. (I told you I love it all!!)
However, if I had to name my very, very, very most favorite place it would have to be the Great Glen in Scotland for the rugged beauty, the wildlife, and the wonderful sense of majesty there. I've lived in a lot of places in Europe and Asia, as well as America, of course in our Air Force life and visited a lot more; but I don't think I've ever been anywhere else where I was so in awe of my surroundings as the Great Glen.
Ally- Loch Awe is western scotland, just had to ask Michael as I have absolutely NO sense of direction! Its a standing joke that if I am navigating and we set off for Cornwall, we will probably end up in Scotland. I guess that is a bit of an exaggeration but I am useless.

I belong to a couple of small quilt groups which meet every 2 weeks and also a much larger group that holds meetings 3 times a year with well known speakers.

Lynda - Nice to meet you, we were in Scarborough last year during November and it rained all week! i guess nothing much changes in that part of the country. How long have you been in Canada?

Annie - Guess you have got the computer fixed properly now? You have been missed while you were having problems and I haven't kept in touch as I should have. However, now we are both on this site, which I shall check every day hopefully we shall keep in touch with what each other is doing.

Hope you all have a good Sunday and who knows, maybe we shall soon have a couple more UK Brits to chat to? I am sure this is going to be good fun.
Hi Gals, Well I see we are off to a start and hopefully we'll get more chats going. I'm probably not going to get on here too much this week as I have a very active little grandson spending the week with Nana. LOL and fun!!!
But I will try.
By the way the photo up in the top left corner of the Thatched Cottage is in Dorset any guess what little village it is in!!!?
Annie maybe you can tell us about any quilting groups you belong to?
And Lynda how is the business getting along?
Is the great glen is that Glenco?
We go through Aviemore when we go to Inverness.
And finally what is everyone working on?
I don't ever remember visiting cornwall Ally but who knows??? The business is going slow but i'm getting there. I just posted three new pictures on my page and a link to my website so I hope you will all check it out and tell me what you think. Right now I'm supposed to be finishing two quilts I stared for the website but guess what... I started something else instead. A christmas quilt " I'll Take a Merry Christmas With A Santa on the Side" It's been rolling around in my head for weeks so I gave in and started. I also joined the bridal sampler group and I don't know why... I hate piecing but it seemed like a good idea at the timeLOL I'll finish the Christmas quilt and post a picture next week I hope. Oh ,still waiting for my longarm to be shipped they don't seem in a hurry to take my moneyLOL Pat, nice to meet you too. I landed in Canada on July 19 1966, a long time ago that's for sure. I haven't been back to England since I was 12 but I hope to visit when we retire. It' silly really because my husband works for air canada and our flights are free!!!
Lynda - glad to hear you are designing another quilt you'll have to let us know how it works out. Are you doing the pattern along side of the quilting?
Also you have to use the travelling priviledges while DH is working for Air Canada. I have the same with Duncan our son we pay for a great rate but not free. So that is how we can go out to see them in Hong Kong.
I'm going to England and Wales next Easter or just after for a wedding my nephew is getting married in Swansea.
Pat - is your DH retired yet? Wonder if you buy your fabric on line or in stores in England. When I was over and in Dorset this Spring went to a lovely store to buy fabric but I find them more expensive than what we pay here and also our prices in Canada do not compared to CT. I just bought the table runner snowman to do for my DIL for HK. for Christmas.
Annie- how is the computer now did you get the problems sorted out. I know when I post photo's on the main blog they come out elongated and I don't know what I do? Any suggestion from any of you. I have asked but got no response. As you can see I'm not too computer savvy but I must say I have got a bit better since getting on line with CT, I have learnt a few things.
Computer still seems to be working okay after I did what the techies who work for DH told me a few more things to try. I still can't believe those guys are old enough to be more than kids - they look so young, or maybe I"m just getting older than I thought.
I've noticed that a lot of the posted photos do come out elongated, depending on where they're posted - other places they seem to come out just fine. There has got to be a reason why. Maybe Karen needs to ask the people at Ning who handle the QWU site for CT.
I got a letter from my adopted English "Mum" this morning - I love that she still writes the kind of letters that have to go by post. Anyway, she said they're thinking about trying to come over, possibly at Christmas time to stay with us for awhile.
I do hope they can make it. What a lovely thought and something to look forward to.
That will be something to look forward, Christmas is a special time for family and friends to get together.Are your adopted "Mum" are they older. And where you live how is the winters. Not sure where you live now.
What part of England do they come from? And if they come where will they fly out of?
Are you in the EPP group by any chance. I don't do that now but that is what I started off doing when I lived in England before quilting was as popular as it is now.
What are you working on at the momment. I'm doing some Christmas novetity things for the doornobs for two of the girls at our Sew What Group for their birthdays this month.
Our adopted English family lived in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, when we were living there - he was the Headmaster at the school. They're a bit older than we are and when he retired they moved to Builth Wells, Wales, which is his native locale.
I live in the middle of the U.S. and the winters can get pretty bitter at times, but they say that won't bother them and they'd like to experience an American Christmas. So, if they can come it's going to be a grand time for all of us.
I do belong to the English Paper Piecing Group here on QWU, but I'm a rank beginner at doing that style of piecing - all my years of experience are in all the other ways to piece and applique. I just recieved the paper pieces so I can start the Star Table Topper and get caught up with everyone else who is doing that project; but on my own, I've been learning how to make hexagon flower pincushions and star Christmas ornaments using EPP just so I can get comfortable with the method.
I told my DH about your discussion question, and he said to tell you that his favorite part is London - but then, he has always liked big cities while I prefer the quiet of the villages wherever we've lived.


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