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I'm 60 this year! I am married, have 2 children and 2 grandsons. I've been quilting approximately 5 years, like to dye my own fabric, and have recently begun painting with watercolors.
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quilting, applique, paper piecing, machine quilting, general sewing, gardening
My pets are awesome!
Cassie the poodle, 14 hens and a rooster

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At 6:36am on December 8, 2012, Diane Deitering said…

Hi Elain.  Sorry I didnt see this request before. My address is 6060 Defiance Trail, Delphos, Ohio 45833. Thanks and wishing you a Happy Holiday season.

At 4:15pm on July 31, 2012, Joanna liguz said…

Elain, How are you doing? are you busy,,,with things of your life? I do hope you are fine.

We have people coming to see the house on Sunday of this week, August 4th I believe...I am cleaning again,,

keep in touch,  Joanna

At 7:45pm on July 1, 2012, Joanna liguz said…

oh now that isn't good,,are they going outside at all? our chickens were panting the other day,,too..the weather is terrible here too we had a thunderstorm with lighting and thunder,,but all my flowers are down and we even had a bit of hail,, and we thought we were going to get a tornado.it was kinda bad,,,No I haven't heard from cotton wood either,,she said she had some sort of good news,,but I have written but she hasn't written back,.right now our weather isn't too bad, still kinda muggy though.

our house searching = we are still looking but not many people are coming to see it, we find lots of houses but by the time you add up the taxes,,it is just as expensive to stay here. who knows. but we still want to move into something smaller. good to hear from you...

At 3:11pm on July 1, 2012, Joanna liguz said…

now we are up to 6 pullets eggs a day,,kinday tiny,,but they are good to eat...write soon

At 7:57pm on June 24, 2012, Joanna liguz said…

We got our first 3 pullet eggs this week, oh they are suely tiny,,but so cute,,

we built out nesting boxes and a ramp to let them out. they are getting friendly-er.

write soon~ Joanna

At 9:14pm on June 13, 2012, Joanna liguz said…

HELLO Hello, Elaine,,good to have you back.!!  it must of been a nice engagement,,,congratulations!!

well right at this moment,,I had a mouse run across the floor as I was reading your comment...!!!! ok so he is under a bowl at this moment, in the bathroom,,,with a heavy bucket on top of him. He came out of my sewing room,,that  needs to be cleaned tomorrow!! for sure. I have to get rid of everything on the floor.   Outside of that,,I am doing ok,,my DH may have a chance at getting first shift,,,this 3rd shift is hard,,,very hard to deal with,,,I have been better with my depression. He is getting better but it isn't easy.

I got 10 charity quilts done for my cousin in Canada, and I am working on my next 10 to give to them in August..

So how have you been,,any more quilting or making of the baskets you made,,? how is that quilt coming along? did you finish it?

my 17 chickens are now getting big,,but the new variety we got,,Production reds,,,they bite,,,or peck a lot. they seem to pick or go after you when you leave the room,,they chase you,,,different kinds of chickens,,but they suposto give you a (jumbo) egg,,,so the other ones I have do that,,and they lay every day, first thing in the AM. I even got a double yolker once!!

we went to West Virginia, the last week in May,,and it was pretty, but we don't want to live there...

our house hasn't sold, it is still on the market,,and probably will be for a while..but we are waiting on the Lord to give us the right place to live..everything in it's time,,,it is ok. we do keep looking for houses but they don't seem to be what we are looking for.

We have a woman from New York, and she will be coming in July to see the house,,it seems she has money,,,she went on a trip to Europe for a 2 week vacation. so maybe that will turn out ok..

how was the basic training ceremony.?

looking forward to hearing from you,,tomorrow will be a haircut for a friend in the morning then I have my rug hooking in the afternoon,,my sheep rug will almost be done,,I am working on the border,,I think I have only one more row to do on the edges,Then I will have to decide to weave it or just fold back the top. But this won't be on the floor..!!

I went to my quilt Guild tonight for our pot luck..it was yummy,,,had a great time, but I signed up for the block of the month but I am not sure I should of done that.

hey have you heard from cottonwood quilter? she hasn't written back for a long time, the ones with the chickens..Sheila,,,that is her name,,,I haven't heard from these girls at all.

I am meeting with a girl I met on QWU - she lives right down the road from me,,,we meet Monday,,at 2:30pm she is a Christian woman and wants to learn how to quilt,,please to pray that goes well for me,,well it is getting late,and it is already after midnight,,,glad to hear you back,,hugs, Joanna




At 4:10pm on June 4, 2012, Joanna liguz said…

hello Elaine,! we had a great vacation, saw so many things and we had the Lord with us the entire time. we were totally blessed the whole trip. I did buy fabric in Pennsylvania, but I didn't spend as much as I had the last time I went...prices were out of sight,!!! no more 3-4 $ a yard any more,,although I did find one place that we did go shopping..1.99 a yd and then 6.99 a yd. so that wan't too bad,,,but I am making a quillow for my GD. I made the pillow top already, but I am confused to what to do next..

well have to make supper and more sewing to do..talk to you soon,,,Joanna

At 4:44pm on May 28, 2012, Joanna liguz said…

Hi Elaine, nice to hear from you.!! right now we are in West Virginia,, going to see houses and land every day, we have gone to Buckhannon to see the Miners Memorial from the explosion in 2006 when 12 of the miners have died,,I wanted to see my girlfriend, but she wan't home. we went to the small church where they all gathered to wait upon hearing that they all passed away,,except one of the mines,,his name was Randall McCloy. it looks to be a small town not much there as far as houses go,,,plenty of land but, unusable. we looked at property -it had 21 acres but you could only use 3 of them..the rest is all hills and trees.very steep, and dangerous. Weston is kinda poor.   so right now we are in Bridgeport West Virginia. we have a pool and it was great,,it is very hot here...but kinda dry today,,,tomorrow we go to Pennsylvania, to do some fabric shopping,,I think I will get some well need large print fabric. I really don't need anything,,but I think all I have is small prints now..I did finish my 10 quilts baby ones for my cousins who is in Canada..they are Missonaries, working for Whycliffe Bible Institute. they say the baby populations is growing so they need baby quilts,,I am making them 36"x36" or larger,,but nothing smaller than that. well we have had one tired day,,and we are looking at more houses tomorrow, going to Cairo, Salem, and Pennsboro,,all on rt 50, it is in the north west part,,,it might be wealthier than where we were earlier. the property is  around 160,000 for 20+ acres but it doesn't seem like it is for us,,either thr house isn't what is worth buying or the land isn't what we want..but we do want to be alone,,,we don't want to be with alot of neighbors.

I hope you enjoy time with your son,,and the party that will go with it,,,congratulations,,!!!your family is growing,,,it is nice isn't it...!!??

Our children are taking care of  our chickens,,did I tell you we have 11 new ones.? they will probaly be big whn we get back,,,

hope you are doing ok,,,,,when are you going to Oklahoma???

we do not know where God is leading us,,just have to wait,,and see...where He wants us...


At 2:13pm on May 27, 2012, Joanna liguz said…

how are you Elaine,,? I hope you are well,,,write soon, Joanna

At 3:35pm on May 1, 2012, Joanna liguz said…

Hello Elain,! I am so happy you wrote back.  yes it has been a while..!!!

Well we are getting to the point where we don't want to do that much any more. our house is too big and I wnat to down size to where we can spend time together like you said.

I'm just wondering how much I have to sell before I go crazy,,,but it does seem like, I can live with alot less than I need to. I am starting to need less of that I have,,I think this house satisfied me at one point in my life and it stood for something in  my past,,but I have grown up and don't seem to need that in my life as a crutch. So I guess I can move on.

about reducing our life's pay,,I am sure that will happen too, but we have already been cutting back in our life now, so we don't really need to but I know someday down the line we will have to do that, so I think we are practicing now. LOL!!! But I have found out like you, we only want to see each other and be in each others company. I would like to travel and see what is out West again..

How small is your paper piecing? it is time consuming but it does make for a nice quilt,,,is it for you or for someone else.?

I am back to my rug hooking and I am trying to get the darn thing done,,I don't seem to have the time,,always cleaning the house,,we are having a realtor open house next thursday. so today I cleaned the living room and turned it all around so it looks cleaner and more open,,

Enjoy your water color class, someone I know is taking it and loves the way it comes out,,she does all sorts of cards and pictures,,,really pretty...at least your with women your own age,,that must be nice..

No I won't give up on you,,,have a great day,,hope to hear from you soonner not later,,LOL!!!

have a great Day!!


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