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Married to same man for 53 years, four children and four grandchildren, one step granddaughter and six foster granddaughters. Now a great granddaughter named Kennedy who is such a joy! Ninth child in a family of ten with five boys and five girls. We lived on a small farm and Mom taught the girls to cook, clean, sew and mend, do needle work, garden and basically be hard workers. I still love to sew, do art work and lots of crafts. Recently got my own horse for the first time in my life and have taken up riding that I would have loved from the time I was very little. I still love the outdoors, raise my own garden vegetables, flowers and have a couple hens. I raised two turkeys for family dinners and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with all the kids and sisters and brother in attendance. I have been a crazy birdwatcher from the time I was little and am always seeing things in nature that most people overlook. I love the kids and love sharing my love of nature with them. I have made seven bed quilts for kids and grandkids and they cherish them. I have the goal of making another one for my 15 year old grandson who will turn 16 in October. I always try to incorporate their interests and accomplishments into their quilts, so I am in the process of gathering items showing Alex over the years as he has grown and developed. Will post photos of this quilt when it is finished. Most recent quilt was a wedding gift for our grandson on July 14.
I have been absent from Quilt with us, so I am way behind on what has been going on in my life! Will try to check in regularly and catch up with you!
Hobbies and Interests
quilting, applique, hand quilting, machine quilting, general sewing, gardening, other
My pets are awesome!
Quarterhorse, Penny, not exactly a pet, more of a partner; two dachunds; an aquarium of fish.

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Time keeps slipping past!

Posted on April 3, 2012 at 2:19pm 5 Comments

It is almost Easter!  Where has the time gone???  I guess if you are busy, that is what happens.  I have been making lots of totes out of the feed bags and have given them to family and friends, and still selling them on the ETSY store.  Though I don't really want to be working full time at that! 

The other thing that I managed to accomplish was to finish the saw painting for our 4-H club raffle!  Since I don't paint on a regular basis, it took me a little bit of messing around to get…


Busy, busy, busy!

Posted on February 22, 2012 at 1:55pm 5 Comments

Hi there,

I haven't been doing much quilting lately, but have been busy sewing.  I posted pics of the feedbag tote bags I make and I have now opened an ETSY store to sell them.  There has been some good traffic there and lots of nice comments about the bags.  Of course, my family gives me lots of feedback and support.  At the present time I have the 4-H club kids and families saving me all their feedbags that have really neat…


Posted on December 20, 2011 at 1:24pm 11 Comments

So much to do!

Posted on December 20, 2011 at 1:21pm 2 Comments

Hi everyone,


I know everyone is most likely really busy this time of year.  I decided several years ago that I wanted to give handmade or vintage items to the grandkids mostly.  My kids are pretty good to go and several years ago we all decided that we didn't need to exchange gifts among the adults.  But the kids, that is a different matter!

One of my daughters got me hooked on Pinterest a few months ago and that place has given me so many ideas!  I have made scarves…


Been busy, even if I haven't posted!

Posted on December 1, 2011 at 11:45am 4 Comments

Sorry for not getting on here more often.  Not for lack of something to say!  I have finished a couple quilts and wall hangings and numerous other things.  Had a pretty good garden during the summer after it finally quit raining on us.  Had a good fair in July with the 4-H horse group and loved Crystal's reaction to the graduation quilt I presented to her at her 4-H graduation ceremony.  Canned a lot of tomatoes and green…


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At 12:16pm on March 15, 2019, Gladys Hammond said…

Hi there. Going to look at a Sweet sixteen long arm quilter today. It just came on the market for $4500. Have been druling over the long arms for a long time! If it is good to go I may be able to finish the memory quilt for Alex on it!  Beautiful weather today! Have a great weekend!

At 3:55pm on July 28, 2018, Gladys Hammond said…

Wow!  It has been so long since I have been on here and I feel sad about that.  However, life has been filled with lots of activities!  I have finished several large quilts that I need to get photos of on here.  Have a great grand baby who will soon be two!!!  Made her a large baby quilt that was a take off from a quilt I made my kids when they were little and it was loved dearly to the point it has holes in it!

Bob and I celebrated our 50th anniversary three years ago with a trip to Hawaii with the kids.  A year and half ago, I had a freak accident while practicing with the guns for mounted shooting and broke my pelvis in three places!  First broken bone at age 72!  Spent two weeks in rehab and now no sign I broke anything!  Age does seem to have it's disadvantages, what with health issues I never dreamed I would have, but that is life!

I am currently working on a big bed quilt for my grand son who will turn 16 at the end of October.  It will consist of several large squares that I have translated into applique pictures of him doing various sports that he excells at.  Have two more of football poses to do and then the rest of the blocks will be photos of him at various ages and with various family members.  Can't wait to get that one done!

Last quilt was a wedding present for our grand son who got married July 14.  The couple have been on a cruse to Alaska and I haven't heard what the reaction was.  Was so hoping to be able to see them when they opened that one.

Right now, we are experiencing terrible forest fires all around us and have smoke so bad I have to stay inside with the doors closed and the air conditioner on 24-7.  They don't know when this will be cleared up any time soon.  The temperatures are also triple digits, which I hate.  We are in S. Oregon, and have friends and family near the Redding fire, and that one is so bad, it makes me feel so sad and helpless for those people loosing homes and lives!

Hope there will be some activity on here.  I know we have all gotten so busy, but we need to keep in contact.  Good thoughts to you all.

At 12:20am on April 24, 2014, Marianne said…

Hello Gladys,  I wanted to say I just love your philosophy of giving quilts to family members, they are all so beautiful, that is something I would love to do.  We have been married the same amount of time, how lucky we r to have our husband's with us too.  I am not sure where in the world you r but mostly the ladies r in the USA.  Hope you enjoy your new hobby riding. Ttfn Marianne U.K.

At 3:35pm on December 1, 2011, Irene Gallway said…

Sounds like you had a grand time going on a trail ride with your family. It's always fun to do things with family. I know what your saying about finding gifts for people. My grandkids get money for their birthday and Christmas except for the three youngest ones and I made them all a small quilt to cuddle in while watching t.v. Since they are getting older and I don't see them as much I have no idea what they like anymore. My oldest gd is married and lives in Kansas. I'll give them something for their home. I just got my decorations up yesterday. Had to stop sewing to get it done. It's a busy time of year and there is allot going on. Keeps me right out straight.

At 4:05pm on November 30, 2011, Irene Gallway said…

Gladys you sound like a very interesting person. I could just feel your enthusiam for life in your profile. Dad was the oldest of 10 kids. 5 boys and 5 girls. He grew up on a farm and farmed his whole life. He also worked for the State Highway Dept.  So I grew up on a farm. My fondest memories are on that farm. I'm glad you got your beloved horse. They are beautiful animals. What kind of birds do you have. I had six at one time but 5 of them have died. Most were rescued and were old when I got them. I have a Yellow Naped Amazon that  I have had for 21 years. He is quite the character. I also have a dog I rescued from abuse and neglect.  Have you been a member of QWU long? I have been here a few years and love this site. Hope to meet you in chat someday. We have fun in there when a bunch of us get there at the same time.

At 7:58pm on August 22, 2011, Cynthia Marrs said…

Hi Gladys

We haven't communicated in ages.  Life gets in the way, yes?  I just picked up my 2 quilt entries from the fairgrounds. I barely got them done in time to enter.  Next year I plan to be more organized.(I hope). I did win a blue ribbon on my machine embroidered hummingbird quilt.  It's really bright.  A lady came by as I was standing near the quilts at the Fair on Friday.  She commented that one needed sunglasses to view it. I like color!

On another note-I have lost the hearing in my only good ear.  It came on all of a sudden. The ENT Dr tried to help with cortisone shots.  But, it didn't come back.  Now I have a new hearing aid to the tune of $2400.  I'd had one before.  But, now the new one has serious amplification.  Unfortunately, everything I hear is distorted. I can no longer hear music.  And I have always lived for music.  I am so depressed over the music loss.

My next step is to look into a cochlear implant.  I have an appt in Sept. for the first step.  I've spent hours on the internet looking into CIs.

I still love to piece and quilt.  I've done a lot of Longarm quilting.  I did several for a friend who took the quilts to Germany to give them to friends there.  I love quilting.  So now I quilt in silence instead of listening to my classical music.  

How are you?  I looked at your photos.  Some new ones on there.


Write when you have time.



At 12:03pm on August 11, 2011, Carol Uhlar said…

It's such a nice day...I'm lovin it.  Sitting out on the backyard deck on my swing enjoying the sun, watching the girls (dogs) romp around.  Lily started a barking fit over the birds and squirrels so I have her clipped to a post until she can behave.  Must be the hunter in her.  I made a potato salad for dinner and we'll have BBQ hamburgars tonight and I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.  Thom set up a work table for me out here so I could work on my quilting projects and sew.  It's like having a sewing room outside.  He's building a new backyard fence, its going to be really nice.  The year we had all that tons of snow ruined our old one. 

Hey....you've been thinking on breeding Penny for a while now.  Would it cost a lot for any needed care?  I think if you're going to....you should do it now and enjoy the experience.  Listen to me.....I have 2 dogs I can't control.

We have a vacation coming up the last week in Aug./Labor day weekend and I thought we might pull our trailer camping somewhere but Thom said not until he gets a few miles on the new enjine we have to put in.  So guess we decided on a quilting/sight seeing roadtrip.  Theres a wonderful quilt show at the shop in Reardan, WA  "The buggy Barn" on the 27,28th.  So we'll shoot up to Spokane for 2 days. Coerd a laine, Id shop "The Bear Paw'  and head east to Wallace, Id. where my best friend moved 3 yrs. ago and spend 2 days there.  Then head south, hopefully get a good look at Hells Canyon and on to the little cool town of McCall = quilt shop there is the neat "Huckleberry gatherings"  and a wonderful lake. Next to Boise...3 nice shops there and back west to Bend for 3 days.  Thom wants to spend time at the lakes he grew up at every summer out by Wickiup resivour and then home on Labor day.  Thats the plan anyway....which may certainly change.  I'm lucky to have a guy that likes to drag me around.  He a good one.

I'm out of room here, so til later.

At 9:15pm on August 9, 2011, Carol Uhlar said…

Wish I could have a horse....you're blessed.  How long does a horse live if healthy?

Today I was sitting out on the deck swing hand stitching with DMC threads which were laid out on the swing and before I knew it "Lily" took off with a mouth full of threads.  Before I could catch her I had threads all over the yard...looked like easter eggs.:( she's a busy girl alright.  Hey I downloaded the coolest quilt picture for my desk top screen, it's really a nest picture of 5 or 6 stacked quilts. 

Thom's pickup was giving him some trouble, actually quit and we had it towed to a shop we go to and today we found out the whole engine is toast.  So after thinking it over we decided to order a new crated engine from GMC and redo it all.  It'll be cheaper that way than to buy a new pickup.  This pickup is a 1994.  It'll cost about 5,000.  I just about laid an egg!!!!!    Our car died big time back in Dec. and we had to buy a new car, so this is not fun.  I've named our house "The Poor House".  Oh well....it's just $$$$ and God provides.  Hows your garden this year? and the chickens?  Do you have another turkey?

Well, gonna get off here and watch Americas got talent.  Later......

At 9:37am on August 9, 2011, Carol Uhlar said…

Wow....I was so suprised to see your message on my page this morning.  You answered sooner than I thought as we haven't been on here for a while.  Sounds like you have been really sewing up a storm.  I've followed you a bit on facebook and also see you are really busy with the horses and 4H....how fun.

I took a neat class down at a Quilt shop in Eugene, finished it in about a week which is super fast FOR me.:)    I think I'll make a 2nd on for a gift as it was so much fun.  We also went to the Cobury outdoor quilt show and it was wonderful.  Hey did you ever get a long arm?  Since I'm kinda laying low from the surgery....I've been doing alot of Needle Punch.  I had done it a long time ago and set it aside for some reason, picked it back up and am having a ball.  You can take it anywhere.  I'm actually teaching a Needle Punch class at a quilt shop down the road on Sat. should be a blast. 

My little doggy developed conjestive heart diease and is a sick girl.  She's only 9+ yrs. and we won't have her much longer.  Breaks my heart and I can tear up at the thought of losing her.  Back in Nov. we adopted a little female puppy purebred Schnauzer,  it has be challenging dealing with 2 very differant dog personalitys.  I can see why people get dogs more the same age!  Abby has hated new little Lily for some time.  Just recently they have begun to get along and sleep back to back on the bed at night.  Anyway they keep me busy.  How are you pouchs?

Well, time to get busy and get something done......laundry, load the dishwasher etc.....going to make a stew and home made bread for dinner...yums.

Have a great Tues.   keep in touch :)

At 7:00pm on August 6, 2011, Carol Uhlar said…
Hi Gladys....here it is Aug. of 2011.  Just curious if you ever come on here anymore. I've spent some time here lately and have missed the quilt companionship.  I now remember why it was so fun.  Hope to hear from you soon.

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