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Oldest UFO on the Planet!

I must have been working on this particular quilt for nearly 20 years!  It was a Block of the Month before those became so popular, and I was assured that as a newbie quilter, it was well within my skills!  WRONG!  I did finally get it together, layered and basted, planning to quilt it on my domestic machine.  Well, that was a horrible idea!  I had no such skills!

Think the next several years spending time folded up in a drawer, while your maker slowly improves her domestic machine…


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Guild "Retreat" Trivia

Our guild has planned it's annual retreat for mid-June.  Unfortunately, the powers that be have decided that, in order to make it affordable for all, we are not actually "retreating", but attending a daily sew-in at the local Veterans Hall for three consecutive days, lunch & dinner provided.  A friend and I volunteered to do registration, payment collection, name tags and "goodie bags."  We are supposed to plan for about 70 attendees -- not exactly my idea of a retreat, because we return…


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Or, as an alternative . . .

Considering that Easter often falls in March, I made up an Easter Itty Bitty:

Meet "Chicka-bunny"!

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My March Itty Bitty

I have been working from Mari's book, so my version of her March Itty Bitty is in flat cotton, not wool.  I have added a small embellishment:

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My February Itty Bitty

These are really so much fun to do.  Mari is doing her second set in wool; mine are in flat cotton.  I like her designs, so I'm just making minor changes as I go.

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My New Slave

For Christmas my DH gave me a slave.  Her name is Rhonda.  I've been trying her out for the last few weeks, and she has really met every expectation.  You just have to make a few accommodations for her, and her nose is to the grindstone.

Meet Rhonda, the Roomba:…


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Mountain Cabin

I can't resist posting this!  For the last three years there has hardly been any snow at the mountain house.  This was taken about two weeks ago in a break in the storms; the snow is more than twice as deep now!  We slog in on snowshoes to check windows, water pipes, propane tank, and electricity.  To stay, we would have to dig out the water valves and turn them on, then carefully drain the pipes again so they don't freeze when we leave.  If we can't stay for awhile, it isn't worth…


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Itty Bitty Snowman

Here's my version of January's Snowman, from Mari Martin's pattern for her CT book "Itty Bitty Quilts," hanging on the little wire display.

I did make a rookie mistake by not doubling the batting I used for the snowman's body, because the snowy blue background shows through slightly.  My bad.  Won't happen again.…


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These are Fun -- and Addictive, Like Peanuts!

Star Wars quilt is off to the long-arm quilter; now I'm back to doing those Itty Bitty Quilts, and am finding they are quite addictive. I can't do just one! October is over, November is up now, and I have finished December.  I have the perfect place in the entry to show off the little (6-1/2") quilts, so I just keep on making them!  They take about 2 hours each, so it's not a big commitment.  No compensation by CT here.…


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No Such Thing as an Ugly Quilt . . .

Well, I'm not so sure about this one!  It is the latest Star Wars fabric, fresh from the latest movie which is not even in theaters yet, and DS will be thrilled to get it for his birthday.  What you see below is just the top.  I'm putting a red plaid flannel (remember his arctic world is white, gray and black at this time of the year) on the back, and the binding is black.  I think the whole thing looks a little chaotic, but the printed Star Wars fabric is a little chaotic.   I call the…


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Challenge Table Runner

As I mentioned in a recent post, I was finishing up a table runner for an impromptu competition within our guild.  The essence of the rules were that it had to be done by December 16, be within a certain size, and have three stars on it.  Beyond that it was, "Katie, bar the door!"  So I elected to use some fabulous green fabric I had laying around in my stash and make my "star" a starburst.  Embellishment was allowed, so I added three buttons.  The colors are not quite as true as they should…


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Quilting Joke

There was a recent post by a quilter who was looking for quilting jokes, but I couldn't remember any until I heard this at our last guild meeting:

A Quilter had asked her husband to help her pin-baste the quilt she was ready to machine quilt.  After they had it spread out and layered, he was to begin at one end and she started at the other.  After a substantial time, she noticed she was nearly done with her half, but he had just finished a short section.  When she asked him about the…


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Perspective - Words to Think About

This morning was not one of my better mornings; there were so many things that were irritating me -- my house is dusty, the refrigerator is nearly empty, I have a huge laundry to do; a sudden electrical outage at an inopportune time shut everything down.  I was also fretting about a coming weekend quilting retreat that I am not ready for, etc. etc.  Then I flipped over the daily calendar page on my desk.  There was a photo of a kitten sitting in a basket of roses, and I thought, "humph"!…


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Three Whales for Kaktovik!

As some of you may remember, my DS and DDIL live in the remote village of Kaktovik, in far northern Alaska, year around, where DS is the school librarian and DDIL is the village postmaster.  During "summer" break this year, DS visited us here in northern California for some weeks for the first time in three years.  As postmaster and only employee of the US Postal Service in Kaktovik (written as "Qaaktugvik" in the local Inupiat (pronounced In.NOO.pee.aht) language, DDIL was unable to come…


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Quilt Show Results!

As I have been boring you all this month with my entries at a local quilt show, I thought I'd just give you a brief note on the results.

The show was wonderful -- so much talent in the neighborhood!  There were more than 200 entries and the big barn of a building at the fairgrounds was filled to overflowing.  I have never seen so many really excellent quilts in this show!

The competition was stiff, and I was fortunate to get a First Place for Cranberry Bear! (see my post "Quilt…


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Last One -- Quilt Show Entry #5

Quilt Show is coming up fast - April 25, so I have to get all the remaining entry details taken care of - labels, clear plastic bags for delivery, etc.

Here is my last entry this time:  It is a large wall-hanging and I call it "Cranberry Bear." I completed the applique more than a year ago, then hit a brick wall when it came to finishing it off!  It is all batik, so hand-quilting was out.  I didn't want to send the quilting to the LAQ, but I was also hesitant to try it myself.  My…


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Quilt Show Entry #4

Some of you may recognize this one from my rants about hating Mystery Quilts late last year!  Well, lo and behold, when I got it finished, pieced setting triangles and all, it turned out to be one of my favorites, and I have decided to show it.  It is called "Triassic Tile Terrazzo."…


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Quilt Show Entry #3

This is a small bed quilt, but not quite a wall hanging.  Except for the sashing, it is all made from the same  blow-your-mind fabric!  Absolutely accurate cutting is the necessity here.  I call it "Carnival."  Each block is made of four small squares.  Once you have the small squares cut, it's fun to put together, thus it's other name "Spin-n-grin."…


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Quilt Show Entry #2 . . . and variation

This quilt I made in two variations.  I think the warmer autumn colors are prettier, but the winter colors are more striking.  I have entered "The Autumn Wind" (which did not photograph well) in the show.  The second quilt is called "A Walk in the City" because, to me, it resembled an arial view of city buildings and intersecting streets.  Which do you prefer?…


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Not in the Show, But . . .

. . .I kinda wish I had taken the chance and entered it even though it was not finished when entries were due.  I made this one up from the memory of a block I had seen up on a design wall at the last retreat.  It was in purple and pink, with white, and somehow it attracted my attention.  I looked in my "stash" and came up with this version.

  I hate wasting fabric to fussy cut, but it seemed worth it to center the roses in the block.  It is called "Roses in the Midnight…


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