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Happy V Day

Happy Valentines Day to all.

I don't know how to do all the fancy stuff that BJ does when she adds cards and things plus this morning is gym day and time is limited in the learning/searching center today. Just pretend you see a bunch of balloons and 15 dozen red roses...I'm…


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What a Stinker....

Oh BJ... What did you do?  I've been trying so hard to forget this birthday and here I see my face on QWU....you naughty girl. Anyway.... I had a great day all in all.   I started out at the gym trying to work off 20 years but alas it didn't work.  I walked out of the center with the same rolls and wrinkles that I had when I went in.  Then it was coffee at Starbucks with the gym rats and they proceeded to embarrass me further with a hat and some cameras.  Lesson learned?  Stay home on your…


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Busy Few Days

Wow, where has the time gone.  It's been a busy few days around here.  Not sure exactly why other than our SEAHAWKS are going to the Super Bowl.  

Monday I worked on the second pass-a-round for our guild.  We are making journal pages in mixed media and have instructions to "s--t-r-e-t-c-h" ourselves in the design process.  We started by cutting 140 lb water color paper into 4" x 6" rectangles, added a journal with any instructions, and then passed it on.  What a mess...."stretch"…


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Crazy, Crazier, or Craziest?

What was I thinking?  Last October I signed up for 2 pass arounds at our local Quilt Guild.  The idea is to have a small, itty, bitty, teenzy, weenzy, "fun", thing to do once a month and then pass it on to the next sucker, I mean quilter.  One is Crazy Ladies (should have been a red flag) and the other is Artsy Ladies.  Below is this months Crazy Ladies.  To start, we had to cut out a bust, (noticed I said 'A', so it's not          "the…


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Thank You Shannon!

I mentioned in a previous post that I erased all my Christmas photos.....Well, Shannon came to the rescue.  I found a site on line that let me down load a fix to unlock a formated card for a small fee. It was worth every penny. THANK YOU SHANNON.  

Here is a Little Felt project I made for my new GS's nursery...Wool felt, Timtex and fusible web.  I found a bold font on my computer, printed one letter per page and the rest was just preschool cutting.  We put sticky velcro dots on the…


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So Sorry to all the Quilters of the World

What a busy holiday season.  I feel like I've been gone more than I've been home....oh wait, I have.  Since Thanksgiving I think I've counted 9 days/nights that I've actually been in my own bed.  I am so far behind on things around here.  I spent the better part of yesterday wiping down counters, cupboards and doing the floors.  Then I ran down and picked up my serger... well I didn't really run, I drove. I had it serviced and also had the tech put on new blades and since my light was out,…


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Posting for Pam...

Here's a photo of our Christmas.... damn,  darn, there aren't any Christmas photos..., I accidently erased all my pictures from my camera.  I've been in a funk today over it. Been so mad at myself I cant seem to concentrate on anything. Really?  Luke's first Christmas? and I had to pull a stunt like that?    My camera is kind of new to me and I touched the format button my mistake and poof, they went to that big black cloud somewhere out…


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Came home from our son's house the day after Christmas and woke up to this the following morning.  Burr.... Everything is frozen.  We don't have a blade of grass or a leaf anywhere that doesn't have this frozen stuff on it.  I think our high yesterday was 27 degrees and it stayed gray and cloudy all day.  Wish i could say I spent the day in my sewing room but alas, I didn't.…


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I'm Done

Yes, I'm done, or should I say I'm Done In?   Between my serger and sewing machine I think I had smoke rolling out of my sewing room. Plus my bum is sore from sitting so much.  I was bound and determined to get some things done for gifts this year and of course the rule says you have to put them off until the week before Christmas. Right?  Haven't you heard of that rule too?  Hubby would  call me from his cell phone to my cell phone, from the family room mind you, just to make sure I was…


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My Almost Dutch pattern...

Here's the photo of what turned out to me my Almost Dutch Hat.  Sharon, I took your advise on the google translate BUT, when I clicked on the PDF pattern, it was in Dutch and I wasn't able to get it translated. You can't copy/paste from a PDF that I know of.  Anyway,   I was so determined to get this darn hat made that I spent the better part of a day using the "trial and error" system and finally came up with this little guy.  This is hat number 6. It looked so easy?  I didn't realize that…


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Mommy and Me Nursing Quilts

Okay, I finally got the photo taken of my two little quilts with the minkie backs.  I made these for the nursery as my son and DIL own a home built in the 30's so the house is a little drafty.  (they are slowly doing remodel jobs but put that on the back burner when Michelle got pregnant)  These little quilts were designed to go across mommy's legs and feet when she's nursing and one to throw over baby Luke.  Mommy wanted something that was not full size and would just cover her legs and not…


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Help! Do You Speak Dutch?....

I found this really cute baby pattern on line but even though I clicked on the translate button it still printed in DUTCH,  egads!!!! Dutch? Really? I have many friends that are bilingual but I can truly say that Dutch is NOT their second language.     I think I can waddle thru the pattern but I need to know what this one word means.

STOFVOUW= ???? I'm thinking it could be "cut" or "fold"?    This really gives a new meaning to "challenging"!!!☺

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Hallmark TV

Okay, I think I found my new favorite channel.  I've been sewing all day and happened upon the Hallmark channel when looking for something to put on the TV in my corner of the house.   I've lost track of how many movies I've seen today but I bet it's more than I've watch in a month.  They are so FULL of the best Christmas movies.   Good for you Hallmark!   (egads, just realized that I missed my monday night football...forgot it was Monday.  Oh…


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Me? A Virgin?.....

Yes, My name is Debbie and  I'm a  MINKIE VIRGIN.  Can you believe it?  They didn't have minkie when my kids were young so I've never had a need to use it until recently.  NOW, I need help!!!!!!!

I picked up my quilts from the quilter yesterday and need to bind them.  Of course the backs are Minkie.  

What do I do about the binding?????????

machine/hand:  After I machine sew on the first step of the binding, and turn it to the back, do I hand sew it?

machine all:…


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Good Morning Ladies...It's been a while...

Well, it's clear to me that I've miss out of a lot of stuff over the last year.  I'm happy to see so many familiar faces still posting as well as a bunch of new ones. 

Just for a quick up date.  I'm through with all my treatments, had my port-a- cath removed 2 weeks ago and have just got to work on healing now...mostly mentally I think, but I will have some long lasting effects to work though. Still have doctors appointments every two months until Oct 2014 but can handle that…


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NC Day 3

How come the days go by so fast when you're on vacation?  It doesn't seem fair, does it?  I have to say that today I could use some grease to lube my jaw.  I have never talked so much in one day...phew!  

I wanted to share my lovely view from my brothers lake front home.... Sorry for the reflection...the sun was out and no matter where I stood I couldn't get the photo right.  …


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NC Day 2

Well,flying?.... what a boring way to travel.  Everything went off just fine and we even had nice people surrounding us most of the day.  Quite unexpected. Had lots of leg room on our leg from Spokane to Denver but not so much from Denver to Greensboro. Not sure why that was.   Since we are both tall, we have trouble with airplane seats and tray tables.  They tend to hit our knees before they are in their lowest stage so drinks are a little shaky and have to be watched all the time.  We…


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NC Bound... Day 1

Well, today is day one of our road trip plane trip to North Carolina.  I so wanted to take the motorhome and spend a month on the road but DH reminded me how tiring some days can be so he pushed his weight around and now we're flying.  I guess it's better than having the roof blow off the motorhome again, or the door trip to flap in the wind again, or the windshield wipers to quilt again, or the batteries to fail, again.  Things I don't…


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Best News....EVER!

Good morning everyone.  I have a secret to tell...well it's been a secret for several weeks but I got the OK to tell.  I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMA, NANA, GRAMMY, NANAW or whatever else they call us these days.  I've waited so long for this to happen.  Most of my friends have several grand kids and two are even great grandmas.  My youngest son and his wife will have our little one in early December and now, as much as I had winter and cold weather, I wish it were next month.  I would love some…


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Thank You

Good morning everyone.  I need to thank everyone for their kind thoughts, words and prayers.  As of Tuesday's office visit I AM CANCER FREE.  After 4 months of chemo and 5 weeks of radiation it's hard to believe I won't have to see another doctor for 4 months.  Praise the Lord.  

I had a scare at the beginning of radiation, as the doctor found another mass and kind of put a scare in me.  It was determined that I would continue radiation and go thru testing afterwards.  Well the test…


Added by Debbie Snyder/WA on June 7, 2013 at 7:35am — 21 Comments

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