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Greetings from North Dakota!

I Just re-read my posts from this winter and I want to tell you that I really did get several projects accomplished.  I hand quilted a wall hanging/table runner for my sister's new kitchen, a large baby blanket, 2 "dolly" quilts, a cloth story book, and a purse that I made in the class I took at a local quilt store.  Everyone was pleased with the quilts etc and I've used my purse almost every day since I finished it.  Since I got home I've been concentrating on…


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Arizona visit

I'm  going  to be spending two months in Casa Grande AZ this winter.  And I'm planning on doing some quilting while I'm there.  Last year I bought a sewing machine and let it with my sister so I have that to use.  I'm bringing along some fabric to make baby quilts for gifts and a quilt that I've begun for my daughter.  I'm staying in a motel instead of with relatives, so I should have time to make some progress on my projects.  I'm also planning on taking a class at… Continue

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Back after a long absence!

Dear Friends,

I've not been in contact for quite awhile. I spent two months in Arizona this winter and had a wonderful time connecting in person with Cornwoman/AZ. However, I didn't get to see her a often as I'd hoped to either. However, I have reservations to rent a place to stay for a couple of months next winter and then I'll have my own transportation. That will make it easier to do the activities that I want to do, I will have a sewing machine down there and hopefully…

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The end and the beginning

Dear Friends,

This year is ending and the new year is beginning the moment the old year ends. That's the way life is---just when we think something is ending, something new is beginning. I'm with my son in Arizona just where I was last year, but a whole 365 days have come and gone inbetween my visits. Looking out his windows I see catus and sand and palm trees---a much different scene than I would see from my windows in North Dakota. This year my town (Grand Forks) got 24 1/2 inches of… Continue

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Tonight I finished some sewing projects that I have insisted (to myself) that I must finish before I can do any quilting! Now I can allow myself to actually quilt instead of looking at the pictures of all the beautiful ones all of you have made! I have a baby quilt to make before I have to get busy making flannel pajama bottoms for my three grandchildren for Christmas. They are 21, 19, and 7. All of them love pj bottoms to lounge in. When they were small I made all their jammies, and now… Continue

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Plaanting flowers

I had a wonderful day yesterday, although I was very tired when I went to bed. The mother of the baby I babysat last winter went shopping with me to find flowers and other plants to put in the dirt half of my patio. In the afternoon she came over and stared planting them (after lunch). The three kids took naps and then I played with them (5,3,1) while she worked in the garden. The look lovely today--when I got up I headed out there to make sure they weren't figments of my imagination. I'll take… Continue

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Wet North Dakota

We've had cold weather which has slowed the snow melt and lowered the crest prediction for our full Red River. Someone described our Red River Valley (bottom of prehistoric Lake Aggasize) as a table top with a scratch going fom the top to the bottom )with the scratch being the Red River. Once it leaves its banks, it spread out far and wide. It was a relief to hear of the lower crest predictions. However, the water will be contained between the dikes for about a week before the water will be… Continue

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Looking for a new sewing machine

I have decided that I'm going to shop for a new sewing machine. My old one is an Elna with cams for different stitches but it's 30 years old. I would really like to have a machine with an applique stitch, the ability to leave the needle down or up, and the variety of stitches that I've seen on some quilts. Any advice that you have for me would be most welcome. We have Pfaff and Bernina dealers in town so that's where I will begin my search. The lady at the Bernina store repairs her machines and… Continue

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Blizzard Day!

I live in Grand Forks ND and am watching the snow blown around outside. The snow packed against the patio doors has clibed up so that the tip of one drift is as tall as the patio fence. We will have a flood this spring when it all melts.

I'm heading into my sewing room to file a bunch of papers (it's a combination office/sewing room). I also have to hem a pair of slacks for my daughter. It won't take long but it's not my favorite kind of sewing to do. She was kind enough to do my… Continue

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Beautiful catalog!

I got my Connecting Threads catalog in the mail today and it's full of beautiful fabric! Luscious looking shades. I showed it to my friend and she's interesting in sending for some fabric from that catalog. Thanks for sending the catalog to me! Ginger

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Finished at Last!

Hooray! I sewed the label on my granddaughter's quilt and it's all finished. And the good news is that I won't have to mail it to Iowa where she's going to college because her mother is coming up to ND next weekend to do my income taxes, so she'll take it back and give it to her. Spring comes earlier in Iowa than here in ND, but maybe she'll still be able to enjoy it's warmth for a little while. She likes her blankets to be heavy so I put a double cotton batt in it. I'll take a picture and try… Continue

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Rain, rain, go away!

It's still raining (drizzling) in ND---it's been a gray day all day---I've even had the lights on most of the day. I guess it's going to keep raining during the night and then turn to snow, possibly 4 inches!

A note of progress, albeit slow! I have the binding for my very late quilt for my granddaughter's graduation gift (last May). I had misplaced the fabric but found it and made the binding. It's all stitched onto the quilt and now I have to sew it by hand. I don't mind that and it… Continue

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I Found It!

I wrote a few days ago to say that I have been searching for the fabric that I had misplaced to make the edging for my granddaughter's quilt. I have been switching my sewing equipment from the guest room to my late husband's den. Last evening I was looking through boxes and found the fabric in a bag that had slipped behind some of the boxes I have piled against the wall. I'm so happy! Now I can finish the quilt and get it sent to her. Poor dear---she in in a dorm and says that the temperature… Continue

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First Blog Post

This is my first blog post, partly because I've been in Arizona for a month (Dec 14-Jan15) Hopefully I can be more faithful in writing and sending photos. I'm in the process of moving my sewing room from the guest bedroom to my late husband's den. I've had lots of papers etc to sort, but hopefully I will soon be settled. I have my granddaughter's high school graduation (last May) to finish before I do anything else. It's all done except for the binding but I've misplaced the remaining fabric so… Continue

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