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Found this in the Recesses of my Mom's closet

Friends:  As many of you know I have been caring for my mom for many years.  She moved in with us September, and passed in December.  I am in the process of packing up her condo and distributing items to my siblings.  This one I am holding onto.  Unfortunately there are no markings as to who made it or whenit was made.  I'm not even sur what this pattern is. …


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Boutis Quilting

It's been so long since I've posted, that I nearly forgot how to.

I've just ordered the Boutis book from Connecting threads, and started looking into what it really is.  What caught my eye was a ring bearer's pillow that I want to make for my daughter who is getting married in July.

Do any of our international friends know if this book is still in publication and how much it would cost?  I looked at Amazon here and it's $135 for a used one, and that doesn't guarantee that the…


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My first attempt at Thread Painting

This will be the top part of a quilt I'm making my daughter.  This should go right over the pillows when it's finished.  The theme of this quilt is the Serengeti.  She loves all of the animals, so I've embroidered those to go down the sides of a panel.  I wanted to add something special to the open area instead of just plain quilting.

This tree is also in the panel in the center so I just copied it and gave it a go.  I love how it turned out.…


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I'm a new grandma

On Thursday June 14 baby Joel had his birthday!

7lbs 2 oz. 19 inches of pure cuteness.  Of course you realize i might just be a little prejudice.

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While driving home during rush hour yesterday.......

The SUV in front of had tags from Washington State, with a licence plate cover that said "Watch Out Crazy Quilter On Board" .  To which my husband responded.  She much have a zig zag machine.  Coming from the man that had never seen a sewing machine until 2 years ago!

My immediate thought was,  I wonder if that's someone from the QWU site.  Just in case, I thought I'd post this.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone, and to all those mothers, step-mothers and grand…


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Thank you CT, this was a snap and I got it done in about 2 weeks


I needed a quick baby quilt.  So I went to CT and looked at their free downloads, because who doesn't like something free right, and I didn't have much time.  I needed this to be done and ready by Sept 10.  I was invited to this on  Oct 20 something, if that.


It was so much fun to make.  But since it was for a baby I didn't want any loose pieces for the baby to grab and eat, so i stitched down the pinwheels and embroidered lady bugs in the centers.…


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LQS in Ashville NC???

I'm headed to Ashville NC for a long weekend in October.  Does anyone know of a LQS where I could escape to while I'm there?

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Rest in Peace Sargent Shriver

I had the pleasure of working with Sarge at the law firm I worked at and he was the most kind and wonderful man you would have ever wanted to meet.

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Fall in Maryland

Despite my very busy schedule, I took yesterday afternoon off with my DH and SD and went on a hike at Gambrill State Park. It was a beautiful day, and as much as I would have loved to sit and sew on something, I just couldn't waste a beautiful day inside. There will be plenty of cold winter days ahead to sew.

Back to work, school, kids and everything else we moms and wives do this week, but that's ok,… Continue

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I miss everyone and everything soooooo much

School is good but two nights a week after work is no fun. At least the instructor is engaging. Four classes down, 8 more to go. Kids are crazy but doing good. Sewing room is a mess since we are cleaning the basement, so NO sewing for me, not that I have time anyway. Work has been nuts, just absolutely NUTS. No time to even look here.

Hope everyone is well, from what I saw briefly just now all looks wonderful. Sorry for any sad news I missed, but keep moving forward and look for the… Continue

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Love the New Staff Pictures

Love the pictures ladies. You all look lovely. I continue to enjoy this site and all that it offers. Thanks for keeping it going for all of us!

Added by Lori/MD on September 28, 2010 at 8:33am — No Comments

The Great Frederick Fair

Well I entered a few things into the fair this year. I've never done that before. I was both pleased and disappointed. I was pleased to get a 2nd place ribbon on my cross stitch, and a 3rd place ribbon on my quilt.

I was disappointed at how the fair people displayed, or rather didn't display the quilts and other hand made items. I would include pictures, but the quilts, and other items were simply folded and placed over rods. Even the Best of Show item was not hung up. The fair certainly… Continue

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It's this just adorable

I saw this "free" placemat quilt pattern, and just had to make it for the girls across the street who are 4 and 5. This is my daughter holding it.

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I didn't think I was gone that long

I came back from vacation a week before school started. What a busy week. Not a good idea, don't think I'll ever do that again. Getting back to work and getting the kids ready for school. Too much! so much has happend including a facelift on Connecting Threads, I almost couldn't find the QWU link.

Taking a deep breath now, and trying to catch up on some of the… Continue

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I'm back from vacation

Well I'm back. We had a wonderful trip to New Hampshire. And my daughter is in India until December. Please pray for her and Britney's safe travels and return home. They are backpacking.

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Going Away for a Few Days, My Cyber Friends

Well the PT Cruiser is packed, as BJ would say. Yes I really love my PT (Party Time) Cruiser. My daughter, her friend and myself are headed to New Hampshire to spend a week in a cabin near the Lakes. I'm very excited to be meeting one of my Cyber Friends while I'm there. We will be meeting at Keepsake Quilting.

Mom is well, my brother will be staying with her for the weekend and her friend will stay with her until Wednesday.

Whew! It was close but I'm going on… Continue

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"When I grow up I want to be an Old Woman!!"

This is what my 72 year old mother told the nurses at the hospital the other day. I thought to myself, what a positive thing to say when you don't really feel well. She's better now and coming home today, it was just a virus, but with all of her other complications they are always so careful to make sure nothing else is going on.

She called me at 3:30 and said "I've been sprung!, but don't rush to get me I've got until Midnight tonite and I'm not finished messing with the nurses." Oh… Continue

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Dragon Quilt

My sewing room is a disaster but this is finished, at least the top in time for my Step Daughter's 21st Birthday tomorrow. It's taken me all month do it but I'm

very pleased with it.

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Leaving for New Hampshire Next Week

Any ideas what to do in the Lakes Region?

Added by Lori/MD on July 26, 2010 at 2:16pm — 13 Comments

I made it to Hershey

I made it back for Quilt Oddessy, and was it worth the trip. It was a wonderful quilt exhibit, and mom enjoyed her first Quilt Expo trip. We had a so so lunch, but the Chocolate Martini made up for it for me.

Sunday I spent working on the "Dragon Quilt" the center is finished, and I'm working on borders now. With any luck at least the top will be finished for DSD Birthday. I can do the quilting after, but I'll have something to give her.

Have a great Week everyone!!!

Added by Lori/MD on July 26, 2010 at 7:42am — 2 Comments

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