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In the bleakness of winter, I look forward to spring

I have another pattern that has just been published in a magazine.

"May Baskets" is a tribute to many of my favorite spring flowers, and a memory of sharing them with friends and neighbors on the first day of May.

The pattern for the table runner has been published in the February 2019 issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine.…


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Another published pattern!

This is "Pie Squared", the third of three quilts I designed using pre-cuts that has recently been published.

The pattern can be found in the September, 2017 issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine.

For this throw-sized quilt I used a combination of machine quilting and big-stitch…


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I have published quilt pattern!

This is "Time Squared", a pattern I designed to use pre-cuts that has just  been published in the June issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine, http://www.quiltpatternmagazine.com/

The quilting was all done with my walking-foot, using either straight lines or wavy lines.

The pre-cuts I used for this were purchased…


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"On A Limb"

It has been awhile since I have posted a blog. I finished this table runner today, and wanted to share it.  This is my adaptation of "On a Limb" designed by Mary Warner-Stone (directions in the December 2016-March 2017 issues of "The Quilt Pattern Magazine" http://www.quiltpatternmagazine.com/ ). The original pattern…


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Quilt Basting

Basting a quilt, either with thread or with pins, has never really been high on my favorite quilting activities.  Lately it has even become more of effort.

I have never been able to baste a quilt on the floor.  Injuries to both my knees, resulting from a car accident when I was in my 20s, has kept me from kneeling for any length of time for any reason.

I used to go into the church fellowship hall, set up some of the 8-foot long tables, push them together, layer my quilt…


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If you cannot take the heat ...

It is over 90° outside, too hot to do much, better to stay inside where it is cooler with the ac on.

I decided to do some piecing. So what do I do, turn on the iron to iron fabric and press seams. Do you have any idea how much heat a steam iron can generate!

I know my quilting friends will understand this oxymoronic juxtaposition.

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The Serape Quilt

About a year ago I responded to a call for quilt patterns in recognition of Cinco De Mayo.  This is the throw I designed:

The pattern can be found in the April 2016 issue of The Quilt Pattern Magazine  http://www.quiltpatternmagazine.com/

I made this quilt using fabrics…


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Is it time to Quilt?

I had hoped to get some machine quilting time in the afternoon.

Guess not.

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The Joys of Changing Sewing Machines.

Packed up my Bernina 440QE sewing machine this morning to take it into the shop for a much needed repair, and set up my older Bernina 1031.  Was looking all over for the feet that I new I had for this machine, emptying drawers, etc. Found a lot of things I was wondering why I was keeping, including some dust bunnies... although from the size of them they might have been rabbits!   About the time I was…


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What happened to Winter?

December 23, 2015.

I go outside to fill the bird feeders.  I turn around, and this is what I see:

The Forsythia is in bloom.

As quilters know, yellow is a real eye catcher, so I could not miss these tiny…


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Piecing batting scraps.

I have been working diligently to use up a lot of the batting scraps I have accumulated over the years.  I just finished piecing one that used up seven pieces and I had to sew seven seams to get it to the size I needed, which was only 48" x 60".  I even used one piece of warm and white and one piece of Hobb's 80/20 with the rest of the warm and natural.  Wonder if I will notice a difference where the Hobbs bat is after it is quilted and washed. 

Even with all these pieces used, I…


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Why isn't white -- white?

I have been working on a number of different projects lately and have been using up the remainder of a bolt of white that I purchased a long time ago as my background or neutral.  When I decided to make another block for my The Quilt Pattern Magazine EQ Creativity Call sampler, I went to pull some of that white I have been using, only to discover I did not have…


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IKEA Ideas wanted

The new IKEA store opened in the KC area today.  For those of you who have IKEA furniture, etc. in your sewing area usage, what pieces would you recommend I look at for purchase when I get a chance?

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Modern Pennsylvania Dutch

I spent a good part of this afternoon getting some pictures taken of some of the projects I have finished this year.

This is a picture of one of my favorites.  I call it "Modern Pennsylvania Dutch" because of the color palette I chose. 

It is from a pattern called "Painted Hearts" designed by Cindy Mccoy and can be found in…


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What I Hate about quilting!

I believe I have found the one thing that I hate the most about quilt making: ironing yardage of fabric after it comes from the washer and dryer!

I am in the process of ironing 10 (ten) yards I recently purchased for a current project.  Even though I was able to cut it into three segments, that is still a lot of yardage to iron.

And yes, I have to wash it.  Terrible thing you know to be allergic to some of the chemicals used in your avocation.

Is there something you hate…


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Gray is the new neutral!

WOW! After looking at the same background for a number of years here at QWU, the new gray sure is different.

But I like it.  I am using more gray as a neutral in my quilting also.

Added by Cat Lady--MO on April 22, 2014 at 2:03pm — 10 Comments

Frantic, Thy name is ...

I am trying to work through a pile of UFOs that have been resting on my flannel board for ages.  A number of them are tops that I have pieced as I have been testing patterns for various designers.  So far this year I have removed and quilted thirteen items. Admittedly most of them have been table runners, table toppers or small wall hangings, but they are now finished!

Today I removed the top three pieces and laid them aside briefly…


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Batting frustrations (and I do not mean baseball)

I have been trying to use up scraps of batting lately as I have been quilting table runners and smaller projects.  Today I was going to baste a table runner that measures 40" x 22".  I have a piece a black batting that would be perfect, only it measures 44" x 21-3/4".  Not enough of a difference to piece some more onto it as I will often do.

Guess this one goes back into the pile and I will have search for some more appropriately sized piece(s).

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Adding the Label

Question for you all (or it really two questions?):

How and/or when do you add your label?

Sometimes I add the label after the quilt is all done.

Most of the time I add it after the top is quilted and then sew it on with the binding.

Today I have sewn it into the corner and will then finish quilting the border so that it will be quilted in.

How do you add your label and why do you do it that way?

Added by Cat Lady--MO on March 22, 2014 at 11:26am — 16 Comments

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

This is my wall hanging for today.  It came from numerous patterns.  The Leprechaun's pipe is based on one my DH smokes.   The pattern for the Leprechaun in the center of this quilt came from the book Holidays on Parade: 24 Wall Quilts to Celebrate Special Occasions, by Marie Shirer & Marla Stefanelli, Leman Publications, Inc., Golden, CO,…


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