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Hi 60's today here in Rustburg, VA! 20 degrees above normal.

It's cloudy this am but should get up into the 60's today, imagine that in February.

I've been so busy with the restaurant I haven't been sewing much lately, which is irritating but first things first. Working my normal job during the day and then again at night and on the weekends is wearing this old girl out!

My grandson, husband and I had a wonderful afternoon off on Friday! We made lunch together, then watched Madagascar together at least 3 times, got to watch his… Continue

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Date with Grandson on Friday

Mid Week - Hump Day Yippee!

January was a blur for me, we opened our new restaurant, so I worked at my regular job all day long then went to work at night at the restaurant! Man I'm too old for that! LOL

Needless to say, my quilting fell to the wayside in the last month! I'm beginning to stress because gardening time is on it's way which is my first love, so that means outside more, less quilting, working full time helping the husband get the restaurant… Continue

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Designed and Sewed my own Laptop Sleeve!

WOW What fun it was today making my own Laptop Sleeve. I just got a new 15" Wide Screen Lap top, my old case didn't fit, so I was online looking for a new one. Most of the new ones are called sleeves and were running $30 and up............. I can do this I literally said to myself, so off to the sewing room I went and lo and behold came up with my own one of a kind Laptop Sleeve!

Tada as my grandson would say...........lol

What fun it was and it actually matches the bag… Continue

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Tops Arrived Safely

I got a call today from the Long Arm Quilter. All of my tops arrived safely. WHEW. I knew they would I sent them via UPS.

It will be a month or so, as a lady from Alaska had just sent 5 tops in right before I did!

Now I'm at a loss, and have nothing to work on except that darned Buggy Barn Crazies which I don't want to work on. I also have hand quilting to do and charity quilts tops to quilt.....

hum, i think I'm the piecing type quilter....oh well, I've asked… Continue

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5 Tops to the Long Arm Quilter WHEW

Just returned from UPS.

I sent 5 tops to the Long Arm Quilter! Doing the happy dance, they're no longer MY WIP's, MY UFO's......

Ginny will work her magic and all will be well.

Back to reality though. I finished piecing my latest Creation called "Spring is Coming" top, now to put it together, then I'm going to hand quilt this one. I'm making myself do this........ARGH.

I also have to put together "Mothers and Daughters" and quilt that top for my… Continue

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How do you Decide on Fabric then piece, and then quilt a pattern? What's your M.O.?

Last night I was able to sew for about an hour, I actually got 3 rows of sashing attached to the Sitting Pretty quilt top.

I'm liking this quilt top as it's coming together! I got to thinking about how this quilt top came to be and decided well, maybe my way is somewhat Whacky!

I either buy a kit or purchase the pattern. IF I purchase the pattern, it sits, I look at it, think about it, then pick material out of my stash (if I have enough) let it sit for a week or so, and… Continue

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Sassy Saturday

Yippee Saturday is here, it's sunny, cold but it's beautiful outside here in Rustburg, VA!

I'm up early so I can get chores done and head to LQS and to Joann's! Gift Certificates to both Places, doing the happy dance!

I think after I finish sitting pretty I'm going to start a CW Nine Patch quilt. I saw one in the December/January 09 issue of Quilt and just fell in love with it. I've done several 9 patches but this one is just well comforting looking, I guess it's the muted… Continue

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Friday and Sitting Pretty


Anyway, around 9 pm the house was quiet, TV was all re-runs and I wasn't watching the football game, so to the sewing room I went. I started appliquing the diamonds down on the quilt top. I decided to do something funky and use my new varigated CT Threads that I had received earlier in the day. My colors are mostly fall colors in either orange hues or greens. SO I appliqued the oranges in you guessed in the orange varigated and started on the greens but didn't… Continue

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It's sunny here in Rustburg. We opened our restaurant last night. Well my son and husband did. I just showed up after I got off work. We are doing a soft opening. Family restaurant type of atmosphere.

Quilting is on the back burner right now. I've still got the Sitting Pretty pinned waiting to applique.

GREAT news my LQS called I have a gift certificate waiting for me.....WOOHOO. Hopefully, I can make it over there on Saturday to spend that bad boy and then some… Continue

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Whacky Wednesday (really it's Wet Wednesday)

We are getting hammered with rain here in Rustburg, Virginia - I now have a creek running through my back yard! My poor flower beds aren't fairing too well. Oh well Spring's a coming.

I cannot believe it's 2009, where does all the time go? I remember being a kid and it seemed to take FOREVER for time to move, now it just flies by, no zooms by constantly. I just have to learn to live faster I guess LOL.

I finished piecing my Sitting Pretty Top last night, had to re- pin it… Continue

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Tricky Tuesday

It's raining here in Lynchburg, VA today, supposed to get a mixture of rain, sleet, and snow but have gotten lucky, it's stayed north more towards Pennsylvania. It was in the 60's yesterday!

I worked on my new quilt last night from 9 pm until about 12:30! It's called Sitting Pretty. SO FAR, SO GOOD. It's mostly diamonds, again, being a newbie, it's a learning experience.

I just finished a quilt top called Mothers and Daughters, it's all done in pinks and browns I love the… Continue

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