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2019 Quilts so far

     I can hardly believe it's been2 years since I last blogged.  I'll have to try harder.  But you know how it is...life gets in the way.  So this year I made Izzy's Choice.  Designed by Jeana Kimball, this delightful quilt was just the ticket to get me through recovery from surgery.  I had prepped the entire quilt, which is just the way I work, and got busy as soon as I was healthy enough.  After all the applique was finished, I handquilted each block and border as separate units.  Then I…


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Two more finished for 2017.

It's been a busy year, mostly taken up with handquilting my Caswell reproduction.  The next in line was my Carrie's Garden, named for a special friend of mine. . This one, though done by hand with needleturn applique and English Paper Piecing, is to be used as a tablecloth so is machine quilted.  …


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Two more finished for 2017.

It's been a busy year, mostly taken up with handquilting my Caswell reproduction.  The next in line was my Carrie's Garden, named for a special friend of mine. . This one, though done by hand with needleturn applique and English Paper Piecing, is to be used as a tablecloth so is machine quilted.  …


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Sweet Journey

     Today marks the finish of my classic Baltimore, Sweet Journey.  Twelve years in the making and many other quilts in between.  Baltimores are intense.  They require skill, tenacity, and one becomes devoted to them.  My journey started with a trip to Houston Quilt Festival in 2003.  Elly Sienkiewicz was given the Silver Star award for her contribution to the quilting community and there were many Baltimore quilts on display much to my delight.  And above it all, the magnificent Samuel…


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Another UFO bites the dust!

Oh, boy.  Isn't it a great feeling to finally finish a project?  This weekend I finally finished my Wonky Stars quilt.  It was based on Bonnie Hunters Wonky Stars block (see her blog under freebees).  I used up a stack of hand dyed charms and a drawer of 1.5" strips.  Great to have it done.  Its cheery and oh, so soft!

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This past weekend was Quilt Show weekend here in Central Alberta.  It's one of Alberta's major quilt shows.  I am thrilled to report my quilt My Love For Thee took Best if Show, Handquilting,

Viewers Choice and the coveted Canadian Quilters Guild's rosette.  A photo of this quilt on My Page.

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And March comes in like a Lion

But thankfully, the lamb side of March has hit Central Alberta.  The sun is shining, the snow is melting and I'm putting the final stitches into a quilt I've been working on since February 4th.  At least, that's when I started handquilting it.  Watch for a photo in the near future.

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December in Central Alberta

Ah, yes.  This morning I woke up to this!  20131202_093228.jpg and this 20131202_093113.jpg So it's a beautiful day to finish the borders on my Carolina Christmas quilt.  The best thing about winter is having loads of quilting days.  

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Snow Days

Snow Days in Central Alberta.  Lots and lots and lots of snow.  But it is beautiful out there.  I'm down in my Studio quilting away happily whilst I do laundry.

On my needles:  a cowl for a Christmas gift

On my hoop:  Poor 'ole Sally Post, waiting for me to be able to see to handquilt again

At my machine:  Carolina Christmas by Bonnie Hunter.  One step a day is about all I can handle at this point.  End date...November 30th.  I'm machine quilting this quilt in…


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Autumn in Central Alberta

At my sewing machine:  O Tannenbaum

On my quilt hoop:  Sally Post

On my needles:  some lovely Knit Picks worsted for a sweater for DH

UFO down:  Crabapples by Bonnie Hunter

As the autumn days pass, we are delighted with each day that it's above zero Celsius and we can get out and enjoy some autumn weather.  All too soon the dreaded white stuff will appear on our lawn and we'll have to hunker down for the winter.  I've been busy taking Craftsy classes, watching…


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Remembering the Mill Girls

Well, Folks, another finish for me this year.  Both hand quilted.  Both hand appliqued.  I'm feeling soooo good.  My queue is shortening, and I've got my third quilt on the quilt frame and have started hand quilting.  I love hand quilting.  It's so contemplative and it gives me the greatest pleasure to see a beautifully quilted quilt finally finished.  This one will likely take me to winter, as it's a Queen sized bed quilt, but I'll enjoy the journey.  There will be breaks, with any luck,…


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My Love For Thee

My Love For Thee is named after a vintage inscription that's in Baltimore Elegance, by Elly Sienkiewicz.  It reads: 

"My Love for thee, like roses,

Blooms within my heart

And like their lovely fragrance

Never will depart"

One will always wonder who it was that wrote this.  If you look in Baltimore Elegance, page 151, you will see the rest of the story.

This quilt was made from a photograph of a quilt that's in the Folk Art Museum in NYC.  I took the…


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The blocks are finished!

Yea!  I've finally finished all the blocks for Baltimore Garden.  Now I'll take a bit of a break, work on some little basket blocks that I'm making for a bed quilt, then I'll go back to Baltimore Garden, perhaps in the Spring.  Right now, my hands need a bit of a rest and I really need to get to some hand quilting.  Enjoy!

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Snow hits Central Alberta

Yikes!  Lots of snow, too.  Guess I'd better settle down and start hand quilting my Bird of Paradise quilt.  This summer has been very busy as far as my quilting life goes.  Lots of blocks stitched out, some of which I've added to my Photos, so please, enjoy them.  Still one block left to finish and two to photograph which I hope to get done by the end of the weekend.  

I've also been working on Sue Garman's "Sarah's Revival", and have all of the blocks and borders done.  Just have to…


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Back again

Ohmigosh..it's been a year since I last wrote.  Can't believe it, but it's true.  Guess I've been so wrapped up in quilting that I've not been online a lot.  So what have I been so busy working on?  Well, I've been handquilting a quilt called...well, your guess is as good as mine <G>  It's my adaptation of the Bird of Paradise quilt, which can be found at the New York Museum of Folk Art.  I used the blocks, then put my own twist on it with broderie perse.  I'll be finishing the…


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It's getting chilly up here

Although we had a week of summer heat this year, we're now cleaning up our gardens in preparation for .... shiver....winter.  There were no leaves on our lawn Saturday but today, thanks to a very cold wind yesterday, the lawn needs raking.  The sweet peas have just given up.  The gladiolas are in their glory and the chrysanthemums are all in full bloom.   Time to think about quilting again. 

I've been stitching away on my Lollipop Trees by Kim McLean…


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I'm back...finally

Hi Everyone:


Oh my....I really have to apologize for jumping in last year, then fading away into the hinterlands.  I've had a very busy winter this year.  I decided when I got home from LaConner that this next winter (2011) was one where I really had to settle down and get some quilts into quilt tops, or quilts.  And so I did.  Lots and lots of sewing done since then.  I'm put together one of Lori Smith's folk art designs which I'm handquilting right now, the Sally Post…


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Report on QuiltFest in La Conner WA

Oh, boy. I'm in heaven. Soft weather, blue skies. Lovely people and magnificent quilts. We arrived in La Conner on Friday and did a bit of sight seeing. What a beautiful part of the world this is. Victorian houses and shops against the backdrop of Skagit Bay. Ummmummmm. Went to Quilt Fest on Saturday and spent a lot of the day just looking at the quilts and drooling <G>. Quilt Fest's quilt show was mainly a show of The Applique Society's quilts so many of them were applique work either by… Continue

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My 'other' life

And so since I last wrote, I've been designing a quilt, borders for another and getting ready for my classes next week with Elly Sienkiewicz. Oh, how I've waited for this bit of a break <G>. So I'll be away (again) for a couple of days whilst I get rejuvenated.

In the meantime, I've been rediscovering how much I love spinning and knitting. It all started with something stinky in our storage room (taken care of) and discovering some boxes filled with spinning fibre. Then I…


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My new projects

Hi Everyone:

Well, I've finally caught my breath after Quilt Canada and have been back to my applique & piecing. I have posted a quilt top, which will be a gift to my DS & BIL for their 50th anniversary this year as well as a little QAYG project that I whipped up one week in late June. I hope you enjoy looking at these two quilts.


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