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 It is such along time since i was on this site, life has been a bit wild ! upsetting! not sure how to say. I am now on oxygen 24 hours aday so dont get to do much or have trouble to breath. I very seldom leave the house.Have an oxygen cylindar that goes in a trolly to go out but its so hard to push i seem to just go to Dr and get my hair cut. Dont have transport so have to depend on others and i hate asking.  A daughter goes for my shopping very 2 weeks and we get one meal aweek that we buy…


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Been watching on TV here in far off New Zealand what has happened with the storm, it is just dreadful.So many with lost homes and the damage, i really feel for all.  Some years ago my home was flooded so sort of know how these people feel. You know water and power are our friends but they can also bring so much heart break.

Have enjoyed looking at some of the wonderful handwork so many of you are doing.

Keep warm, hugs Pat

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for all of you in the USA where the storm is and have friends there, just want you to know i am thinking of you. Also those in Canada who have also been hit.   Keep warm and know we are all thinking of you.

      from Pat in New Zealand

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Happy Christmas

The town where i live is not really feeling like Christmas on the 19th of Nov a coal mine near by had a dreadful explosion and 29 local men were killed . You cant get into the mine as there have been more explosions and fire. It is a small town and people seem to not say anything to people on the street as not sure who is connected.11 thousand people turned up to a memorial service some coming by car and train from the city.

But i have decided Christmas MUST continue my husband used…


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How do i write letter to question asked? Pat in NZ

How do i write letter to question asked? Pat in NZ Continue

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