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One Wedding Quilt Done

Last night I finished this quilt for niece and her new husband.  It looks a little strange since it is a king size on a full size bed but I love the way it came out.  It is quilted with perle cotton.…


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First Wedding Down One To Go

My older son got married Friday and younger son will be getting married in APril

This was my favorite picture from the ones I took.

Here is my husband and I walking our son down the aisle.

This picture has the…


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Dear Jane

Here are the rest of the Dear Jane for Row A

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Any one know the name of this quilt

My niece has picked out this quilt for a wedding present.  I was wondering if anyone knew the name

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B2 C2

Here is the picture of my next two blocks.  It is B2 and C2 The one on the left is over sized and the one on the right has been paper pieced.  The applique needs to machine stitched down.  I now have the upper left hand corner 9 patch done.  I just have to decide on a sashing color.…


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A3 and A4

I just finished A3 and A4.  A3 needs to have the pieces sewn down.  I have one more square to do so that part of the top left hand corner is done.

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Next 2 Dear Janes

I haven't posted in a while and I think I should start in this new year.

I have been working on my Dear Jane since Feb of 2015.  I should be at 130 blocks by now but I only have about 50.  I started reworking on them this week.  So far this week I have done A1 and A13.  A13 is an alternate block since I didn't thing that I could do the original. 

I have to start squaring up my blocks so that I can start on the sashing.  I am thinking about a gold or a brown with the…


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Nov 17, 2012

Good Saturday morning everyone.

I am working on a new show. We are doing

Nuncracker at the local high school. We went out last night to get material for

the costumes. We have to make at least 5 tutus. I haven't seen the show but

think Nunsense with the Nutcracker.

I have a lot to do for Thanksgiving this up coming week.

I am cooking at my house and bringing the food to my

inlaws house. It will be a small group this year. One of my sil is in the…


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Made it through Sandy

I just wanted to stop by and say hi to everyone.

I just got power back yesterday afternoon.  My house lost a cable and power line when a LARGE tree branch came down and landed lightly on my car (no damage).  Another LARGE branch from the same tree took out two sections of our fence.    We had a little damage to the side of the roof but nothing else too big.  The house is finally warm.  It was tough to be without power for 8 days when the entire neighborhood had it back after 2…


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October 14th, 2012

Making progress on Sean's quilt.  I am almost halfway with the handquilting. 


I put the squares together for Krissy's quilt.  Just need to put the border on. I don't know if it will be one or two.  I know the first one will be the dark green.  I don't know if I want an almost black outer one or b usy black/white/grey but I think that will be too busy.


I also cut some 2 1/2 squares for the fabric frenzy quilts I am planning.

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October 4th Good News

My dh was able to change a dial and the drier is working.  At least some good news.

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October 3, 2012 Intimidation

It has been a tough start to the year but this week it has gotten worse.  I was told for the 3rd year in a row that I am so intimidating that my students can't come in for extra help.  Maybe it is time to get out.


I have been so upset that I haven't worked on anything since the weekend.  I am going to try tonight but my drier broke and I think I have to go do laundry at the laudromat (haven't been there in years).


It could be worse. 

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Sept 30th Pillowcase Day yesterday

I had a great day yesterday.  I spent the day making pillowcases for kids with cancer.   We made 70 while we were at the quilt shop and there were 108 made and dropped off ahead of time.  It was fun since we started with what they had and while we were working they started cutting Christmas fabric so we switched to Christmas fabrics and spent the rest  of the day working on Christmas cases.  We had a wonderful sweatshop running during the morning.  A couple of people were pinning, three of…


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Sept 29th

I had Wed off for the Jewish Holyday.  I spent the morning making a couple of table runners.  I made one for someone at school who is leaving and moving to Arizona.  It was lighthouses on one side and a beach type of fabric on the other.  I made a Halloween one for Dennis.  HIs birthday present came on Tuesday.  The Jim Shore hitchhiking ghosts look great on the table runner.


I spent a couple of hours on Thursday night hand quilting Sean's twin size…


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Sept 28th, 2012

I had set a goal of making quilts for all my neices and nephews on one side of the family.  Then adding in the boys and their gf's and Dennis I amup to 12 quilts.  I really want to do this but I really have to get moving. I think this is the place to chronicle the journey.


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