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Hi all:

Do I have to back tack HST's? DH bought me a new temp sewing machine cause mine is still in storage in another state. He bought me a Brother SE400 sewing embroidery machine. Anywho when I sew its wonderful but if I back tack it pulls out a whole bunch of threads from underside when I try to cut it off.  I have threaded and rethreaded, put in a new bobbin everything I can think of. So then I thought do I really need to do this in the first place? 

Hope your having a…


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A 2nd thought

I forgot to tell you our Christmas new's, we are being Blessed with Grandchild #10 this August! We are so excited and can't wait to see this new little face. Baby L will turn two this March and can you imagine this little tornado in my house?  Nothing is sacred Nothing I tell you. LOL  She has no respect for a person's stash, the messier the better. But I adore this little thing. 

Hope you are all well and enjoy the New Year.




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Happy New Years

Hello and Happy New Years to all.  I hope that 2012 will bring us everything we need, embrace us with things we desire and help us to remember who and what we stand for.


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Wonderful Weekend

Hi Guys:

This was such a cool weekend.  I looked on Craigs List and found someone selling their fabric LQS quality for under $3 each.  Well  my first thought was right, but of course I had to go and see.  Well I got the bestest stuff, FQ's for like $1.50, Yards for $3, books were $2, needles .50, I got a huge butt bag for $75.  I mean it was heavy, HEHEHEHEHE. She used to work at a Quilt store that went out of business and she moved here to Colorado, and just needed to get rid of some…


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He's home!!!



I cannot believe that I have been away for so long.  Between taking care of myself after and accident and being worried about my boys out in this world of the Army time just flies.  Baby L will be 1 this week, yes one year has gone by!  She's crawling, and pulling up onto things and saying Mama.  She laughs so sweetly you can't help but smile with her.


Well here's a pic of my son with our Grandson at the homecoming last night.  We are so grateful for the…


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Merry to All!!!

Sitting here passing thru old memories, appreciating what we have and loving what's to come.  This year we have had some horrible downs and some really wonderful up's all learning lessons in life.  I am grateful for friends that care, those that remind me to keep my head above water, and those that check in just to check in.  Family thats sometimes a tuff one.  LOL  But really I am grateful for them too.  May your Christmas wishes come true and that Santa was good to each one of…


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Hello All

I have been lurking here and there busy with life, and denying other things. Anyways tonight I have had to say goodbye to our son, he's on his way to Afganistan with the US Army. I know he will be ok, I have to know it, does that make any sense? Please remember him and his little family in your prayers. I was sent a Youtube song Camaflouge Christmas I don't think I have ever cried so hard. May tonight our service men and women be at peace and safely return to their loved ones. May tomorrow…


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Just got the news that our son is headed for Iraq, he got his marching orders today and will leave within 6 weeks. They said it could be sooner depending on how quickly they process him through. I hope that they are really slow, loose his records, that locust invest their offices and and and........... lol.

Really I am part of several clubs that I never wanted to join, divorce club, lost a child club, and now this.

Hope everyone is having a great…


Added by Vicki0389 on September 22, 2010 at 6:54pm — 9 Comments

Here to Beg

Hello All:

Does anyone have a Joann's coupon to share? I have been all over the net and can't find one. I haven't been there for awhile, so I haven't gotten one in the mail.

Thanks for the help,


Added by Vicki0389 on September 20, 2010 at 8:18pm — 9 Comments

Never Forget

Well as most of you know we were gone for a little trip and haven't been back too long. I kept hearing water somewhere but no one else heard it (or at least said they didn't so they wouldn't have to fix whatever it was LOL) so I just kept searching. Well today we all found it. The hot water heater is a goner. What prob was a light drip is now a flood. So called the landlord and they had alot going on and didn't think they could come replace it till next week sometime. So I packed up the…


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Servicemen Stars?

I just heard about a star window quilt that families hang while their servicemen are inlisted, and it changes to a gold star if the person passes during service. I would love to make this for our D-I-L's, and may the blessings be with them/us that we never have to change the star's color.

Does anyone have a pattern they can share or any idea's of how to create one?



Added by Vicki0389 on July 25, 2010 at 10:21am — 4 Comments

Home Sweet Home (Again)

I am soooooo excited to be home, in my own bed laying next to my DH. Yes he was with me, but we had King side beds in every hotel, and we have a Queen so I feel like I have him by my side again. LOL Our son is in Texas already and our DIL and GS are in UT. We took the LLOOOOONNNGGGGG way home, from MO we went to the Mississippi that was real cool. Then to Navoo IL and ran all over that little town, and then my DH let out a scream and pulled over. Ok like a little kid screams at Christmas I…


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We are here

Hi all:

We made it! DH drove from 5 pm last night till 10 this morning to get us to Ft. Lenardwood, MO. We stopped for dinner and gas, ok he let me go potty too : ) LOL. We ran into some really bad storms, raining sideways! And the lightening that would light up the praire, it was pretty cool even if I did say I hated it all the way. So we are sitting in our hotel waiting for the airplane to arrive so we can go steal the baby and run run away fast. Tomorrow we get to see our…


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Well off we go

Well we have had so much happening, that I haven't checked in here on you all. I hope all is well and those that can are staying cool. We didn't get the house, or at least I don't think we did. ? . ? The seller just stopped communicating, not even to his own realtor. They don't know if he's out of town or just decided not to sell. Yet the sale sign is still in the front yard. LOL Oh well at least we didn't get to the point of putting money down, or finding out that he didn't have the right…


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New House Saga

Well we heard from our realtor today. Turns out the owner's Sister's husband died within the last two weeks in Mexico. So he let her and the children move in since they have no where to go. Not sure how she got here from Mexico, but his realtor told him that with us taking the house he could set her up somewhere else with the proceeds from the sell. And no one has even bitten at this property, and its been on the market for awhile. He told him that he would have to talk to the family and get…


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Ok I can't wait.........

SOOOOOOOOOO I am no good at keeping secrets. I have been sitting on this and sitting and sitting, and I can't wait another min. So here goes. We have bid on a house. Staying here in Denver I guess this is our new Home. We were just "playing" with our relator when she took us to this house and I wanted to cry what do you think I am, and then is this really all we can afford????? LOL The only way to the garage is thru an easement alley. So she took us around front and I was even hating it…


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What a weekend :)

We had a great weekend around here. We went up to Blackhawk for fireworks, its up in the mountians and had a wonderful show. The echo's in the canyon was really wierd. We got a phone call right after the show, that our little CJ had fallen off the bathroom sink (mom was cleaning him up from dinner and turned for a towel and a split second later.......) to the tile floor right on his noggen. He cried, and then starting throwing up. They ran him to the ER and after a CAT scan they said…


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I have been MIA lately, I had my apendix out and they found a hernia so why not? The recovery was a little more than I had planned on that's for sure. But everyone has been great to me, and keep saying just lay down Mom, we'll do it. Baby L (my new nickname for Leticia) has a upper resp infection, but shes doing pretty good considering. She has started to smile more often now. Its so sweet to see her try and smile when you know she doesn't feel very good. We just got informed we need to be…


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Does anyone have a Joanne's coupon for this weekend they can share?

Thanks all


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Feeling kinda stupid :)

Ok you know the week that I have had already, so this might not come as a surprise then. Today was to be my last day off and I wanted to play with my Cricut. I had heard it would cut fabric so I wanted to play around some and see what I came up with. So I took down my gypsy ( a cricut add on) and my laptop to my craft room. I pulled out the gypsy to find it won't turn on, ok maybe I left it on and the battery is dead, plug in cord, plug in gypsy nothing. Get fustrated, call Provo Craft,…


Added by Vicki0389 on May 19, 2010 at 9:59pm — 9 Comments

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