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Here I am....

Here I am  now that Issacc has moved on out and left the area.  We had a hurricane on top of all the other things that have been going on here.  I think I would have liked to go on a vacation and come back to find everything done and over with.  We had minimal damage although we did have to go without electricity for awhile, it is back on now.  My brother on the next street over is still without power but he does have a generator ( Thank you Lord). 

We have been in the repair/remodel…


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Prayers for my BIL and family.......

Prayers for my BIL and family are needed again  and to continue from just a few days back.  He is back in the hospital and his kidneys are failing again and he is holding nearly 50 pounds of fluid.  He is still unable to have the test that the one Dr. wants because of his condition and  then the other Dr. wants to put him on Dialysis and he refuses.   I am not sure what they will finally be able to do or if anything.  He is back in hospital and in ICU.

Thanks for the prayers.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year…

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Just wanted to say a Happy Birthday to all that didn't show up on our birthday list.  I also wanted to say Happy Birthday to Yolanda and to tell her that I miss her.

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I need help!

I am having trouble finding the measurements for the square's size to be able to make a Disappearing Nine Patch square that will measure 12 and 1/2" (12" finished).  If you have EQ or you are a great mathmetician, no I didn't say magician,  I would appreciate any help you will share. I made the first ones using 4 and 1/2" squares and that came out too small and so I used 5" squares and they are too large.  What size square is a girl to use??????

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We are back Again.....

Well we are home again....jiggety jig....  Well DH's Dr. decided we could come home yesterday and here we are.  He   had a tiny mini stroke, which they told me is a side effect of the surgery he had on the 10th.  Something that is probably caused due to the tubes being passed thru the groins to the heart.  It is like shattered debris.

Well we are home and he will have physical therapy at home.  I thank each and everyone of you for your continued prayers. They mean so much to me and to…


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Thanks doesn't ever sound like enough...

Hi all, we are home now and DH is really doing great. His heart valve replacement was a great success although there is still a minimal amount of leakage with the new valve.  The head Dr. didn't seem to think that it was anything to be upset about.  He was thrilled with the success and they will be keeping an eye on him for more ways to make him healthier.  We will be making a lot of trips back and forth to New Orleans( just over a 2 hour drive) in the future and we will also remain under…


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Just an update....

This is the top I did for the "Planet Patchwork Superbowl Sunday" Mystery quilt. It is so bright and pretty that I couldn't wait for the quilting to show you all.  I ran short on my black background due to a mistake in the directions but I squeezed it and pinched it aand stretched it and I made it.  I am going to try to find another piece of a black mottled for the…


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Planet Patchworks New Years' Day Mystery....

I just finished putting the borders on my "Diminuitive Vessels"  top that is going to go on my kitchen table when finished. I need to put some more size on it since it measures at 35" square and my table is 72" square.  I thought that I should add some setting triangles to make it larger but am not sure what size to cut them.  I don't have the program to design quilts but I am… Continue

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I think that the most of it is over.....

 that is for the first of the family parties.  We had DH's family all over here for his family Christmas this weekend.  I probably got a total of 3 -4 hours of sleep for this whole weeken and now I can hardly wait for bedtime tonight so I can go back to bed.  The last of the out-of-town/state guests have gone as of noon today. I went to take a long hot soak in my Jacuzzi tub and see if it would melt away my tiredness and it helped. 

 I have not had a chance to turn on my computer…


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We're Home!!!

Well I thought I would give everyone an update . We got back home at approximately 9 p.m. tonight. My DH made it thru many tests and he had a heart catherization and while they were in the o.r. they found another blockage and put a stent in there( on the front of the heart) and he woke up to tell me his feet were NOT cold any more. I was so happy since I have melted while he had cold feet that he needed to get and keep warm.LOLOL The Dr.s will compile all the results of his tests and let us…


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Happy Birthday!!

For all who are having a birthday this week, I want to wish you each and everyone a very blessed day. I will be at the hospital with my DH for some tests and will not be able to post daily birthday greetings. I hate missing out on learning more about each one that has a birthday but there is no help for this.

Happy Birthday to you and I hope that you enjoy your special day.!!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to all those who are having a special day today. Have a great day to you all that are celebrating...........

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That is Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends! I wish you all the happiest of the holiday.

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Happy Birthday to all of the folks celebrating.....

Happy Birthday to all of the folks that are celebrating their birthdays today. Due to my going out of town for a day or two at most, I wanted to wish all of our folks that are going to have a birthday on Thursday a "Happy Birthday" also~that is just in case I don't get back home in time to say it Wednesday or Thursday.

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It is not quilted yet,..........

It is going to go on my bed this year for Christmas. It is the "Turning Twenty" pattern and 21 FQs that I had bought and had in my stash for over 2 years. I have always wanted a "Christmas"…


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I want to wish each of you that has a birthday on Wednesday July 28th a Happy Birthday. Since ning will only post 20 names now all those after Lore..... are not listed. So if you fall into that catergory I will repeat myself,


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Happy Birthday

I want to wish everyone from Kathryn to Z...........Xz a Happy Birthday since ning won't put but 20 names on our list of birthdays.........HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!

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RE: Birthdays!

Thank you all for the comments and I allowed my DH to take me to the door of my sewing/quilting room and leave me there. He has made me coffee and saw to it that I stopped to eat. The sun is shining and it is a much brighter day. Thanks!!!!

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