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Well, I too had a senior's moment. I was in great dialogue with Elaine, (if I remembered her name) about 30's fabrics. Somehow I deleted something and now can't find her. We both shared a love for 30's fabrics. She put it so well by saying it is happy fabric.

If you are out there contact Doreen in Niagara Falls, duh!!!

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Comment by Doreen Lamb on February 12, 2009 at 6:50am
Good morning Anne
How are the winds where you live. They are very strong today but I was lucky that my section of Niagara Falls didn't have a power outage. Our trip to Berlin, Ohio isn't until the end of April, we are all looking forward to it and keep saying to each other, "think Ohio". This year we are going a day earlier in order to find more shops. Because it is a Mennonite area everything closes up tighter than a drum even the gas stations. We didn't realize that last year, but are prepared this year. I'm hoping to get some sewing done today!! For some reason I love the 30's fabric as well. the lady I was speaking with described them as happy fabric.
Comment by Anne S/ Ont. on February 11, 2009 at 10:13am
Well it was not me that you were talking to but I too love 30's fabrics. Were you on your trip to Holmes Cty OHIO yet? I stocked up on fabric when I was there the last 2 times. Do you know where all the shops are? I know of about 7 ....ask if you need to know!

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