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Hi all, 

Thought I'd pop in with an update from the Nile Valley.

A. This week my brother delivered a 'new to me' vehicle to replace our other vehicles that have a lot of years and enough miles on them. I now have a 2012 Ford Escape that is in very very good condition and should last me a long time! I'm very excited. Favorite feature? Why the heated seats, of course!  Winter is coming and no more cold tush! LOLOL

B. I had my birthday a couple of weeks ago and it was wonderful! My BFF came over from the Seattle area to help me celebrate. By the way, I LOVE birthdays!!!!!! DH arranged to have a chocolate cake delivered to me.... one of those huge, delicious and very chocolaty ones from Costco. YUM.

C. Tonight DH takes the last of his chemo pills and tomorrow is his last radiation treatment. We are certainly celebrating that! We are starting to taper him off the steroids. They have not been very friendly to him and we hope the challenges they brought on will go away once all the steroid is out of his system.  He will not be doing any more chemo so we are going to enjoy each day God gives us.

  At the end of the month we'll be heading to the Oregon Coast for a few nights respite. Our sons will come for the last two nights and hopefully our daughter can join us as well.

I did get a new bag made a few weeks ago. I'm having to carry a lot of stuff for DH and I and needed something a bit larger. It felt so good to be back at the sewing machine!

Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes. Your support means a lot to us!!!!

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Comment by Peggy Stuart on October 21, 2018 at 8:20pm

BJ, I'll think of you nearby to us. We're not on the coast, but a lot closer than we were.

I pray that you and your DH will have a long time (as long as you need) to be together. Here. (I know we will be with those we love later on. I've had positive proof. Hang in there!)

Love the bag. Classy batiks, it looks like.

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