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While I've been around on this site, reading, participating in groups, it's been quite a while since I've actually added to my blog...
As I hoped, with summer came a little more time to quilt (but I do mean a little). I have managed to finish one block for a swap and almost finish a 2nd one. I've also visited multiple quilt shops (some multiple times) with my mom and my sister to find fabric for my sister's wedding quilt. It's going to be quite the project. I'm glad my mom's taking it on and not me. In addition, my mom and I started to teach our Girl Scout troop to do a running stitch. I found some fabric with evenly spaced stripes of bright color, with skinny black lines between. I sewed two pieces together at the top and then all they need to do is sew on the lines to practice. They've also all picked out the fabric for their blocks. At the end of August, we're going for an overnight (we're calling it troop bonding) and we'll finish their cage comforters (on machine) and start their blocks (by hand).
My summer band program has been huge this year. Normally I wind up working the equivalent of 3 days each week, teaching lessons and running a band rehearsal for about a dozen students. This year I taught 4 full days and had a 20 member band. The concert was on Wednesday and went really well! Today is the last day of lessons. I can't believe summer's almost over. I get a week on vacation and one more week to finish getting ready for school to begin, then inservices start.
Hope everyone's summer is going well!

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Comment by Trudy/WI on August 7, 2009 at 7:17am
I love the idea of the striped fabric to practice a running stitch! That is a really good idea. Sounds like you've had a very busy, but fun and productive, summer!

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