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Book Proof Arrived and other news

Well I can certainly say that I have been busy since the 4th of July. On the 4th, I started painting our house on the outside while hubby started painting the pole barn. I have about 1/4 to 1/2 of the outside painted with the first coat and am now waiting on Mother Nature to quit sending rain so I can finish. On Tuesday, July 5th, left home to head for Two Harbors, Minnesota to view the Split Rock Lighthouse and get pictures for the Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival in October. Ended up staying overnight in Bad River, Wisconsin at a very nice lodge/casino and we were "paid" for staying there, if you know what I mean. Then traveled on toward the lighthouse and Minnesota. Construction in spots made for really slow going. Found Split Rock Road and were about 3 miles down the road when I made the comment that with all the cornfields and such we were passing, where was the water for the lighthouse! Recalibrated the GPS system and somehow during the programing instead of Split Rock Lighthouse Road being programed it was just Split Rock Road; totally different and about 44 miles the wrong way! LOL.

Turned around and 1 1/2 hours later arrived in Two Harbors where I turned at a sign that said "Lighthouse to right" and turned there. My dear hubby said nope, wrong lighthouse the one we wanted was 18 miles further along. But I wanted to stretch my legs and here was another photo op for the Lighthouse Festival. It was a very good thing we did stop as we were informed that the Split Rock Lighthouse was closed due to lack of government funding as the State of Minnesota Government was shut down! Between the time I had called on July 1 and the time of our arrival, they closed. Any way, got some dynamite pictures and found out that the Two Harbors Lighouse is also a B&B that is opened year round. We're considering going there sometime in the spring or fall of next year for a day or two.

After about 2 hours there, we proceeded to start our return trip and thought we'd stay at the same lodge on the way back. Wrong! They were booked for a convention and couldn't release any rooms not claimed until 6 pm. So we decided to have dinner and play a little in the casino. Went back at 6:15 and were told they couldn't release the rooms because things were crazy and didn't want to short anyone. Rather than take cash that was there no, they were going on hopes for bigger prize later. Had to continue toward Michigan with very few places in between. Hit Ishpeming, Michigan at around 10 p.m. and not able to drive anymore and lucked out with nice motel. Next morning went to a little place called "Da Yoopers Tourist Trap," which was an absolute hoot. They had such things as a 57 chevy with a snow plow attached, a two-holer outhouse with one hole ABOVE the other and nonsensical things like that. I'll put up some pictures later to explain. Had idiot driver going opposite direction trying to pass 3 cars and an RV in a no-passing zone and I almost had a head on and had no where to go as embankment into Lake Michigan on the righthand side. Got home at 7:30 pm on Thursday and started having truck problems. Took that in this morning and axel and ball joints have become non-existant. Someone was definitely watching over us on this trip. All money won at casino will go to pay for car.

Oh, almost forgot, received the book proofs in the mail while we were gone and I am well pleased! Have to give them the go ahead to release the book (hardback and paperback as ebook already available). Will scan a picture of the cover to show that.

Gotta run and do some painting and have wedding to photograph tomorrow so not going to do too much. Have this week to get house clean for MIL and SIL visit in 3 weeks and in 2 weeks its a road trip to Virginia to visit my dad.

TTYL! Phew am I tired!

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Comment by Terri D. on July 8, 2011 at 8:58pm

Although we did not get to see Split Rock, we did have a marvelous time at the Two Harbors Lighthouse and the breakwater. The weather was perfect and the people could not have been nicer. We plan on returning to stay at the lighthouse in the near future and will definitely put Gooseberry Falls on the list of things to see and do. Although we felt bad about what happened, we felt even worse for a family with 2 small children from Little Rock, Arkansas who had reservations since April 1st and found out about the closings the morning of the 6th when they arrived.

I'll keep fingers crossed and say a prayer that you and your family will get to go on your camping trip. It sounds like a beautiful area. If you're ever in the Alpena/Ossineke, MI area, let me know, would be glad to meet you. The first week of October we have the Great Lakes Lighthouse Festival in Alpena and it is a wonderful experience.  Would love to see you there.

Comment by Jamie Thiessen/MN on July 8, 2011 at 8:00pm
Terri - So sorry that you weren't able to enjoy Split Rock.  As a native Minnesotan, we've visited Split Rock half a dozen times at least.  It really is enjoyable and that whole area is beautiful.  Be sure to check out Gooseberry Falls also if you ever make it back.   We were in the UP a couple of summers ago, checking out the locks and then down to Mackinac Island.  Such beautiful things to see in the Upper Midwest.  This MN government shut down needs to end soon.  We have a reservation at Itasca State Park where the Mississippi River begins and are hoping to go with our grandchildren next weekend.  Unfortunately, we're trying to figure out a Plan B cuz it doesn't sound like anything is going to get accomplished soon - Dang Politicians!!

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