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I know in January, I said this would be the year dedicated to completing UFOs. I made some progress in the first half of the year, but have been sucked into the "gotta start something new" mindset again. In my defense:

  • Much of my recent activity is in preparation for a craft fair our guild is having in November. I've been making sweatshirt jackets, placemats, wall hangings, crocheted CD coasters, etc. Photos will be uploaded later when they are available.
  • I tested a quilt pattern for a designer. Cute pattern, easy for a beginner or to just do quickly for a last minute gift. See photo below.
  • My sister has been "encouraging" me to work on the quilt using the fabrics she brought to me from Provence, France. She wants to have all the French quilts available for her guild's quilt show in June next year. There might be five or six of them if I get mine done, too.
  • I've had several customer quilts for the longarm.
  • My daughter, 39, was in CCU for nearly two weeks. Several close calls (i.e., code blue called) which turned out to be a hypothyroid condition causing her heart rate to go dangerously low. She's out of the hospital and hopefully under control with medications.

I did get the 2009 TQS BOM quilt top finished, although it is still not finished. I need to drag out the original UFO list and see what else I might have accidentally finished. :-)

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Comment by Rosemary G, Mo on October 24, 2010 at 5:29am
I am so glad that your DD is doing better. I will continue prayers for her.

Thank you for the organization info on how to get started. I have had to put that off for a few weeks. Too many things going on at home. My Dh just had carpal tunnel surg and is doing great. We have camping coming up this weekend and then a trip to TN the following week. I will try to get a few things done when I get back. Take Care.
Comment by Kate in OK on September 24, 2010 at 9:10am
Glad your daughter is fine and doing well. That will most certainly destract anyone from their goals. At work we do something called a midyear review where we look at progress on our individual goals versus what needs to be done because sometimes the business needs change and thus the goals need to change with that. Sounds to me like you had a whole new set of priorities pop up in the middle of things which necessitated a change in your goals. See now you don't need to "defend" yourself, you just need to do a midyear adjustment to your goals!

Have a great weekend. Good luck on all your projects.
Comment by Lynne on September 24, 2010 at 6:45am
Donna, glad to know your DD is doing better. Sorry you weren't able to complete the UFO goal you had set,,, but it happens to all of us. Last year, I made a goal to complete my UFO's but I also wanted to do something new. So I settled on doing a BOM, which came out monthly,,, that satisfied my new project, and I was able to complete 13 quilts last year!! Felt great, tried to set the same goal this year,,, guess once was good enough. I have completed at least 2 into tops, but not quilted yet. Still have time. Good luck and enjoy
Comment by Pam/NY on September 24, 2010 at 5:27am
Sounds like you have been very busy...I'm sure the fabric from France is fabulous!
Comment by B J Elder/WA on September 24, 2010 at 4:48am
A busy year, in many ways, for you and great progress. Glad your DD is doing better, that had to be scary.

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