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Happy Birthday to all October Birthday Folks

It has been a while since I have posted any comments. Time flies. Today would have been my dad's 90th birthday - he had always wanted to live until 100, but his Parkinson's disease, broken hip and pnuemonia got the best of him last year. I have had him on my mind today as I prepared for a garage sale tomorrow morning. I still miss him and sometimes still remember him when he was humming a tune, plucking on his guitar or out in the back yard enjoying the sun.

I found some of dad's old clothes that we still had, which I will sell along with a myriad of other items. It feels good to collect all the items that continue to stack up in our lives and never get used. I am selling children's books, novels, children's videos and some old music albums. The proceeds from these items will be donated to the American Cancer Relay For Life event we have in May. Also have many other odds and ends to sell. What does not sell will go to the Salvation Army or AmVets, who collect clothing and furniture as well.

This week I made great strides in getting some of my UFO's quilted. I took two quilt tops to a member of the Quilter's Guild who has a long arm machine. I am looking forward to seeing them finished. The Quilt Guild in my community has several quilters with machines and I hope to engage all of them to help me get my large quilts finished. In the mean time I am starting on some new projects!!!


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Comment by Linda Richards/N. Ontario on October 10, 2009 at 4:23am
Well Kathleen can sure sympathize with you and funny how our Dads had things in common. Dad was always singing, whistling or humming a tune. He played the guitar every day. He would sing and play the guitar for hours until he got really sick in the end and then didn't have the strength to hold the guitar any longer. We lost Dad to cancer in Feb. 2007 and we still really miss him. Mom finds it very lonely without him. She comes and spends from Jan. - May with me in Ontario. I love having her and she loves being here. Well hope you have a great Columbus Day and all the best in your yardsale. Hope you get rid of lots.
Comment by Christine DeNezzo on October 9, 2009 at 11:04pm
Oct 9th would also have been my Dad's b'day, he too would have been 90. My dad died in 1995 and my mom in 1998. They would have been married 54 yrs. I have 3 bro's after me and I'm always delegated to take care of things, fix things, sort things, work things out, etc. I have a 1/4 of a 2 1/2 car garage with some of my parents things that after selling their house in 2000, I'm still sorting, blah, blah, blah! They lived out of state and after I married, I didn't live in that house for over 46 yrs. Somethings I never recognized, somethings brought poignant memories back. I was the only one to have had children (3). Two of my brothers never married and one bro, my SIL couldn't have children. I'm so tired of thinking that I still have stuff to go through. However, we have found things tucked or hidden that were important and if we didn't LOOK we would have lost it forever. I kept a few items of clothing from both my parents with the desire to make 4 lap quilts for each of us. House dress, aprons, several dresses of my mom's. Shirts, work shirts, hunting shirts, ties, etc. of my dad's. Wonderful ideas, little time. Good intentions meant.
My husband & I don't smoke. However, both my parents did. Sometimes I catch the scent of a cigarette and even though I don't care for the odor, I know one of my parents (or both) are nearby. Silly isn't it. I'm a g'ma to 7 and a gg'ma to 3 and I never have a day that I don't think about one or both of my parents. A life time of memories.
Keep quilting! Have a good weekend.

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