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Just wondering where everyone's been. Anyone had fun quilting this weekend? Not me. Did have my hair cut and colored. Love it. Lol. Ready to take on the world this week and finally finish DGD baby quilt.

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Comment by Carol Ann Hinton on March 10, 2014 at 11:12am

By all means, persuade your sister to go to the quilt show with you!  I find quilt shows very inspiring, and I have a lot of friends who don't actually quilt, who like to go.  I finished a guild "color challenge" table runner this weekend, and I pretty pleased with it.  I'd post a photo, but it is a contest and my friends do look at this site!  I was dealt the Midnight Blue and Gray Crayola crayons from the bag, so that had to be the two dominant colors.  I got lucky!  I could have gotten a much worse combination!

Comment by leah anderson on March 10, 2014 at 7:11am

the weekend is usually the only time that I get to quilt so I took full advantage of the rainy weather and quilted all weekend what fun!

Comment by Roxann on March 10, 2014 at 5:03am

I got to quilt this weekend!  It was our monthly sew at the church!  Love those ladies!  I didn't get much accomplished but then I never do from talking.  I am excited to say that my sister who my mom and I have been trying to get to sew is FINALLY taking a crack at it!  She is starting off with a rag quilt.  We were teaching her to cut and press and she did get one block together!  Yeah her!  Super proud and hope she sticks with it!  She did mention now that they have a spare bedroom making it into a sewing room!  I'm all for it!  I keep trying to get her to goto the Chicago quilt show with us.  I WILL wear her down! :)  Enjoy your week and I hope you get to finish the baby quilt! :)

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