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Hello everyone,

So sorry about not logging on here...life got busy.

I also cannot do pictures because I have them on my one drive,,,and cannot put them on here..

I finished 3 prs  knitting socks. One for DH and 2 prs for me,,,lots of errors,,so no one has them yet..LOL

We also finished ALL of my UFO's.

7 of them got finished.!-- I am doing the snoopy dance!!

Yes all my UFO's...The quilting machine is up,,earlier than anticipated, and DH got all of them done..YAY! and we did one for someone else...nice job hubby.!

So now I have 3 quilts that haven't even been started to piece yet,,but they will be done this winter..Whew!

No more starting them and waiting for the machine to get set up....Will post post pictures when I can get them loaded.

It hasn't been raining here for about 2 months..its really dry out there,,a dust bowl.

Gardens were ok..got lots of tomatoes, Tons of carrots, no cukes, waiting for zucchini and butternut squash..

DH sister died in July,,so there was a crazy month there..

had cancer-thats still not believable that she died so quickly, one year..oh wow.!

Retirement is good for the 2 of us...we get along so well..and we are finding we have so many things to do...How did we ever do this when we worked.?

We are going on 4 trips, one is for rug braiding in West Virginia, one is for quilting in North Carolina,,(they asked me to do the demo for a quilt project)

and the one one we will be taking soon like next week-is Charlston NC..and Savannah Georgia, for our 45th wedding anniversary...Yeah, how amazing is that?

then we will be going to Billy Graham's "the Cove" for a seminar for the weekend on octobe 19th..... which is about 3 1/2 hours from the house..

We went to the mountains to get a bushel of apples about 3 weeks ago.....its a day trip, nothing close to us to get them, and we have fun, We have made apple sauce by the buckets! Good with all the pork that's around here.

We are still discovering North Carolina,,this is a big state...!!

I hope everyone is still quilting, I have seen some of the quilts that some of you have sewn up on National Quiters Circle..I too am doing the challenge,,,I did it last year..that was great...it came out amazing...

Now I'm doing the Happy block swap sampler quilt...check it out.

Well enough for now...trying to see how to relax and not be so busy..Ha-ha--- year right..

Just wanted to keep in touch. I miss you all...


then in a few weeks we are going 

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Comment by Janet/MO on September 30, 2019 at 9:38am

It is nice to see a post from you Joanna.  Sounds like retirement is really agreeing with you & your hubby.  It seems like the people who do the best with that are the ones who keep busy instead of moping around the house!  

Comment by Irene Gallway on September 30, 2019 at 7:17am

I'm sorry to hear about your SIL.  Wow, when do you sleep? I'm trying to work on some UFO's but customers come first and I have had a lot of them lately. If I live to be a hundred I don't think I will see the end of my UFO's. I got one done as a birthday gift for my cousin in Texas. That project was started 4 years ago before we moved to this apartment.

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