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I cannot believe that it has been so long since I have been on QWU to share with you all.  A lot has happened in the last year.  I went home to PEI last January and spend Jan. - April with my Mom.  In August, she took a stroke and was coming along but ended up with pneumonia and we lost her on August 26.  Brent and I left on the Wed. and drove straight home 29 hours on the road but got home while she was still able to know that we were there and was so happy to see Snickers.  My sister had gone special permission for us to take him into the hospital to see her.  That was Thurs. night and by Sat. night she didn't know anyone was there and by Mon. morning she succumbed to death.  Our loss is heaven's gain but I tell you it is one big loss for us.  My sister and I are having a real rough time with this void in our lives.  This is the time of year that Mom would have been north with us.  My brother, well, who would know eh?  Him and Mom were very close so maybe he is feeling it more than he lets on.  My girlfriend lost her Mom a couple of years ago and she said you will never know the loss until you lose your Mom.  She is so right!  That was pretty well our 2013.  We often wonder what 2014 will bring our way but thankful that God knows what is best and every day is in His Hands.

As we are almost done the first month of 2014, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and wish God's richest blessing on your lives throughout this year.

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Comment by June Johnson/Wi on January 27, 2014 at 8:25pm

Sincere sympathy in the loss of your dear Mom; my Mom passed 11 years ago and we all still miss her.  Sometimes I want to call her when I need cooking or sewing advice.  Harder than losing my Mom was losing our son at 25 to cancer.  The Lord has brought us through all our losses.

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