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The Spirit Led my life again this week.  

Though I did not do any crafting, I was able to catch up on a lot of domestic needs that have been neglected this past month.  I was even able to spend a little time outside on yard work.  The temperature has been oppressive of late.  Temps hitting near 100 and heat index from 105 to 110.  You do not spend much time outside.  This week will be more conducive to working outside.  

I also felt well and strong enough to make it to church yesterday.  I sure have missed it.  

I have a 'cute' picture, but it does not have anything to do with my crafting.  It is just a blessed grandparent picture.  

He loves to help 'clean' the floor.  The Mickey Mouse jammies we got him for his birthday.  I did not think he would fit in it.  He won't be in it for long.  In the background is our younger twin, Darren.

Now, for the big news of the week:

Our oldest asked his 'girl' to marry him.  It was her birthday when he asked.  Obviously, she said yes.  When the deed is done, we will have 6 grands.  She has 1 girl and 2 boys from a previous marriage.   They are going to wait for another year before tying the knot.  Right now she is getting financial help paying for school and paying for child care.  They would lose all of that if they marry now.  We agree with that decision.  

We have not yet heard of the other possible grand.  Probably have another 2 weeks to hear.  Please pray for the Lord's will be done.

Have a very blessed Spirit Led week.  I know I will.

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Comment by Irene Gallway on July 31, 2017 at 5:58pm

I'm glad your feeling better.  With those high temps I don't blame you for not wanting to get out and do yard work. When it gets in the 90's here we stay in.  Your little grand son is adorable. They grow up way to fast. My youngest grand child is going in the 6th grade.  I have two great grands. Congratulations to your son and fiance.  The ring is gorgeous.

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