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I am hoping that you had a Spirit Led week.  Ours was trying again.  

About one week after the Canton tornadoes to the west of us, there was another storm that went to the east of us, setting down more smaller tornadoes.  I am thankful that this time no injuries or deaths resulted out of these storms.  Life in East Texas.  We have more possible severe storms due later this week.  So please keep East Texas in your prayers.  I believe the nastiness is due here Thursday and Friday.

I finally got better pictures of the yard banner.



There is still some tear away that I think I will just let the weather take care of.  I found a banner holder at Dollar General for $3.  So it is now hanging in a garden out front.

I did spend most of my week outside weeding.  So much to keep up with.

The Van tornado hit 2 years ago (May 10, 2015).  It happened on Mother's Day evening that year.  The next year, our school district chose to do a Vandal Service Day on or near the anniversary.  Each school campus does something to help clean up and/or beautify the community.  For homeowners, we sign up for help in our yards.  I signed us up this year.  And it helped a lot.  I have a before and an after photo of what I requested to be done.  This would have taken me a week to do at least.

Along our alley, we have a very long hedge row.  My husband cut it way back because it was getting killed off by all of the vine weeds choking it off.  Mind you, the hedges you see were towering over the wooden fence behind it.  The wooden fence belongs to the neighbor across the alley.  I am going to guess that the hedges were pushing 10 foot tall.  He cut them down to about 3 and 1/2 feet.  Most of what you see in this picture are WEEDS!


It was a bigger mess that I thought.  I am very thankful I did not have to do it.  Now, this is the 'job' I requested.  It only took the team of 10 to 12 students and adult supervisors about 45 minutes to get all of that done!  Then, they asked if they could do anything else.  I told that they did not need to, but they said they wanted to.  They ended up trimming around trees (weed eater) pulling more weeds around the 2 crape myrtles we have, and other trimming and cleaning up.  I had also told them to pile up all the waste and we would burn it off.  They hauled it away!  

Soon after the service team left, one of our boys called and said they were on the way to celebrate Mother's Day with me.  We pick out a restaurant and met them there.  They live in Plano.  After eating, we came back to the house and they got to see all the work done.  It was so nice to have a pretty place ready.

Here is a picture.

 Grandma, Daniel, and Poppa

It won't let me load anymore pictures.  :(

Anyway, we got to see 3 of the 4 boys and 2 of the 3 grandchildren on Saturday.  Sunday we saw the oldest.

I had a wonderful weekend to say the least.  

Have a wonderful, safe, Spirit Led week. 

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Comment by Jodi Cramer on May 16, 2017 at 12:06pm

Thanks for your post!

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