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New experience for this old broad...nothing to do with quilting.

We were invited to a Hindi wedding and thought you would enjoy seeing some of the ceremony. We know them both, the bride is a medical resident studying in my hubby's lab for two years and her new hubby is a pediactric internist.

The wedding was unreal and so much fun.The women's dresses were gorgeous as was their gold jewelry! Theses people party hard…there were at times more men dancing (jumping around) then women!!!
Starts with the groom going to one side and the brides family on the other. He rides in a convertible (because they couldn't find elephants to rent). His people dance and sing him to her family. She is from Austria so she had 6 people and us! There will be an European wedding next month in a castle!!!
They meet her family…then walk up to the gazebo. The bride wears red for good luck...

The bride walks under a canopy escorted by people who are important in bringing them together. We threw flowers on her as she passed. The ceremony is 2 hrs. long with a lot of chanting so they have food (olives,cheese  and drink). People get up and walk around and talk to each other as the ceremony is going on. Then as she puts the wreath on his neck the men run up and grab the groom and take his shoes off. He can not leave the gazebo after the ceremony until he buys back his shoes. They settled for $250.

They are married when the red scarf is placed over their heads...

Then we all went inside the vineyard for the reception...which was a fairytale...this is us at the cocktail hour. We felt to special to be included in this wonderful celebration and learn a new culture.

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Comment by Marilyn L. on May 18, 2014 at 2:18pm

Thanks for sharing!  Beautiful pictures and what a lovely setting.  

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