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Good Saturday morning everyone.

I am working on a new show. We are doing
Nuncracker at the local high school. We went out last night to get material for
the costumes. We have to make at least 5 tutus. I haven't seen the show but
think Nunsense with the Nutcracker.

I have a lot to do for Thanksgiving this up coming week.

I am cooking at my house and bringing the food to my
inlaws house. It will be a small group this year. One of my sil is in the
hospital and won't be out in time. (She went off her medication for
manic/depression this past summer and had to be hospitalized in Sept and is not
responding to the medication as fast as we thought she would. We don't know when
she will get out. Then there is the problem of where she would go when she does
get out and who will pay for it)

Another of my sil is not coming. She
told us in an email the other day that she had to drive to inlaws this week and
one day next week so she doesn't think that she could do another drive to the
inlaws. She has driven there last week and this to take mil to a dr's visit. She
never asked dh or me to take her. Before you ask she lives an hour away from
mil. I feel sorry that she will be alone on Thanksgiving but that is her
decision. The thing I am upset about is she is the one who always does the
dishes after dinner. I told dh that he was going to have to step up and get his
hands wet.

Off to get some breakfast and then some sewing.

Have a
happy and healthy day.

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Comment by Dona Coffey on November 18, 2012 at 2:32am

Dh and I have been married for 34 years.  He is pretty good about doing dishes but the kitchen at his parents house is pretty small.  He has helped clean up before but never did the dishes before.

Comment by Barbara Graham on November 17, 2012 at 6:35pm

As a former ballet teacher, I started readind and hit "Nuncracker" and assumed a minor typo. Having read the whole post, I can't wait to hear what Nuncracker turns out to be. Good luck with those tutus. Godd luck with dh and the dishes. Maybe he could start his training early.

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