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Quilt Testers Needed for Roseville Quilters Block of The Month!

If the forecast holds out, we could be buried in ice within the next 48 hours. Could it be true? I have to say, I am more enthusiastic about snow than ice. People drive waaayyyy too fast on ice thinking they can stop-which they can't. I have never quite understood why crashing into other cars is a better outcome than simply slowing down.

So, I have pre-school this afternoon. I fully expect there to be mayhem, which is usually par for the course before a big storm. Something goes haywire in their tiny brains and the next thing you know we have a line up for the "thinking carpet"-where you are sent to consider repenting for your sins...

As usual, I am excited about a day of writing, baking and quilting tomorrow. It's not like I don't do these things every other day of the week, but that wind and snow piling up outside takes it to a whole new level. I do hope that the power doesn't go out so I can't use the sewing machine, but I have binding to work on if it does.

One "odd" new preparation I have to make is for my eating plan. After bariatric surgery a person can't just "eat anything" out of the cupboard if the power goes out. Yesterday, I had to go to the store and "stock up" on some "emergency" survival food that I can eat and drink ( in case the pipes freeze, too) in the case there is no electricity to prepare anything on the stove. I know, weird. But, now I am stocked up and ready for anything!

I have had copy/paste issues  from my computer to my web site (once again...) so as soon as that gets ironed out with my site host, chapter 12 will be up for you. I apologize, but hang in there with me!

Oh, one last thing. I went to Panera Bread on Sat afternoon and designed a block of the month to go with the series. I will need some "testers". Let me know if you are interested. I will supply the patterns, (and swear you to secrecy). You can just use your stash.

I need to know if the directions are clear and the whole thing comes together. It should, but I will let some of my fans give it a shot first for the "trial run".

Email me here if you'd like to take the challenge. It's a beginner-intermediate level quilt. I want everyone to be able to make it.

Bundle Up and Snuggle Under Those Quilts Tonight!


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Comment by Brenda Patterson on January 31, 2011 at 8:08pm
I would like to be a tester blood spit oath to not share with others. Let me know. If I dont reply quickish we may have lost power were in the crazy Ohio snow belt.
Comment by Diane Gunter/Canada on January 31, 2011 at 2:30pm

Rhonda please contact me at gunterg@xplornet.com! There is something I want to say.


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