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Yeah! I made it through my first semester of my Bachelor's Degree program. Wheeeeee!!! While I did not make the Honor's program this time around, I'm perfectly happy with that. I passed my Algebra Class with a C- and I will take that. I still don't think 2 B's, 1 C- and an A are too shabby for a soon to be 60 year old who, up until my Associates Degree, had been out of school for 30+ years. So now I have a few months off to work on projects, push my business, work on my book and get ready for the Great Lake's Lighthouse Festival which is in October. Hopefully, I'll be doing another photography gig there, we shall see.

I almost didn't make it to finals as dear hubby was hospitalized for a week with severe pneumonia and then I no sooner get him home then I was hospitalized overnight. Since they couldn't find out what the problem was, they sent me home with a little gift - a respiratory infection and an intestinal infection. Wasn't that nice of them? NOT!! :( I was allowed to take 2 exams I missed and then take the final exams immediately after. No pressure there, right?! ~2~

Spring has hit the Drake's Nest Pond with a pair of Canada Geese taking up residence and hatching a brood of 6 beautifully colored yellow chicks. They are quickly taking on the coloration of their parents and are growing by leaps and bounds. Watching them chase each other across the law, trying to pull dandilion blooms out of the ground and wrestling each other establishing the pecking order, is like watching a bunch of kindergarteners trying to sort each other out on the playground. They keep me in stitches. We also have a pair of wood ducks - have only seen them in their young once; a pair of Hooded Merganzers (a type of water fowl) fishing for freshwater crayfish - boy do we have some BIG crayfish! There's been the Giant River Otter's visit as well as that of the visit by a pesky pair of muskrats! Wish I could trap them and relocate them miles away, but can't do it without trapping something I don't wish to trap. You ever remove an angry raccoon from a trap? It's NOT a pretty sight I'll tell you. It hisses and lunges at you and you have to keep moving it away with a pole. You've never seen anything funnier until you've seen a grown man (6 ft 6 in) trying to outrun a pissed off raccoon <LOL>.

The smell of the flowers upon the morning air, watching wisps of steam rise up off the pond in the first early morning rays of the sun like so many fingers offered up in prayer by Mother Nature and listening to the morning song of the wild Canaries, chickadees and such. I discovered that even Blue Jays have a melidious song other than their caw, screetch. They use it to attract females. Even the Robins have a song. To watch the morning sky change from lavenders to light greys to various shades of blue and the sunlight dance like so many diamonds across the pond makes me feel like I'm living in Heaven on Earth. All these things tell me that what I'm doing in my care of the Earth Mother is appreciated and my reward is all the above plus the fruits of my labors - apples, peaches, grapes, pears, strawberries, blueberries, rasberries, tomotato's, veggies from my garden and wild rubbarb!

I look at my world and listen to the sounds of my husband sleeping deeply beside me and I am content. My heart is full.

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Comment by Robbin Neff on May 25, 2010 at 2:22pm
Kudos on your successful semester. I didn't go back until I was forty. Loved it. Our age adds much needed foder for papers. I took every writing intensive class I could. UH-Manoa had a strong writing program required for all degrees.
Comment by AidaCJ/NH on May 11, 2010 at 8:15am
Congratulations! What a wonderful accomplishment! One is never too 'old' to go after their dreams. I love your nature adventures.
What a wonderful world, indeed! - and it's made more beautiful because of folks like you who care.
Comment by Carol Vickers/OH on May 11, 2010 at 7:22am
Congratulations on your great accomplishment. You are an inspiration.
Comment by Charlotte Gustavson on May 11, 2010 at 6:44am
Congratulations on getting through your Algebra class! LOL I can't even imagine going back to school at this age and having to deal with x and y equasions! I tried some classes at our local CC a number of years ago to see if I wanted to try it again (I'm a college drop-out from the 70s). Not too bad until they told me I had to get tested to continue taking classes, even though I was *non-metriculating*. Kinda took the fun out of it and I realized I just didn't want it badly enough. : ) So I whole-heartedly commend you on your recent achievements! Way to go!
Comment by Connecting Threads on May 11, 2010 at 6:37am
You are a very busy girl! Great grades, especially considering all the medical interruptions! Sounds like you are going to really enjoy your school break.
Comment by B J Elder/WA on May 11, 2010 at 6:34am
You are doing great with school, and to manage what you did with being sick - amazing! I'm glad you have a bit of a rest from it now. I can just picture your place with your lovely descriptions. Wow! How I'd love to go to your lighthouse festival too. They are high on my list of loves.
Comment by Paula/TX on May 11, 2010 at 5:30am
I wish you all the luck with school. I, too, am going back to school to get my Masters in Library Science. It has only been 18 years for me since I got my bachelors. I am 46 and very anxious mainly because of all the new computer connection you have to have with school now to be successful. I like physically handing something to a teacher instead of taking the chance of it getting lost in space or pushing the wrong button somewhere along the way. Oh well, we will survive!!!
Comment by Margo in Maine on May 11, 2010 at 4:59am
Congratulations....on job well done!!!
Comment by Irene Gallway on May 11, 2010 at 4:13am
Congratulations Terry on a job well done for this year at school. I think your grades are comendable. I did enjoy your picturesque description of your surroundings. I could feel myself right there with you looking and listening to the sights and sounds. As for the racoon, you won't get an arguement from me about how mean they can get. I once had a big barn and a mama racoon had her babies in there every year. She made it known to all of us that she was "Boss". The babies were adorable.
Comment by Pam/NY on May 11, 2010 at 3:48am
Congrats on going back to school! Who cares what the grades are...you're doing it!!! Enjoy your summer ...your pond sounds heavenly....Spring does put a fresh look on life!

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