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I have been dieting since Thanksgiving. My 45th nursing school reunion is in the Fall. Just my luck, the weight came off my fingers!!! I can't keep my trusty ole thimble on. It keeps flying off. I scotched taped it on! 

What thimble do you find works best for you. I still love the metal ones...probably cause, that's the kind my grandma used and taught me to use.

We have had some spectacular sunsets this

Have a wonderful week!

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Comment by Rebecca Sundberg on June 18, 2018 at 9:06am

I've used metal thimbles and leather thimbles, but my go to to quilting is the vinyl and metal combination thimbles.  Metal on the tip and the rest is vinyl and it stays on my finger beautifully. My finger size is between the metal thimbles, so I've always had trouble keeping them on - I ended up taping a fabric bandaid to the inside of the thimble and that really didn't work all that well. The combination ones are inexpensive and really work great.

Comment by Peggy Stuart on June 17, 2018 at 7:58pm

My favorite is Roxanne's thimble. They have gone up, but if you don't have to have silver, you can still find them for a reasonable price. I never have long nails, so that isn't an advantage for me. However, the open end allow ventilation, and the shape inside matching the shape of your finger. On the outside, the dimples are spread over the curve of the thimble, rather than having to choose either the dimples on the side or those on the top. I bought mine in a quilt shop. The clerk/salesperson had me walk around in the store with the thimble on to be sure it wasn't going to cut off circulation or fall off. (This is important for any kind of thimble.) If it starts falling off in cold weather, I blow on my finger and the inside of the thimble. That usually warms it up enough so it will stay on.

Love your sunset!

Comment by Barb/WI on June 13, 2018 at 7:21pm

Beautiful sunset picture!  Love the idea of an antique thimble.  The reunion this fall should be fun.  It's more important to focus on the excitement of being with your friends, than the size of your pants.  (But, I know if it were me, I'd be doing the same thing you are :-D )

Comment by Pam/NY on June 13, 2018 at 1:31pm



There are several ways you can measure your finger to order the right size thimble to fit you just right. The thimble sizes are based on US ring sizes.

Measure the finger at the base of the nail on the finger that you want to wear the thimble. For taller thimbles, measure between the base of the nail and your first knuckle.

  1. Useaplasticstripringsizer(freeuponrequest)tomeasurethefingerforthethimble.

    To use our plastic ring sizer put the tapered end into the “box” then pull to make a circle. Slide it onto your finger to the base of your nail. If the thimble is tall, place the circle closer to your first knuckle. Read the number at the point of the arrow for whole, and 1⁄2 sizes spaces. The sizer should slide on and fit snugly enough to avoid falling off.

  2. A metal jeweler’s ring sizer will work, as well. Stop by a jewelry store and ask them to size your finger for the thimble.

  3. Useanarrowstripofpaperandtapeitintoacirclearoundthefingeryouwanttomeasure,atthe base of the fingernail. Cut it and measure how many millimeters equal the circumference of your finger. Compare it to the chart below to determine your thimble size.

    Circumference In Millimeters equals Size

40.2mm=1.5 41mm=1.75 41.5mm=2 42.7mm=2.5 44mm=3 45.2mm=3.5 46.5mm=4 47.8mm=4.5 49mm=5 50.2mm=5.5 51.5mm=6 52.8mm=6.5

54.5mm=7 55.3mm=7.5 56.6mm=8 57.8mm=8.5 59.1mm=9 60.3mm=9.5 61.6mm=10 62.8mm=10.5 64.1mm=11 66mm=11.5 67.3=12

Comment by Pam/NY on June 13, 2018 at 1:27pm

Good idea to look at an antique show for thimbles...they would have been made out of better metal.

What keepsakes, Irene, to have your mother's thimbles.

Comment by handstitcher/IL on June 13, 2018 at 11:36am

How special to use your mother's thimbles, Irene! I have family thimbles on my mom's side. Too bad I inherited the large hands on my dad's side. None of my family thimbles fit. 

Comment by Irene Gallway on June 13, 2018 at 5:15am

Beautiful sunset. I have two metal thimbles I use. They were my mothers. My knuckles behind my finger nails are so arthritic that it's hard to keep them on now.  But I still use a thimble.

Comment by handstitcher/IL on June 13, 2018 at 5:02am

Lovely sunset! After quickly wearing out inexpensive thimbles in my early days, I finally bought an antique sterling silver thimble. It was in great condition with deep dimples on top. It lasted 20 years until one dimple finally developed a hole from use. When I sadly looked for a replacement, I ended up buying two, so I have a spare. These days, they're fairly inexpensive on eBay, but sizes vary, so I bought mine at an antique flea market where I could try them on for comfort. Good luck, a good thimble is crucial for enjoying hand quilting!

Comment by Pam/NY on June 13, 2018 at 4:26am

Lol, skinny fingers doesn’t help with getting into my dress pants!!! I will have to go into a shop and look the thimbles over. The problem is once I go into the shop, I’ll buy more fabric! This thimble could cost me a hundred dollars!!!

Comment by Prairie Quilter Jan/NE on June 12, 2018 at 6:17pm

First of all - congratulations!  Weight loss ANYWHERE - even fingers - would be welcome in my book! 

My favorite is just a plain Dritz raised edge thimble.  I also have a Colonial raised edge thimble, but it was my aunt's and is not my "go-to" thimble, although it is a nice one.  It has some extra material at the end of the thimble, which would take some getting used to for me.  I have a Roxanne's thimble, but it is not my favorite - it isn't as comfortable for me personally (probably a sizing issue, which is my own fault, not the fault of the company), and I really like the raised edge to keep my needle from slipping.  I tend to quilt on the tip of my finger and not on the pad of my finger, which is more what the Roxanne thimble seemed to be geared for.  The nice thing about the Roxanne thimble was the fingernail cutout, but as a ranchwife, I never have any nails to speak of, so they don't get in the way of my thimble wearing.  

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