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There's this game of musical rooms that goes on in our house. We moved into our two story, 2400 square foot, four bedroom, two and a half bath home in 1999. Five of us, no pets. We came from a cramped, cinder block, linoleum floored house on a slab in Okinawa, Japan. Our brand new California home seemed like a castle. Heck, it is a castle in comparison.

Oldest son got the largest kids' bedroom. Middle son got the medium sized bedroom, and youngest daughter got the teeniest bedroom. The teeniest bedroom was promptly painted lavendar and lime green, with bright pink curtains and fuzzy accents. Fast forward a few years, and oldest son has graduated and is getting married. He's moved out, and the shift begins. Middle son yearns for the big bedroom. He pleads, he begs, he schemes, and eventually, he gets it. This leaves the medium sized bedroom unoccupied, but tiny girl doesn't care to leave her teeny fluffy bedroom. So, I decide I can at last have my "sewing room." But wait....it's full of all the furniture and junk that oldest son and daughter in law, and middle son don't want. So that idea is put on hold.

Fast forward again a few years. Tiny girl is now in High School and middle son is now in Law School, and oldest son is now someone's daddy, and we have two, count 'em, two vacant bedrooms. Not so tiny girl decides she needs the largest bedroom. Absolutely she does! So we move her and her fuzzy pink life into the largest room, leaving me with the real possibility of a sewing room. I'm afraid to say it out loud for fear of jinxing the whole operation, but yes, the game of musical rooms is about to end.

Thanksgiving break, 2008, and the teeny green and purple room is being transformed. A gallon or two of Ivory Linen is hastily applied, and the room takes on a certain....glow. It's as if the room at last has achieved it's reason for being. It's lone inhabitant, Bernina, is joined by an ironing board, cutting table and a small chest of drawers. Odds and ends of fabric, thread, patterns, buttons and books that have been tucked away in all corners of the house are gathered finally into one room. I can hear their sigh of relief to finally be where they belong. A quilt hangs on the wall with the promise of many more to come.

I have a sewing room....at last.

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Comment by Betty K on January 29, 2009 at 10:28am
Oh, Patricia, I love a good story, and you are a wonderful storyteller! Enjoy the piece, oh peace of your new 'studio'.
Comment by Samuel Adams on January 28, 2009 at 6:01am
Patricia, wow, you've got a whole room for a sewing room. You are very fortunate, even if it took all those years to get it. I have a studio room/living room which serves as both. I only have one bedroom and that is taken up with the computer desk, dressers, shelves for some of my fabric and my bed. But, I do make do with what I have even though sometimes I want to pull myhair out. I very seldom have guests over for anything and when they do they just have to put up with my quilting bug. Everyone who comes over understands and marvel that as a man I quilt. Again, congratulations on your new sewing room. I am sure you will spend many very happy hours in it making quilt after quilt. Thanks for sharing with us. Gurudas, or as I am most often called, Mr. G.
Comment by Malinda on January 27, 2009 at 7:17pm
Good for you! It's your turn. I too have a tiny sewing room. Good thing, as I would fill any space I have with fabric, machines, etc. Oh yeah, and I put a longarm machine in the living room. When I remarried, new husband agreed that we need a house with a huge room for all the sewing stuff. Hope the housing market changes before I am too old to care.
Be sure to post pics of your new room and some of your creations!
Comment by Nancy/NC on January 27, 2009 at 4:56pm
Nothing like having your own room, call it a studio though, I have been told this lets everyone know you are dead serious! So now, you have your very own studio!

Comment by Edith Lean/Ont. on January 27, 2009 at 3:19pm
OMG, is this a phenomenum or what. Started to relate my story, then realized I needed a whole book to tell the saga LOL. Suffice to say been there done that and got the Tshirt. Enjoy your sewing room.
Comment by Cheryl / NC on January 27, 2009 at 3:17pm
Congratulations on your new sewing room! I also played musical rooms for a while. I guess we all do as the kids find their own way. Mine left, came back, left again twice, then came back again, this time with wives,(Yes we had 3 couples living here at one time ARRGGHH!) I love the girls, they are like my own children, but three women in one house was two too many! Then left again and one came back AGAIN with wife and by then, infant in tow! I joked with my husband about installing a revolving door. As much as I loved having my granddaughter with me, when they moved out again, I took all the extra beds OUT of the house, my husband claimed one room as an office and claimed one as a sewing room! We have since added a small bed to the office for grandchild visits, but it's too small for my boys to get any ideas! Patience is rewarded, life is good! Enjoy!
Comment by Debbie Flatt on January 27, 2009 at 2:51pm
I also know the musical rooms. Daughter moved out, son got old room a little bigger. Sewing room was the smallest room, son then moves out (back in again) I move sewing room, move sewing room back to small room again. We move to Wisconsin into a 4 bedroom house, have my sewing room, son is back, and I still have a spare room!!! What a nice life we have with a sewing room, so we can shut life out and do what we like to do best.
Comment by Laraine/WA on January 27, 2009 at 2:49pm
Your post made me laugh. Hurray for you! Patience is rewarded and that gives me hope.
My boys are a tag team. One leaves--the other comes home. Then they switch off again. My "sewing room" was given up for a study for my hubby. He really NEEDED a place as he's a teacher and taking classes too. I will get my room eventually but have to get the kids to quit coming back and have time and $$ for remodel. It will be the biggest room so the wait is worth it I guess. Right now my sewing machine lives here at work and gets used only on sew nights.
Comment by Darcy Jo on January 27, 2009 at 2:47pm
I still working on that. I have made the not use dinning room my sewing and computer room. I can't wait tell my son to move out looks like 9 more years.
Comment by Quiltmom/NV on January 27, 2009 at 2:16pm
Hi there - I too know the game of musical rooms. Same thing but I only have 2 children to contend with, oldest son moved out to go to school, daughter moves into son's old room because it is a bit bigger then hers, a bit mind you, but enough. So I think yes I finally have my sewing room. WRONG!! Son moves back in and into daughter's old room so another year goes by and son moves out again. This time, I sold and gave away furniture and cleaned out the spare room as we call it and I painted it and redecorated all the way down to installing a hardwood floor all by myself, I say very proudly. Insert machines, sewing table, cutting table, books, patterns, fabric, etc. etc... and everybody is happy!! And you know what they say when Mom's happy everyone's happy!! The end, have a great day and enjoy your new room. By the way our daughter is a junior in high school so who know what will happen in another 1.5 years. lol!!!

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