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At 2:27pm on November 7, 2020, Joanna liguz said…

Hi BJ...Hope you are doing well...I just heard that this page may be going away...Oh dear I hope not,,I have made some serious friends on here...Life would not be the same if it went away..

I hoope your doing good on your ranch,,

Hopefully we can find another place to talk to one another..stay well


At 6:34pm on September 21, 2020, Sharon Reeves said…

Hi BJ...Thank you for the invitation to join your prayer group, but I'm a Christian Scientist and we have a quarterly (book) that comes out 4 times a year with weekly sermons to be studied from the Bible and Science of Health by Mary Baker Eddy. The church members elect 2 people from the membership to read the lessons on Sun. One reads the Bible and the other one the Science and Health.  I know the power of prayer and really respect you for your beliefs and what you are doing. Your family as certainly benefited from all your prayers. 

Thank you for your news on Debbie. I know that she decided to not participate in QWU, so she could spend more time with her family, especially her grandson. I would like to know how she is doing. 

Where is the ranch at located that you work? I think somewhere near Yakima, but not sure. I have a nephew-in law and his daughter that live in Selah. She is a principle at one of the schools. 

Have a good week, take care and stay safe.


At 2:08pm on September 20, 2020, Sharon Reeves said…

Thank you for getting back to me. You were one of my 1st friends on here and is sad that we may loose this site. I'll put your email add in my contact list.  My email address is  csidesharon@frontier.com

Do you know anything about Debbie Snyder? When I tried to reach her, I received no response. I know that she went into remission with her bone cancer and don't know anything more now.  

It's exciting for you to move into a new place and hope that it fits all your needs. Have a wonderful time with all and stay safe. 

At 8:12am on September 20, 2020, Sharon Reeves said…

Hi BJ... Are you still on QWU? My friends list has vanished and many others have said that they have lost most of theirs. There is also blog that says that QWU could disappear. Irene, told me you are on Facebook, but I'm not. Could you send me your e-mail, so that once in awhile we could be in contact? I really enjoyed connecting with you. 

How are you doing with the smoke? The smoke is still here, but not nearly as bad as it was. Today, sunshine and in the high 60's. Tomorrow or Tues, low 60's to mid 60's and rain. I hope that the rain will go east and help get the fires under control. 

I'm still quilting for Project Linus and family members. I'd love to hear back from you. Hugs, Sharon

At 8:14am on December 18, 2017, Sharon Reeves said…

Hi BJ... Somehow, I lost your e-mail address and had been wondering how you and hubby are doing. No way to find out. Could you please resend it to me? Have you heard anything about Debbie Snyder?  I was so happy to see your post.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Hugs, Sharon

At 7:17am on December 6, 2016, Sharon Reeves said…

Hi BJ...It was great to read about what is going on in your life now. So sorry to hear about the very very greedry people. I do know some myself. Sounds like Jenna and Adam are doing fine and happy to read that. I know that you really enjoyed having Miss Bailey with you while things got taken care of. 

We had a dusting of snow yesterday and suppose to get more today, but so far, nothing is coming down. That's okay with us. We are going to go do our errands today and some Christmas shopping. We know how to drive in snow, but it's the others that bother us.

Here's wishing you Merry Christmas,



At 7:30am on October 12, 2016, Sharon Reeves said…

Hi Barb...How are you doing and are you still at the same job? I've been thinking about you and wondering how Miss Bailey is doing? Also, do you know how Debbie Snyder is doing? I haven't heard anything from her or about her for a long time and hope that all is well.

We are still going to AZ in Jan and coming home in April and love to see so much when we are traveling. We bought a 2007 Class MH with 2 slides in Feb and love it. Someone sure took real good care of it. The extra room is fabulous.

I'm still sewing for Project Linus and love getting together with all the gals once a month.  I've also made baby quilts for friends and relatives with new babies. I'm just finishing one and made a matching doll blanket with a pillow for the 2 yr old sister.

It's certainly fall here and love the colors. Also, getting colder at night.

Hope all is well with you.

Hugs to you and family,


At 3:53pm on February 24, 2016, Morgan Hess /Fla. said…

Hey Barb, I was feeling better... then I came down with two bad ears... and felt terrible. I think I have all that better for now.  Its the weather. One day its beautiful, then the next it drops to 37 at night.  Its going to be cold again... and lots of rain.  I am staying in, and going to get back into my sewing room.  I love all the quilts you have been showing on FB.  Very awesome.  I love the on above  picture here, the waterfall. Are your trees done with material, or stitching and threads...? Chat soon Hugs Morgan oxoxox

At 4:42pm on February 8, 2016, Morgan Hess /Fla. said…

Hi Barb, finally today I got the news they could get my old account up again.  Hurray!  As I had many years of stuff on it.  So skip that new account for now... I am starting to feel better.  I will write tomorrow when Denny returns to work.  Hugs Morgan oxoxoxoxo

At 6:56pm on February 6, 2016, Morgan Hess/Fla.'s Page said…

Thanks Barb!  Yes it is a lot of work.  But I will get it all set up... working on it right now! Hugs Morgan oxoxoxox

At 5:55pm on October 28, 2015, LKC said…

Thanks for caring about my eyes. I am accepting whatever happens. My big plan is to get my sewing mess together. My mother care 900 miles away will have to be taken care of by my sister or two brothers.

At 9:18pm on May 27, 2015, Morgan Hess /Fla. said…

Barb, Hi! Yes its me Morgan...and I was amazed on how many new things you have made. Of course I think you have so much talent. I would love to learn all you know, to do those type quilts. They are just beautiful!   Will write very soon my parents are up here this week.  So I do not have time to do anything!!!  LOL Have a great week!  Hugs Morgan oxoxoxo

At 8:52am on April 9, 2015, Sandi said…

Wow! Your work is amazing. I have never done the thread art. It looks difficult. Very nice details in your art. So glad with your help I figured out how to see what everyone has done. Thank you!

At 10:30am on December 22, 2014, Pam/NY said…

Merry Christmas BJ...I so enjoy our friendship and shared interests.

At 3:57pm on November 23, 2014, Marie Roussel said…

I love all your photos BJ and the one with the two chairs is so peaceful.  :)

At 7:56am on November 21, 2014, June Johnson/Wi said…

Good morning, BJ.  Occasionally I think of a QWU friend we haven't heard from for a while.  One such friend is Debbie Snyder in Washington; she hasn't posted since Feb.  Have you heard from her?  I know she has had cancer in past so worry that all is not well.  Hope your day is blessed.  Thanks, June

At 8:25am on November 1, 2014, Joanna liguz said…

Sounds like you made the perfect move too.! Life is sweet when we do what we can with what we have.  I'll be praying for Bailey's mom... Everyone's heath is always better when you move in a warmer climate,,,we haven't been sick in 10 months,,,we will have been here 1 yr. on December 18th...We have enjoyed it so very much. The "woods" have more to offer than one would think. We are enjoying our time in the woods more than we would of over thought..LOL!

I pray for all my Friends on QWU...they are so dear to me...

At 5:36pm on October 17, 2014, Joanna liguz said…

Thanks BJ...That means the world to me....Life is getting to be so much better,,now that we moved here..I hope your doing well..let me know.~Joanna

At 8:33pm on September 8, 2014, June Johnson/Wi said…

Have been thinking about you and have noted you haven't posted anything for a month.  Are you OK?  Or, hopefully, you are just very busy.  We all worry about our quilting friends, you know.  Take care.

At 8:17am on August 11, 2014, cinderella pisani said…

I got it and thank you again. You're technique is very interesting. I'm sure I'll be trying this soon!

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