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At 10:11am on July 3, 2010, Mary johnson said…
Dear Friends

The challenge is out, lets see how many of us can join the wonderful new campaign called Stitching for Pink !!! Starts today until 30 October. Its gonna be so much fun with 10 projects to complete. Come on Embroiderers lets unite and join the fight against Breast Cancer !!!

Go sign up now and let the fun begin.


Hope we see you there


At 9:16am on September 9, 2009, Irene Gallway said…
Hi Sharon, Just want you to know I'm thinking about you.
Hope you had a nice summer. I'm trying to get caught up on house work and sewing. Those trips to Bangor put a crimp in both, but my sister is done with that leg of the recovery and I'm home more. I have so many projects to do before Christmas and the alterations keep pouring in. I sew just so long when I have to take a day or two away from it. That's when I take at the house and give it a good cleaning. It's hard to keep up when people bring stuff in and want it "yesterday". I hope all is well with you and your family.
At 3:51pm on August 17, 2009, Irene Gallway said…
Hi Sharon, So glad to hear from you. I take it your from England. My friend Jenny Taylor who has a page on QWU is from Herne Bay, Kent. I went over to visit with her and Dave in 2005. What a wonderful trip it was. My ancesters came from England and Wales. So getting over there had special meaning to me. Jenny and I met in a sewing chat room and hit it off right away. She and hubby visited the States every year so I asked them to come East .They did twice and then wanted us to go visit them. Bud does not travel any more then he has to so I went alone.
I am going to try and get some sewing done tonight. B is out for the evening and I just LOVE an evening to myself. Actually when he is home I'm pretty much by myself as he sits in his chair asleep. lol
I'm glad you got a chance to visit with your loved ones. Thank you for the prayers for my sister. ~ Irene
At 1:45pm on August 16, 2009, Irene Gallway said…
Hi Sharon, Are you having a nice summer? I haven't heard from you in awhile so expect things are pretty busy. I have had a really busy summer. We went to Indiana the last two weeks of June. We came home and I went to a sewing retreat, then we had company from N.Y. Last week our guild had a float in the Bicentiennal parade which meant making our dresses. (see pictures on my page). While out in Indy. I learned that my sister was having surgery for blockage of the bowel. She has to go to Bangor (200 miles round trip) for radiation 5 days a week. I take her two of those days. She is two years younger then me (65).
It is very hot here in the East right now. In the 90's. But the nights cool down enough to be able to sleep. I don't have air condition. For the most part we don't need it. My house stays cool even on hot days. I open the windows at night and draw in the cool air with fan's and then close it up the next day and it's comfortable. The way the weather changes here one day can be 90 and the next day down to 60 so I don't bother with air.
I hope your having a nice summer. ~ Irene
At 8:58am on May 26, 2009, Irene Gallway said…
Hi Sharon, I'm glad you got the CD. I thought you might have been away as I didn't hear from you except to tell me your address and wish me a Happy Mothers Day. Our choir did, We Want America back in church last Sunday for Memorial Day. I'm still working the the prom gown. I have to have it done by Fri. I finally had to tell EVERYONE last week that I would not be available this week for anything as I had a deadline to meet and I'm already running late. So hopefully by the end of today I will be nearing the end of it. ~ Irene
At 4:03am on May 22, 2009, Irene Gallway said…
Hi Sharon, Did you get the CD I sent? I hope you enjoy listening to it.
It is beautiful here today and it's soooooo nice to feel the heat in the sun again. I'm working on a gown for my granddaughters prom. I have to put the embrodery on it today. If people would leave me alone I would have had it done long ago but I keep getting pulled away by having to take people to appointments out of town or house work that gets behind if I don't stop sewing to do it. Not to mention my clients bringing in more and more alterations. (But they are paying customers so they come first). Have a great day.
At 10:05am on May 1, 2009, Irene Gallway said…
Hi Sharon, I see Hapybren has supplied you with the words to We want America back. I asked my choir director if she would cut you a CD and she said she would but that was before Easter so I need to remind her again. Easter Season was extremely busy for her getting us ready for the Cantata etc. I will make a note and put it in my bible bag so I can remember to ask her again.
I am making a tote bag for our Shop-Hop tomorrow. The one I have been using is getting really worn so I thought I would make a new one.
It has embroidery on the front. I will post a picture sometime soon. I have been out-straight with alterations and have to start a prom gown for my granddaughter the first of the week. We are going to Indiana in June for two weeks and I think it will be good to get away for awhile.
It's so good to hear from you. ~ Irene
At 11:59am on March 24, 2009, hapybren said…
Ms. Sharon, you don't know me but I saw you on Ms. Irene's page. I "googled" the song and this is what I came up with I hope this is what you ladies needed. May God bless, hapybren

We Want America Back!!!
by Jeff R. Steele
Stanza #1:
Something is wrong with America.
She once held the Bible as her conscience and guide.
But we’ve allowed those who hold nothing to be sacred,
Like Sodom of old, to push morals aside.
Where are the men who once stood for right?
And the women who championed their cause?
We must return to the values we lost,
Before this country we love is totally lost.
We want America back.
We want America back,
From those who have no self-control,
We want America back.
This nation is like a runaway train,
Headed down the wrong track,
It’s time for the army of God to arise,
And say we want America back.

Narrative to be used (before singing Stanza#2):
I love America. But I do not love what she has become.
Our children are asked to attend public schools that in many cases resemble war zones,
without even the most basic right of any soldier…the right to pray to the God of heaven.
Many times a wild-eyed, drug-addicted, gun-carrying teenager is allowed to stay in school,
while our Supreme Court decided to expel God from the classroom over thirty years ago.
Something is wrong. Television daily bombards the senses of our nation with the idea that wrong is right,
that the abnormal is normal, that the abhorrent is acceptable, and that what God calls an abomination is
nothing more than an alternate life-style. And it’s had an effect. Thirty years ago, the number one television
program in America was “The Andy Griffith Show.” Look what we have today. Something is wrong.
When our government can pass out contraceptives to children is school with out parental consent,
and yet the Gideons can no longer pass out the Bible on campus…something is wrong.
When our leaders can tell your children and mine that premarital sex is alright as long as it’s safe…yes…
something is wrong. And I for one am ready for a change. I will say to my government, “I’m not raising
dogs at my house; I’m raising children…created in the image and likeness of almighty God.
And I’m going to teach them the Bible. If the Bible says it’s right…it’s right.
And if the Bible says it’s wrong…it’s wrong.”
The only hope that America has is that Godly men and women will stand together as one might army and
declare to the immoral, the impure, the obscene and the foul,
“Your days of unlimited access the minds of America are over.
The army of God, that has been silent for too long, is taking America back!”

We want America back.
We want America back,
From those who have no self-control,
We want America back.
This nation is like a runaway train,
Headed down the wrong track,
It’s time for the army of God to arise,
And say we want America back.
It’s time for the army of God to arise,
And say we want America back!!

Credits: “The Steeles”.
Author of Lyrics: Jeff Steele.
At 11:58am on March 23, 2009, Irene Gallway said…
Hi Sharon, I just got my computer back today. It's been gone almost a month. I have my friend work on it and he had a very sick father who died so once he got his life back to normal he worked on my computer.
My choir director is going to make me a copy of that song and I will get the secretary to print the words and music off for me. I will try to get it as soon as I can.
I'm so glad to be back here. I have missed this site more then anything else on my computer.
At 3:59pm on February 20, 2009, Gloria C. Martin said…
Hi Sharon, It's so very nice to hear such kind and encouraging words from a fellow quilter. I'm so sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. But you are absolutely right. God is with us. He hears us and knows our pain, but He is definitely the hand of comfort, healing and strength from which we can draw thru hope and faith. Stay strong and if you can't actually quilt right now, at least keep up with this message board. These are some really uplifting and positive quilters around! Keep lots of quilting magazines and books nearby and maybe catch an episode of Sewing With Nancy or Fons and Porter on tv, or the computer even has episodes you can watch online. Take care and feel better real soon. God bless.
At 11:48am on February 20, 2009, Mary Jane @ WI said…
welcome to my group Material girls. I am in treatment nearly daily for a complication to my breast CA 10 yrs ago so typing with one hand and running to md often...cannot quilt and nearly going nuts. keep up my spirits girls please
At 10:51am on February 20, 2009, Irene Gallway said…
Hi Sharon,
I will see if the Secretary of our church will copy the pages of that song for you. (she had better do it, she is my cousin.)lol and I will also ask my choir director if she will make me a CD of the song. When I get it (if they will make the copies) I will ask you for your mailing address and send it to you. "Watch this space"lol
Yes I met Jenny from England in a sewing chat room in 2001 and we have kept in touch through email. She told me that she and her husband came to the states almost every year so I invited them to come to New England which they gladly accepted my invitation. They came twice and then she wanted us to go there. Bud can't travel long distance so I went alone in 2005 for three weeks. I had the time of my life. They are wonderful people. They live in Herne Bay -Kent. She has been trying to come here alone so we can do the girly things that don't interest the "boys". But for health reasons she just can't seem to make the trip yet. I find that everyone I meet on here is so warm and friendly.
I have met a couple of ladies on here from Canada who come to my town to shop at a discount store that sells lots of fabric. I can stand on my deck and spit into Canada almost. lol My mum came from over there and I have a son who lives there. I'm having a dinner party tonight so I have been getting ready for that so will get back here another time. Thanks for inviting me to be your friend. I will try to get the song for you. Irene
At 6:05pm on February 19, 2009, Irene Gallway said…
Hi Sharon, I read your comment on Lori's page about the song "We Want America Back" I sing in my church choir and we did that for the Veterans day service and I just LOVE that song. And the words are so true. I'm glad I'm retired and lived my youth in the 50's when America was safe and everyone had work. I feel sorry for the young people today. Isn't this site a fun place? I found it a few weeks ago and now I feel like I know the whole world. lol I have a friend from England who I invited to join this site and I met another lady who lives 50 miles from my friend. It's a wonderful sewing community which I find very interesting, both the people and their beautiful work.
At 8:24am on February 19, 2009, SSMITTEE Smith said…
I have found thru years of isolation (socially) that true friends can be developed without physically ever laying eyes on the house (body) they live in.. Some of my closest friend some of more then 10 years i have met online. We met when the children we young and have shared in their growing up, in their early adult years,marriages and now grandbabies.
I am a Christian. and when a relationship is built on a threesome it can last for ever it is a relationship of JOY (JESUS-OTHERS-YOU) ie. Jesus-Sharon-Ssmittee.
I too am a basic quilter I start with a picture ususally by request of a grandkid. I draw it. then make an applique and play with it till it is done then I make blocks around it until it is the size I want it. and call it a quilt...I usually try to do simple hand quilting on the 'focus' block and then tie the remainder. This is my first quilt done with a real pattern..I am doing it by hand. Might as well learn another skill while I am at it. Keep in touch friend
At 8:18am on February 19, 2009, Debbie Flatt said…
What a cutie he is. My dogs are shih-tzu and they have had their first litter. I see that you have joined the wisconsin material girls. So glad.
Well better go to get the puppies, I let them out to play and they need to be put back in the play yard.
At 6:38am on February 19, 2009, Lori said…
Thank you and everything you said is so true. The best idea for a block would be IN GOD I TRUST. It is the strenth we all need to get back on our feet. Enjoy your day and talk to you later. Lori
At 2:33pm on February 18, 2009, Debbie Flatt said…
Hi again Sharon, Look on main page under groups, you will need to view them all, we are there. What breed of pups do you have? Mine are also very spoiled and the pups are on their way to being spoiled for their new owners. Thanks for the comment on the quilts. I do not have grandkids yet but I do have grandpuppies! I adopt grandkids from friends kids, so at least I have an excuse to spoil them. But I have moved away from all of them now. Will be seeing them this summer, going to visit Georgia.
At 10:32am on February 18, 2009, Lori said…
Welcome. You will really enjoy this site. Lots to learn and share. My youngest son and DIL love blues and yellows. We laughed when they got married because you could not call the blue baby blue. Had to call it soft bule. Have fun Lori
At 9:47am on February 18, 2009, Ruth D said…
Hi Sharon, It's snowing here in my part of MD also. I love snow and wish it was the nice big flakes but this is a very wet snow. The ground is white but the streets are clear. I don't have to get out in weather like this so I'm a happy camper. Our temp here is right at freezing and it's noon. I've just come upstairs from my basement sewing room. Finishing up some projects - when I can keep my mind on them, grin. I keep finding things that are more interesting to check out. Ho Hum! Anyways, hope you have a great day.

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