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At 7:43am on June 3, 2011, Mari/WA said…

Sandra, thank you for the friendship invite!  Very glad you're part of Gifty!  It's looking like it'll be a great year too!


At 6:39am on July 3, 2010, Mary johnson said…
Dear Friends

The challenge is out, lets see how many of us can join the wonderful new campaign called Stitching for Pink !!! Starts today until 30 October. Its gonna be so much fun with 10 projects to complete. Come on Embroiderers lets unite and join the fight against Breast Cancer !!!

Go sign up now and let the fun begin.


Hope we see you there


At 5:15pm on March 7, 2009, Marie said…
Hi Sandi, Thanks for the nice compliment. The name of our shop is Bear Valley Auto Repair. I too want to get out to the shop where you teach and meet you. Like you, I don't get out to Apple Valley to often...these days especially. Hope to meet you one day soon. Have a good day. Marie
At 12:15pm on February 13, 2009, Marie said…
Hi Sandi, Ok...I'll do that. I hope you're feeling better. Have a great weekend.
At 9:54am on February 10, 2009, Marie said…
Hi Sandi, Sorry I wasn't able to make it to your guild meeting. Where do you meet? I'll try to get out to the shop soon. Have a great day.
At 9:22am on February 6, 2009, Rusty said…
Hi Sandi,

How are you doing? I must apologize for not writing back sooner. I haven't been online for awhile because of health problems but I just had to get online today to respond to your message. No, I haven't been able to finish my blocks at all. I was able to get the first two blocks cut out except for the background fabric. I hope to be able to do that this weekend if my body permits. Maybe I'll be able to start sewing on them too.

Thank you for telling me about your pets. Our miniature poodle Comet is 14 years old too. It is sad though to watch them age. He still acts like a puppy sometimes but sleeps most of the day and night. He can't hear that well either. We lost our other miniature poodle 2 years ago too. He was our Baby at 15 years old. He had diabetes and died in our bed between my husband and I from complications. It is so hard to lose them. I probably won't get another pet after Comet. It is so hard for me to care for them. I feel for Sweet Sue - does she take medicine to control the seizures? I've never seen a Yorkie Poo before - they must be adorable. Only 5 pounds! Wow. What a cute name Fatty Kneebuckle. So you have two babies Cheddar and Ginger Snap. How cute to have them grow up together.

Do you enjoy making the shop samples? It sounds like it would be fun doing so many different things like that. Inventory isn't that fun - I've been though that so many years... I used to work for a company that serviced computers and we had to count every screw at inventory times in addition to all of the other parts. Not fun. We worked 12 hour days and it took 5 days for a crew of 30 people to complete the inventory of just one building. The company had 3 buildings. But I'm sure that your inventory could be quite fun seeing all of the products that you have plus the fabrics... I assume that you work at a quilt shop since you teach sewing and quilting... I'm sorry if that's not right.

Well my body is telling me to go lay down. I hope that you have a nice weekend. Take care and write whenever you have a chance. I enjoy hearing from you.

Rusty ; )
At 9:25pm on February 3, 2009, Marie said…
Hi Sandra, Thanks.....It will probably be next week before I can come out...and Monday I'll try. My hubby has Dr. appts Wed & Thur this week that I want to go with him on. He was just diagnosed as diabetic...after a trip to ER on 1/31 with dizziness & numb hands. Thanks for the invite for the guild....if I can't make it this month, I'll shoot for next month. Do I need to bring anything with me if I can make it? And where did you say the meeting is? Marie
At 9:36am on February 1, 2009, Marie said…
Oh...I forgot to ask you if I may add you as a friend? Marie
At 9:35am on February 1, 2009, Marie said…
Hi Sandi, nice to meet you. I've been wanting to come check out the Fabric Garden. Didn't even know about it until just a few months ago. I am looking forward to meeting you in person. This community has really inspired me to get busy and work on all my UFO's....and there are many! It's great to talk to people from all over. What days are you at the shop? marie
At 12:25pm on January 24, 2009, Penny / Oregon said…
Thank you so much for your help. I will go there and get the yardages. Today I finished a quilt top which I started in December, so now I'm anxious to get started here and to join in all of the fun. Can't wait for my pattern to arrive. Thanks again.
At 10:50am on January 11, 2009, Rusty said…
HI Sandra,
Oh, thank you so much for your most encouraging words. I wanted to comment directly on your page because I was afraid that my comment would get lost among the others. You had such a good suggestion in joining a group but unfortunately, I probably wouldn't be able to due to my physical limitations. You see I can't sit or stand for any more than 10 minutes at a time. I'm constantly moving away from the computer to rest. The same goes for the sewing machine. I think once I start quilting and find out how much I can take at one sitting, then I might look around my area for a class or something. Already I feel inspired in reading the comments that I've received. It is so encouraging. I'm in the process of prewashing some fabric to start a quilt for my son. I'm hoping that I'll get to cut it out this week! I'm so excited thanks to you and the other gals that have written to me.

How neat that you teach quilting. I can't wait until you are able to post some photos of your quilts. Are your pets all cats, dogs or a mixture? I hope you don't mind but I would like to add you to my friends list. It seems like we share a lot of interests and I would enjoy getting to know you more this year. Take care and I hope that you have a great day. Hugs, Rusty. : )

Comment by Sandra Yosten on January 9, 2009 at 8:10am Message for Rusty: Good for you. Keep moving. On the days you can't move consider it a day off and you'll get back to work tomorrow. Check into joining a quilt guild or taking a quilt class. Once a week or once a month you'll meet with friends, learn new things, laugh, eat(I have found that quilter's love to eat), and share lifes ups and downs. I know over the years that the- " I have to go to a meeting" -has been a great benefit. It always surprises me when the sweet ladies say " I know how you feel" and they do. Just like the ones that answered your comment. I have to say that my students are wonderful. Through surgery,aches, joys and sorrows we all pull together. Sorry to be so long winded, but in a nutshell, find yourself some local quilting sisters. You already have online ones. You'll be glad you did. My best wishes to you. Happy Quilting.

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