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At 5:11pm on June 7, 2013, Dianna Phillips Hale said…

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.  I have been remiss in getting on my page and posting.  Anything is possible.  I could be distantly or closely related to the Nebrasca Phillips'  We don't lnow a whole lot about our Dad's side of the family and most of them that could tell us are gone.  It is a real shame no one thought to get more info beofre it was too late.


At 3:22pm on December 25, 2012, Prairie Quilter Jan/NE said…

Merry Christmas!  We had a white Christmas this year.  May the New Year bring you many blessings.  

At 9:30am on December 25, 2012, B J Elder/WA said…

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Our is white and getting whiter by the minute here.  Hope you are enjoying a wonderful celebration of Christ's birth today. Wasn't that an awesome gift God gave us all?  We are so blessed.

At 2:48pm on July 10, 2012, Prairie Quilter Jan/NE said…

Hello!  Great hearing from you.  Glad Texas is enjoying more rainfall.  We are in an extremely dry year.  We've sold the yearling steers early and need to make decisions about the yearling heifers.  Hopefully we'll be able to have enough grass for the cows.  We had 1 1/2" rain just the other night, which helps.  

Tell has less than a month left of his internship on the ranch in Montana and then he'll be a junior in college.  The west is extremely dry again.  

Shoni is happily married.  They'll be in the panhandle until he graduates in December.  They aren't sure where they'll be after that; it will depend on where her husband gets a job.  

Hope this finds you well and happily quilting away.  I need to get busy on the DWR.  It is all marked, but still needs basted.  I'm hoping for a December finish.

At 5:25am on February 2, 2012, Janice Aitkens said…

Yes it one we got a few days after Christmas he is a cross Basset Hound & Cocker Spaniel he quite good really he has the colouring of the cocker

Hugs Janice

At 7:40am on January 3, 2012, Maryann**NY said…

Thanks for the good wishes. I had a Blessed Christmas with family. Happy Quilting in the New year 2012!

At 12:46am on November 9, 2011, Janice Aitkens said…

Thanks i still have to get to look myself at the wedding photos DD has as she not local not got to see them myself you

I will see if i can find the link to the quilting show

Hugs Janice

At 6:21am on October 7, 2011, Prairie Quilter Jan/NE said…

Hi CG, we're doing well.  Had horrific winds all week and prairie fires in several places.  We've heard how bad the drought is in Texas and feel for them.  In fact, most of our (Nebraska) hay is headed south for ranchers there.  Can't imagine the losses and hard times they are facing. 

DD is planning a very small, simple June wedding.  I've started cutting on her DWR.  The baby quilt is done and the graduation quilt top is finished.  I need to get it tied or quilted, but haven't gotten the flannel back for it yet.  We're headed up her way this weekend for a bridal shower.  It is early for that, but her college friends wanted to get together this fall, since they'll all be going their separate ways next spring. 

Great hearing from you!  Hope this finds you well.

At 5:14pm on October 1, 2011, MARYAM/MO said…
We are trying to adopt our nephew from Pakistan....long story....but it's in the hands of the US Embassy there and they are making things so difficult!  We have been there 3 times in the last 9 months!!!  We are waiting now while they "investigate" the case further.
At 3:23pm on July 4, 2011, Prairie Quilter Jan/NE said…


I'm trying to finish up the last 2 blocks on a quilt I've been bogged down with for the summer.  The construction on this one has not been fun at all, but it will be a pretty quilt top once I FINALLY get it together.  I have it all laid out to sew together once those last two blocks are done.  I haven't wanted to set it aside for fear the pieces would get mixed up, so I'm determined to finish it before starting on some other things. 

I know I'll have a baby quilt (nephew & wife's first baby), a graduation quilt (niece) and Shoni's wedding quilt.  I have about 3 I'd like to make for her.  She wants a DWR and another of her favorites is just a scrappy log cabin quilt.  The other pattern is an appliqued Heart of Roses quilt by C. Jean Horst.  I have the pattern book.  She may not get all 3 before she's wed, but I would like to get at least one done.  Deadlines help keep me on task. 

We haven't seen all the snow melt yet.  The rivers are full to overflowing regardless, so I suppose they'll be at flood stage for quite some time yet.  It doesn't affect us where we're at.  Hope you get some moisture and relief from the heat. 

Take care & many blessings to you!


At 3:20pm on July 4, 2011, Prairie Quilter Jan/NE said…

Hi CG, we're doing great.  No special plans for today, though.  The kids are healthy, so far as I know, though Tell is entered in the ranch bronc riding at a rodeo in Hardin this weekend and a couple more throughout June and August. 

The weather hasn't been too hot here yet, though is is warming up.  The spring was long, chilly and rainy.  Everything was green, but the grass was late growing because it was so cold for so long.  All the gardens around here are very late as well.  Calving is over and branding day was in June. 

Shoni loves her job and is newly engaged.  She's planning a late June wedding.  I didn't think she'd wait a year once he asked her, but they seem pretty set on their date.  She wants everything to be low-key and very simple, but is having a hard time with sticker shock.  She's found that pictures are expensive, and is afraid to price anything else!  So far she is hoping to stay at her job.  He thinks he can get work in the area as well.  He's an ag biz major and has been interning for a crop consulting company this summer. 

I think I'd like spinning, from what little I've seen of it on youtube.  I just don't want to add another interest at this point.  I think I have too much fabric waiting to be sewn into quilts to switch!  :)  It is so great you are coming alongside your pastor's wife and helping her accomplish the things she'd like to do for her family.  

At 8:08am on July 4, 2011, Debbie Snyder/WA said…

WOW!  I made Texas?  That's the first I;ve heard.  Mostly I've had patterns in the north, southeast and southwest.  Thank you so much for even looking for my patterns.  As for Houston?  Not sure yet.  I got the contract the other day and I'm trying to work it out.  I'll let you know as soon as I decide.  My first thought is that I'm not going to do the fall Market.  I'm needed back in NC to help with my parents so we are heading there after my sons wedding...mid to late August and will be gone about 2 months.  Won't be much time for getting ready. 

Happy 4th of July to you and have a great week.

At 3:26pm on April 29, 2011, JudyM said…
Hi - Battle Lake is between Alexandria and Fergus Falls or about an hour from Fargo, ND.  We did live outside Mpls. for 22+ years in Buffalo, MN before we retired and moved further north.  You do beautiful work.
At 5:43pm on April 24, 2011, Prairie Quilter Jan/NE said…

Hi CG!  We did have a nice weekend.  Today started early with sunrise service.  Chilly and rainy, so we moved it inside and didn't actually see the sun come up. :)  Then breakfast in the church basement followed by Sunday School & worship service.  After that it was back out here for dinner with DH's mom and extra college kids from the church who didn't get to go home this weekend.  I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen preparing food for today.  Had an enjoyable time, but am glad it is over and the pressure is off! 

We have been blessed with some heavy, wet snow and the occasional rain shower.  Things are really green.  I've been hearing of the prairie fires in Texas and the dry, hot weather.  We've been there (droughted out) and I know it is no fun.  I feel for the ranchers there. 

The kids head back to school tomorrow, but only have 2 wks left of this term.  Seems like it went pretty fast.  Happy Easter blessings to you!  Keep in touch.

At 7:49am on March 31, 2011, Prairie Quilter Jan/NE said…
Hi, CG!  We're doing well here.  The little basement bathroom remodel is coming along nicely.  DH starts calving mid-May, so that's his deadline.  I think we'll finish well before that.  Yesterday was a strange weather day here in Nebraska. We had a pretty severe snowstorm (limited visibility) with solid ground cover in the morning by noon is was inching upwards to 70 degrees and sunshine.  Late afternoon we had a thunderstorm with rain & hail.  All in one day.  Mom said the only Nebraska weather we didn't have was high wind and tornadoes!  :)  It is windy here today, so that is making up for the lack yesterday.  Shoni graduates from Chadron May 7th.  She's looking for a job.  Tell is headed to either Montana or parts west for the summer.  My cousin is a high school music teacher, and Saturday is the musical his students are performing.  The Music Man, I believe.  I'm going to try to go to that.  It is in Benkelman, about 100 miles from here - the far southwest corner of Nebraska.  Are you practicing for Easter special music in church?  It is my turn to have the special in church this Sunday.  I'll look forward to your quilt pictures.  The scalloped edges are so lovely.  I want to put one on a quilt someday.  Maybe on that CT basket quilt with the wide brown border.  I could add some applique to help it out as well.  Last week my 8 year old niece came over to work on a doll quilt.  She is not afraid of the machine at all.  She is now hand stitching the back of her binding down.  She thinks the machine is a lot faster.  :)  I tried teaching her a blind stitch, but she couldn't quite get it, so we settled for a small whipstitch.  Someday she may look back and not like it, but I figure it is all part of the learning process and the control will come with age and practice.  My 14 year old niece also came over and started cutting out a scrap quilt in bright solids/tone-on-tones for a more contemporary looking quilt.  Great hearing from you.  Blessings!
At 6:10am on March 23, 2011, Lou Ann Brach/MD said…

Good to hear from you. We share a lot of interests.  What I haven't done with fabrics and yarn, I have wanted to do.  Otherwise, the comment you left on my page sounds very much like my interests.

MD is a beautiful state, but my heart is with NE, where I was born and lived until 17 years ago.  MD has milder winters, the snow falls vertically, and the wind doesn't blow very often. I was totalled by a tornado in NE, got tired of the horizontal snows that even closed interstates, but it is still home to me. 

I'm glad that you still play your cello in a church group. Ours is starting one, but already has a cellist so I get to listen.

At 8:35am on March 22, 2011, Lou Ann Brach/MD said…

Hello!  I'm Lou Ann, and I was intrigued by your picture. I was a cellist in Jr. & Sr. high school and even 1 year in college.  I tried it again with a small group in Eastern Star about 30 years ago and realized that the RA had really gotten to my fingers.  So, I just listen for it everytime we go to a concert and enjoy that way.

Sure glad to see another cellist!

At 12:14pm on March 4, 2011, Prairie Quilter Jan/NE said…

Thanks for stopping by my page and leaving notes on some pictures of the latest projects.  I'm working on a bed size quilt now - each 16" block is a scrappy star block made up of 2" pieces, so 64 2" squares and most of those are triangles! :(  If I'd been paying attention before I started cutting up all those pieces, I'd have made flying geese units instead of 2 HST units and a 4" center instead of four 2" squares, etc.  Just things like that would have made this pattern go a little faster.  It will be nice when I get it pieced, though and has been on the "to-do" list for quite some time.  I'm trying to clear out those things that have been waiting in the wings for several years.  I'm also still hand quilting on the blue and tan Dakota Pathway quilt.

DH is working on a bathroom remodel.  As soon as he had the old bathroom gutted he joked that this was the point where he started losing interest. :0)  It is coming back together nicely, though.  Part of the time will be "curing" time - the shower cement needs to cure before being tiled.  The tile grout then needs time to cure before being used, etc.  Probably two full months will be waiting for those things to cure.  He wants to have everything done before calving season starts, which for us is mid-May.  He has the plumbing and electrical work all done and only has a little bit of drywall work to do before he's ready to tile.  He does all the work himself, so that helps our already tight budget.  Maybe next year we'll be able to tackle the main bathroom upstairs.  Both were needing upgraded badly.  The little bathroom he's working on now is his bathroom in the basement, and also the guest bathroom.  It was a 1971 addition and hadn't had any work done on it since then. 

The kids will be home for a week (spring break) today and we're looking forward to that.  Blessings to you from COLD, windy Nebraska!

At 7:09am on February 6, 2011, B J Elder/WA said…

So good to hear from you.  I'm doing fairly well.  Have been having way too many sinus and migraines the last few months. Right now I'm working on not getting the cold that DH and Mom both now have. 

Mom had a really rough Christmas and New Year's. She did her real grieving over that time. NY would have been their anniversary.  The last few weeks I've been seeing her old more spunky personality come back, which is wonderful, and she is asking to get out and do things (drives mostly) and see her friend or sister.  Of course any outing with Mom has to include a food stop.... so not good for my waistline. LOL

I'm getting things ready for Bailey for Valentine's and for her birthday, on the 18th.  We're going down for her birthday. That will be such fun. She is doing great and is walking now.  Jenna is doing okay right now and is working to get full disability going.  Our DD is managing her fibro pretty well, especially considering that it's not been quite a year yet.

Yesterday was Jane Austen and sewing!  Watched/listened to Pride & Predudice (Colin Firth), Sense & Sensibility (BBC) and Persuasion (Masterpiece 2008) while I made little make up bags for DD and a bag for her Kindle.  I was thinking about you when I put my movies on.   Did you watch the Downton Abbey series on PBS?  There were four episodes and they are in production with more.

Our snow is all gone, still getting cold weather.  This has been a very light winter here so far.  Had a few really cold and wintry weeks, but not bad at all.  I still prefer warmer and sunnier, well at least my body does. 


At 6:04am on February 6, 2011, Prairie Quilter Jan/NE said…
Good morning!  We didn't get the heavy snow, but got the below freezing temps and bitter wind chill.  It is 32 now and that feels pretty good.  Anything above zero anymore feels "warm".  :)  I'm rarely sick, but have been under the weather for the past couple of weeks with a nasty cold virus.  I think I'm on the upswing now.  Not sick enough to go to the doctor, but not well enough to have any energy.  I need to finish up a couple of table toppers and coaster sets for my SIL for a benefit auction.  I hope to get those quilted this afternoon.  I always love hearing from you and look forward to seeing pictures of the frog quilt. 

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